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5 Best RV Air Conditioner Covers and Why You Should Use One

Whether you find yourself in cold weather or putting your RV into storage, you should use an RV air conditioner cover. This low-cost RV accessory can end up saving you big time. This article will take a closer look at the benefits of RV air conditioning covers and provide our top five picks. Let’s get into it.

What Is an RV Air Conditioner Cover?

An RV air conditioner cover is a plastic cover that goes over the exterior of your AC unit. These covers protect it when you store your RV or when you won’t use it during cooler seasons. They often have durable weatherproof material, like vinyl. They stay in place with elastic bands or drawstrings, and you can use them easily. 

There’s a lot more to an RV air conditioner than what meets the eye. Here’s everything you need to know: The Complete Guide To RV Air Conditioners

Benefits of RV Air Conditioner Covers

If you’re not using your RV air conditioner for a long time, it’s a good idea to cover it. Here are our top reasons why.

Protects From Pests

First, an AC cover protects from pests. AC units have small slits where bugs and sometimes rodents can get inside and make a nest or chew through wires. With a cover, you don’t have to worry about cleaning out nests next time you want to use your AC. 

Protects From the Elements

The most obvious benefit of an air conditioner cover is protection from the elements. UV rays from the sun can make the exterior of the RV air conditioner brittle and more susceptible to damage and breaking. Although you can’t prevent UV exposure during the summer, you can limit it when you don’t use it every day. They also prevent damage from hail, branches, ice, and tree sap. 

damaged RV air conditioner
Don’t let this happen to your air conditioner! RV air conditioner covers can help prevent damage to your unit.

Reduces Drafts

In the wintertime, RVs can get very cold. Leaving your air conditioning unit uncovered allows cold, drafty air to get inside. While outside air does not make it into the RV, cold air can get into the exchanger which is usually less insulated. A cover helps to insulate your RV. 

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5 Best RV Air Conditioner Covers

Now that you know the benefits of RV air conditioner covers, you may want to get one. Here are five of the best RV AC covers on the market. 

1. Camco Air Conditioner Cover

Camco is a well-known and trusted brand of RV accessories. This air conditioner cover is made out of vinyl and comes in different colors and sizes. Camco makes covers to fit Dometic, Coleman, DuoTherm, and other ACs of similar sizes and dimensions. You can easily secure this weatherproof cover to your rooftop unit with a drawstring. 

Camco 45392 Vinyl Air Conditioner Cover. Fits...
  • Cover,A/C,Vinyl,ArcticWhite Dometic, Brisk Air (Eng/Fr)
  • Cover,A/C,Vinyl,ArcticWhite Dometic, Brisk Air (Eng/Fr)
  • Cover,A/C,Vinyl,ArcticWhite Dometic, Brisk Air (Eng/Fr)

2. ADCO Air Conditioner Cover

This white vinyl cover by ADCO secures to your rooftop unit with a drawstring pull cord. It comes in one size, but ADCO offers other sizes in different Amazon listings. This specific RV cover works for air conditioners measuring 26 inches wide by 13.5 inches deep and 37 inches long.

ADCO is a popular brand for RV accessories and makes various AC cover sizes, so you can be sure to find one to fit your specific unit. 

ADCO 3026 White Size 26 RV Air Conditioner Cover
  • ADCO Air Conditioner Covers : Protect your rooftop air...
  • Heavy duty jersey backed vinyl protects against airborne...
  • Helps reduce draft on cold days

3. Classic Accessories Curved RV AC Cover

This Classic Accessories RV air conditioner cover will fit Dometic Brisk RV units and major RV AC models. This heavy-duty vinyl cover has a three-year warranty. It secures to your rooftop AC unit with a drawstring for easy and quick installation. 

The vinyl is pliable and easily wipes clean to remove debris like bird poop, tree sap, and more. 

Classic Accessories Over Drive RV Air Conditioner...
  • Fits Domestic Brisk II and all major manufacturer RV air...
  • Vinyl exterior is waterproof, easy to clean, and comes with a...
  • Protects against dirt, grease, rust and the elements, including...

4. Classic Accessories Squared RV AC Cover

This squared RV air conditioner cover from Classic Accessories is made of heavy-duty vinyl material and fits the Coleman Mach air conditioners. It will also work on other RV AC units of a similar size and dimension. This cover comes in black and has a one-year standard warranty. 

This air conditioner cover will only work on squared air conditioners, so be sure to check your AC shape and dimensions before purchasing. 

5. Dumble Camper AC Cover

The Dumble Camper AC cover is another popular option on Amazon. This particular camper AC cover fits Coleman rooftop RV air conditioning units. The Dumble cover has a reinforced, weatherproof vinyl material that attaches to the AC with a drawstring. 

This cover helps prevent UV rays from damaging your RV AC, helps reduce drafts, and keeps pests out.  

Dumble Camper Air Conditioner Cover for Coleman RV...
  • REINFORCED MATERIAL: The soft non-scratch white vinyl is easy to...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: This Coleman AC cover is easy to install; Just...

Protect Your AC with an RV AC Cover

The brands on this list produce the best RV air conditioner covers on the market. We’ve listed some that can fit specific sizes and models but do a quick Amazon search if you don’t see yours on the list.

We would recommend against purchasing a universal or one-size-fits-all cover because they can sag and leave room for pests and moisture to get in. An RV AC cover can help many RVers, and not just when you store your RV.

Dometic RV air conditioner
RV air conditioners come in various shapes and sizes. Make sure you purchase a cover that fits your specific unit.

While you’re looking at RV air conditioner covers, you may want to consider covering your rooftop vents too. Learn more here: How to Replace Cracked RV Vent Covers

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