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Messy RV Basement? Try These 5 Easy Storage Ideas

Messy RV Basement? Try These 5 Easy Storage Ideas

For many people, RVing is the only way to camp. They enjoy a comfortable bed at night and bringing along all of the accouterments of home. That’s why you see so many campers on the road today. These RVs have extra storage space to include everything but the kitchen sink on any camping trip. But most travelers need some assistance when packing their rigs. That’s why we’ve amassed several RV basement storage ideas to help you pack in more fun on your next adventure.

Keep reading for our top organizing tips!

What Is an RV Basement? 

They won’t provide safe shelter in a tornado, but RV basements do offer storage space for RVers. And just like in a residential home, you’ll find the basement space under the living area of the camper. You can access this area through doors on the vehicle’s exterior.

RV Organization//RV Basement Storage Ideas

Depending on the size of the compartment, you can use it to house a generator, electrical equipment, sewer hoses, and any outdoor adventure gear you might have. From portable fire pits to lawn chairs and coolers, basement storage can hold any number of items for a camping trip. In fact, some larger Class A RVs even have space for an extra bedroom in the hold!

The Challenges of Keeping an RV Basement Organized

Having a basement with all that extra room for storage sometimes brings challenges of its own. Many basement compartments are large, wide-open areas without definition. Sure, you can load it full of items, but it can be challenging to organize the equipment in any helpful way. Adding partitions or shelves may be a solution to this problem.

You may also find that the contents of your basement change shape as you travel, with things moving around when your RV is in motion. Unless you attach everything to the floor or wall of a storage compartment, it will most likely be in a different location when the vehicle stops.

Empty RV Basement
Empty RV basements can quickly become filled and disorganized.

Many basement storage compartments are deep, and some are pass-throughs. Pulling items out from behind those stacked at the opening can add to your frustration, once again rearranging packed equipment and cargo.

But as with the other challenges, you can somewhat avoid this. You can do that by organizing your initial packing based on what you will need and when you will need it. And the RV storage ideas listed below can help you avoid many of these nuisances.

What Are the Benefits of Organizing Your RV Basement? 

If all that extra storage space sounds enticing, you may find an RV that allows room for outdoor toys, camping equipment, tools, cargo, and specialty items. But to use these items efficiently, you must organize them when packing. When you store things according to their size or use, you’ll most likely use them more frequently. That way, they’re easy to retrieve.

Setting up camp is faster when you store campsite items together. And finding exactly the tool or equipment needed in an emergency is much more straightforward. 

Pro Tip: If you need additional storage space for your tools but want something out of the way, consider investing in one of these 7 Best Low Profile Truck Tool Boxes for Increased Visibility.

5 Easy RV Basement Storage Ideas

You can never have too much storage space in an RV. In fact, when some room opens up, it’s immediately filled with items you never realized you needed. Just like a vacuum, empty space gets FILLED.

But putting your cargo and equipment into your basement in an organized fashion makes it much more accessible. It’s also helpful when it comes time to take the items out. Here are a few ways to organize your storage space like a champ:

RV Basement Storage Cargo Slide
A cargo slide can help you easily access your belongings.

1. Add a Cargo Slide

For deep storage space, a cargo slide or tray is extremely useful. Most of these slides can hold up to 800 lbs of cargo. They’re mounted on the wall of a basement compartment and slide in and out just like a dresser drawer. This makes finding items at the very back of the storage space a breeze! Cargo slides come in various sizes, ranging in price from $540 to $925.

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2. Put Racks or Shelving in Your RV Basement

Storage racks can consist of wooden shelving and plastic racks. It can even be tubes that offer protected enclosures for odd-shaped items like fishing poles or skis.

You should attach shelves to the side of the basement compartment. That way, they can’t move around. Additionally, you should make some adjustments to keep items on the shelves, like stretching bungee cords around the shelving unit so items don’t fall off. Racks and shelves can be built from scrap wood or purchased ready-made from $10 to $150.

3. Use Storage Bins in Your RV Basement

Plastic storage bins are enormously popular for securing items in basement cargo compartments. They can be stacked and labeled, keeping everything organized. Using transparent bins makes it easy to see what’s inside.

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Smaller drawers within a bin can be used for tiny or loose items. Depending upon the size of the bins, you may be able to place several in one compartment. That keeps a variety of items in one place, but separate. Bins can be purchased from $5 to $45, depending upon the size and material used.

Pro Tip: Truck beds can easily become disorganized too. Discover the 8 Best Truck Bed Storage Solutions For Staying Organized.

Class A RV with storage bins outside
Use storage bings to separate items and neatly stack gear in your RV basement.

4. Use Labels to Identify What’s in Your RV Basement Storage Bins

Whether you use storage bins, boxes, or even shelves, you should label them. Label plastic drawer units and large-lidded bins with the category and items each contains. If using PVC piping to hold fishing rods or umbrellas, label each nearest the basement door. Doing so will make them easy to identify from outside the vehicle. Attach the pipes to the floor or wall to keep them from rolling around.

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Also, label the inside of the basement door with the categories of bins stored in that particular compartment. You won’t have to move bins around to discover which categories of items are there.

5. Use Hooks or a Peg Board to Hang Tools and Hoses

If your RV basement has room for a peg board to be mounted on one wall of the compartment, you can use it to store tools using S hooks. Roll hoses up and put a plastic zip tie around them, hanging them from the peg board.

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You can use heavy-duty 3M hooks in strategic places to hold hoses or tools if there’s no room for a peg board. And while you’re packing your RV basement storage, add LED lights to each compartment for illumination.

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Are You Ready to Implement These RV Basement Storage Ideas?

If you have an RV with tons of room for your equipment and cargo, make the most of every square inch with these RV basement storage ideas. You’ll be able to access everything you need and fit in all the extras. That way, you’ll never leave home without all the tools and essential toys needed to make your excursion memorable.

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