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6 Beautiful RV Bathroom Remodels to Inspire You

If you’ve owned the same RV for a couple of years, you might want a change. Or if you’re like us, purchasing a used RV can leave some budget left over for a much-needed update. One major area that typically needs a facelift? The RV bathroom. Trust us; even new RVs can have bathrooms in need of a makeover.

You can change out the drawer handles, paint the medicine cabinet, change out the shower curtain, or install a new faucet in no time. If you want to undertake a more extensive project, you can completely gut your RV bathroom and start from scratch.

Let’s look at a few beautiful RV bathrooms remodels to get your creative juices flowing. You’ll be heading to the nearest home improvement store or adding items to your online shopping cart today! Let’s dive in.

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Can You Remodel an RV Bathroom?

An RV bathroom remodel can be a considerable undertaking, but you can do it. Fortunately, most RV bathrooms are much smaller than residential ones. And it can be fun! You can make simple changes, like upgrading the shower faucet or switching out the sink bowl for something more modern. Or make bold statements with a bohemian or jungle theme peel-and-stick wallpaper.

You can also wholly gut your RV bathroom and start from scratch. This is much more expensive and time-consuming. But no rule says you must leave the manufacturer’s shower or cabinetry in your RV bathroom.

Looking into RV bathroom
An RV bathroom remodel is a great way to make your rig a little homier.

Why Would You Take on an RV Bathroom Remodel?

Sometimes a bathroom needs remodeling because of water damage. Unless condensation has been properly dealt with, moisture from improperly vented showers or leaks around and behind your shower and vanity can destroy your RV bathroom. You may have no choice but to gut it, clean up the water damage, and start over.

But most of the time, an RV bathroom remodel happens because you want your RV to feel like home. You might not have an RV sauna and spa in there, but you want it to feel personal and inviting. Most RV owners want to add their styles. This might be adding wall decor, painting the cabinetry a bright color, or installing a funky shower curtain. You might want to add functionality. Maybe there’s a corner not in use, and you want to add corner shelves for plants, shampoo bottles, or essential oils.

Other times you don’t like your RV bathroom, or you’re ready for a change. You’re tired of staring at a brown medicine cabinet, longing for a better showerhead, or you’ll be dry camping more often and want to upgrade to a composting toilet.

Pro Tip: Using these tips for How to Organize and Upgrade Your RV Medicine Cabinet can quickly elevate your bathroom space.

How Much Do RV Bathroom Remodels Cost?

RV bathroom remodels vary in price as much as RVs do. You can find a new travel trailer for $35,000 or $70,000. You can find a new Class A motorhome for $250,000 or over $1 million. Although an RV bathroom remodel won’t cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, it can be expensive depending on the upgrades and changes you make. So, its always a good idea to create a reasonable budget for your project.

If you’re completely gutting the bathroom and installing a brand new shower, toilet, and sink, plus ripping out the cabinetry and building your own, you’ll probably be spending $1,000-2,000, depending on the quality of the changes. If you’re changing out the countertops or painting the cabinets, you might pay $50-500. A remodel by a professional will have to be quoted on an individual basis, but you’ll have to factor in labor costs in addition to the supplies. So it all depends on the changes you’re making.

RV shower
From retiling to upgrading your counter tops, there are plenty of bathroom projects to take on in your camper.

6 Beautiful RV Bathroom Remodels

Below are six beautiful RV bathroom remodels to inspire you to add personal touches. If you’re tired of the cookie-cutter look in your RV bathroom, you’ll love the colors, patterns, and fixtures of these renovations.

Getaway Couple

After selling their fifth wheel and buying a used truck camper, the Getaway Couple got to work on their renovations. They spent $1,600 to completely remodel their truck camper bathroom into a space they loved.

They installed faux marble tile and upgraded their showerhead to give the shower a residential look and feel. Then they installed SmartCore waterproof LVP flooring for straightforward maintenance and replaced their standard RV toilet with a Thetford Aqua Magic V low-profile one.

Finally, they installed a farmhouse-style bowl sink and faucet and used a sealed butcher block for the countertop. A small curved shower rod provided a few extra inches for showering, and a shower curtain made their RV bathroom remodel complete! We got to see this remodel in person, and it looks even better in person.

Pre-Renovation Truck Camper Walkthrough!

Troop Nashville

With a background in house renovations, Troop Nashville has started to transform RVs. Today they build out and remodel vans to give owners the homey feeling they’re longing for.

In this RV bathroom remodel, Troop Nashville took an outdated bathroom with a mixture of gold, wood, and bland wallpaper and transformed it into a beautiful space. They installed a skylight above the shower, white tiles for a residential feel, and black fixtures for an updated, modern look. 

They painted the door, installed new paneling, and upgraded the sink to an above-counter bowl sink for a farmhouse look throughout the bathroom. If you want to mix modern and farmhouse styles, check out this RV bathroom remodel!

Renovating Rutters

Candace and Lee Rutter are RV renovators who have done everything from fancy and farmhouse to mid-century modern. In this renovation, the Renovating Rutters took a cookie-cutter towable RV and added color and clean lines for an updated look.

They added wicker corner shelves to bring out the gold colors in the faucets and fixtures. The Rutters kept the standard sink and countertop but changed the mirror and faucet to update the vanity. They also kept the RV bathtub but changed the standard showerhead. This RV bathroom remodel shows you don’t have to replace everything to add a few personal touches.

A bit of paint added a splash of color without being too bold. Also, the black faux marble tiles in the shower make this RV bathroom feel more like home.

RVA Podcast #93 Lee Rutter, Renovating Rutters

Mauka to Makai RV Renovations

If you want a legit bathtub in your RV, check out this RV bathroom remodel by Mauka to Makai RV Renovations. The beautiful soaking tub is perfect for evenings with a good book and wine. The gold fixtures make this bathroom look fit for royalty.

An oval mirror replaced the standard RV medicine cabinet, and the owner completely removed the vanity and installed a square sink with new gold fixtures and handles on the drawers. She also made an accent wall beside the bathtub with grays, blacks, and tans resembling mermaid scales. If you love to play with lines and shapes, this RV bathroom remodel by Mauka to Makai RV Renovations can be your inspiration!


The Happy Glamper Co

One of the most “natural” looks is from the Happy Glamper Co. In this RV bathroom remodel, she adds light-colored wood, white and black lines, and a forest floor paint by Benjamin Moore. Like the Getaway Couple, the countertop is butcher block, and she opted for an above-counter bowl sink with a tall black faucet.

Like others on this list, she chose to remove the standard square medicine cabinet and replace it with a circular mirror. The hexagonal wallpaper adds another shape but has clean lines for a modern look. A simple shower curtain with tassels completes the remodel.

Say Hello to Georgie again our VWT5 CAMPERVAN, Follow us on our ADVENTURES

The Ramblr RV

Finally, Leah and Brennan with The Ramblr RV decided to remodel their RV bathroom again. Their first remodel consisted of painting the cabinets white, removing some cabinetry to fit the toilet better, upgrading the sink to a vessel sink, and switching out the mirror.

In the 2.0 version, they removed the bird wallpaper and installed a brighter, Aztec-inspired wallpaper that accents the wooden and gold features in the bathroom. This new wallpaper also opens up the space so it feels light and airy. The cabinets are still white, and the vanity is the same. However, they added a few wall decor pieces to bring this RV bathroom remodel 2.0 together.

If you’re looking for wallpaper inspiration, check out this renovation because you can see the difference between the standard RV wallpaper to the first and second remodel. Play with color and bold designs like Leah and Brennan did with the birds. Or make your space feel much bigger with lighter, brighter accents.

Ramblr 2.0 Fifth Wheel Tour: Before RV Renovation

5 Changes You Can Make for an Updated RV Bathroom

If you’re not ready for a complete gut job, that’s okay. There are some simple changes you can make to update your RV bathroom and make it feel more like home. These are inexpensive upgrades and changes you can make in just a day.

1. Paint or Change the Wallpaper

Almost all of these RVers painted their RV bathroom walls or changed the wallpaper. Because RV bathrooms are so small, buying some paint or rolls of wallpaper won’t cost a fortune. However, it can make a massive difference in the overall feel of the space.

Create an accent wall like Mauka to Makai RV Renovations did, or use white to brighten the space like The Happy Glamper Co and Troop Nashville. The Ramblr RV showed you how you could change the wallpaper multiple times to keep updating the look of your RV bathroom.

2. Upgrade Your Sink or Faucet

Every renovator we listed above upgraded the faucet and fixtures. Shiny gold fixtures can make a bathroom feel spa-like and fit for a queen while black hardware adds a sleek modern look. Everyone mentioned above chose new fixtures that suited their style.

Most of them also upgraded their sink to an above-counter bowl or vessel. This style can make an RV bathroom feel like a home with residential-type fixtures. Installing a new sink or faucet won’t take long, and you don’t have to shop at a specialized store. Go to your nearest Lowe’s or Home Depot and check out their selection.

RV bathroom counters
Upgrading your faucets and sinks is a great way to modernize your bathroom.

3. Replace the Countertop

The Getaway Couple and The Happy Glamper Co used a butcher block to replace their countertop. But not everyone likes that style. You can also do an epoxy countertop. We did this in our truck camper because it’s less expensive than completely changing out the countertop. Although it took a lot of work, this might inspire your RV bathroom remodel, so look at our article about how to pour epoxy countertops

4. Use a Peel-and-Stick Backsplash

Like paint and wallpaper, a peel-and-stick backsplash can make a significant difference in the overall look and feel of your RV bathroom. There are so many options on Amazon. You can do a subway tile for a clean, modern look or a faux marble for a hint of color. These decorative tiles can make your RV bathroom feel more residential.

LONGKING Self-Adhesive Kitchen Backsplash, Marble...
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5. Replace Your Showerhead

Finally, don’t forget your showerhead. Whether you’re taking navy showers when boondocking or relaxing in the endless hot water your Truma Combi provides, you want a showerhead that makes getting clean enjoyable.

You still want an RV shower faucet to regulate the water pressure, but many options are better than the standard manufacturer’s showerhead. This is also one of the cheapest upgrades for an RV bathroom remodel.

Pro Tip: Stay squeaky clean by using our guide on How to Upgrade Your RV Shower Head (and Why).

Spacious RV bathroom interior
Don’t forget to upgrade your showerhead for the perfect shower no matter where you roam.

Is an RV Bathroom Remodel Worth It?

You don’t spend much time in your RV bathroom. You’re probably out exploring, hiking, biking, or paddling more than brushing your teeth or showering. But you want your RV to feel like home. So if a few upgrades and changes make your outdated RV bathroom feel more like a spa, it’s worth it.

So check out these RV bathroom remodels and be inspired. Play around with shapes, colors, and patterns. Grab a gallon of paint, a roll of wallpaper, or tiles of peel-and-stick backsplash, and start your renovation today!

Is a bathroom remodel in your future? Tell us what upgrades you plan to do in the comments!

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