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This RV Has a Room in the Basement–See For Yourself [Video Tour]

This RV Has a Room in the Basement–See For Yourself [Video Tour]

One of the challenges with RVing is creating enough personal space for everyone in your group. Do you want a separate sleeping area for an overnight guest or to give your teenager a private room of their own? This RV with a basement room is ideal for the occasional guest or older kid traveling with you. They get their space, and you get yours.

But just what does an RV basement room look like? Let’s find out.

What Is an RV Basement?

An RV “basement” isn’t a walkable level like you find down the stairs of a traditional home. However, RVers use the term “basement” when talking about the space directly below the floor in an RV. Oftentimes, the RV world uses this space for storage, but there are some other nifty things you can do with it, including–drumroll please–adding a bedroom!


This RV Has a Bedroom in the Basement

Yes, that’s right. This 2007 Prevost Featherlite motorhome has a basement bedroom. And while it’s small, it’s not the claustrophobic bunk space you’d expect. It’s surprisingly spacious and comfortable. 

The bedroom bay is larger than what you typically find in a motorhome bunk space, setting this coach apart. It includes a mattress, two televisions, overhead lighting, and plenty of overhead space. To get out and up into the main living area of the coach, you can use a step to go through a floor hatch or the exterior bay door to exit outside.

A basement bedroom isn’t the only thing this luxury coach can offer.

RV luxury motorhome with basement bedroom. spacious basement
Including a mattress, two televisions, overhead lighting, and plenty of overhead space, this RV’s basement bedroom is surprisingly spacious

Specs and Features of the 2007 Prevost Featherlite Coach

This Prevost Featherlite H3 45 VIP is 45ft long. And with nearly 7ft of interior floor-to-ceiling height and at 8.5 feet wide, you’ll feel comfortable in this Class A. 

It comes with a Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine and has double slides. There are 1.5 baths–a half bath near the main living space and a separate full bathroom off the master. The 222-gallon fuel tank will keep you on the road longer to get you to your destination.

The H3 is Prevost’s tallest bus shell chassis. It provides the most floor space of their units, the largest window areas, and 500cu ft of under-floor basement space.


Pro Tip: Prevost motorhomes are known to feel like you are living in a  luxury condo on wheels. Is it all hype? Find out here: What Is a Prevost Motorhome?

Did the Motor Coach Come Like That?

Yes, and no. Featherlite built out the motorhome, complete with the basement bedroom. So, it came from the factory like this, but it didn’t come straight from an RV dealer’s lot. You see, Prevost works with several different converter partners who take their units and build them out into custom-fit motorhomes.

Based out of Suffolk, Virginia, Featherlite offers premier luxury motor coaches on the Prevost motorhome chassis. Consider their customization process, and see just how they’ve handcrafted more than 800 yacht-quality coaches.

RV luxury motorhome with basement bedroom. Prevost Featherlite
Customize your Prevost basement RV to fit all of your needs

Features and Amenities of the RV

This Prevost includes serious luxury amenities, like the entrance doorbell with a camera or the perforated vinyl over the exterior windows to give it a seamless paint design. There’s an entertainment bay in the basement, an exterior pull-out kitchen, and another pullout with inverters and a generator. Outside, you’ll also find awnings that stretch nearly the entire length of the motorhome.

Aside from these features, you’ll find a large sofa across from two swivel chairs in this front-entry coach. The hatch for the surprise basement bedroom is under one of these chairs. Next to the sofa, you’ll find an l-shaped dinette that sits across the galley kitchen. Plus, there’s an ensuite that includes a large corner shower with a shower bench and washer/dryer hook-ups.

Keep in Mind: Once you purchase your luxury home on wheels, you will want to keep it in prime condition to extend its life as long as possible. Discover: How Much Does an RV Cost to Own and Maintain?

RV luxury motorhome with basement bedroom. Prevost Featherlite drives smooth, comfortable and quiet
Expect a smooth, comfortable, and quiet ride in this luxury motorhome with a basement

What Is It Like Driving a Luxury Motorhome?

You can expect a smooth, comfortable, and quiet ride in this luxury motorhome. Both the driver and passenger will have exceptional views out the large windows. You can enjoy the ergonomic dash with all the frequently-used controls at your fingertips, a pneumatic steering column, and an angled steering wheel. Plus, you’ll find touchscreen monitors, wireless phone charging, and even a GPS monitor for the passenger seat.

Mind the road with the 360-degree camera system with a remote-control rear camera. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System ensures your tires stay properly inflated.

And, you’ll have peace of mind driving with the many safety upgrades. Like the Electronic Stability Program (ESP), which quickly intervenes in an emergency. Or the Prevost AWARE Adaptive Cruise Braking system, which warns you of any dangerous situations to help you avoid a collision.


Can You Buy an RV With a Basement Bunk?

Yes, you can work with a company that offers customizations, like Prevost’s partner converter Featherlite. A basement bedroom might not be something you can get off an RV lot, but it is one you can have designed specifically for your needs. 

It’s not every day you see an RV with a basement, and you won’t find many of them out there. But if you want a bedroom below–or any other unique customization like this–you can make it happen with a custom RV.

What do you think about the RV basement bedroom? Drop a comment below.

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