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RV Cat Litter Box Dilemma: Where Do You Put It?

RV Cat Litter Box Dilemma: Where Do You Put It?

When you live in an RV with only a few hundred square feet of space, certain issues take on new importance. For cat owners, among the biggest of these is where to put the litter box. However, there are some great spots that will work for both your family and your kitty. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite RV cat litter box ideas. 

RVs Don’t Come Cat-Ready

As common as it is to bring pets on the road, RVs sadly aren’t designed for your kitty’s comfort. Unlike dogs who can go for a walk and do their business outdoors, your cat relies on an indoor litter box.

And as anyone who’s owned a cat knows, these boxes aren’t the most pleasant to have around, especially in a small space. This issue has forced RV owners to get creative.

RV'ing with Cats: Hidden RV Litter Box Storage

Where to Put a Litter Box in an RV

Even though every rig may be a bit different, the same general areas tend to be the best choices for where to put your RV cat litter box. Let’s take a look.

Passenger Floorboard

The cockpit area of your Class B or Class C RV is crucial on travel days but can often be a bit underused while parked or camping out. That’s why many choose to put their litter box on the floorboard of the passenger seat.

This keeps your litter box discreetly off to one side of your living area. This spot also provides your cat with a bit of privacy, with the passenger seat shielding it.

Shower Pan

The shower is also another popular choice for your RV cat litter box for obvious reasons. Cats aren’t always the most mindful of where they fling litter when burying their business and can track debris out of the box. The shower can mitigate these problems because you can wash the mess away.

The shower is also a great choice because you can close it off from the rest of your rig to keep down smells. However, you will have to move the litter box each time you want to use the shower.

Cat sitting in pan in the shower
Keep your RV litter and smell free by putting a shower pan in your shower for your cat.

Basement Storage with Hole for Access

Are you handy with tools and feeling a little creative? One of the most comprehensive kitty litter box setups involves a little DIY.

Start by cutting a hole from your RV’s living space into the basement storage area. Set up your cat’s litter box in the basement, allowing them to climb in and out as needed through the hole. Then, when it’s time to empty the box, you have easy access through the regular basement storage doors. Keep in mind this is one of the more permanent solutions. If you plan to sell your rig at any point, you’ll need to repair this. 

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Under the Bathroom Sink

Another discreet space to store the litter box is right under your bathroom sink. This achieves similar results to placing it in the shower by removing the box from your main living space.

Those who are squeamish about showering where dirty kitty litter just was, or those frustrated with constantly cleaning their shower, may opt for under the sink instead. You’ll sacrifice some storage space, but it may be worth it.

Cat in cabinet looking at the camera
Use storage spaces, like under the bathroom sink, to create cozy nooks for your cat’s litter box.

Under the Bed

Does your bed have storage space underneath? You may find that placing your cat’s litter box here can be a highly efficient use of space. This helps remove the box from entertaining areas or your bathroom, letting guests avoid the litter box altogether.

However, you’ll need to be vigilant about cleaning out the litter box since any smells or messes will be right below your bed. Even the most diligent litter box cleaners may still find lingering odors. This may not be the best choice for those with expensive mattresses or bedding or those who can’t tolerate litter odors. 

Cat Litter Box Cabinet

What you see as a spare empty cabinet could be the luxury bathroom of your cat’s dreams. Stick the litter box inside. Give your cat access either by removing a door or cutting a hole into the door or cabinet frame.

This out-of-sight, out-of-mind solution once again sacrifices some storage space. It may require some repairs if you resell your rig. However, it can be an efficient way to store your litter box and cut down on smells and messes. 

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Under the Fifth Wheel Stairs

For those with a lofted area in their fifth wheel, the under-stair area can be an excellent space. Again, this spot gets your cat’s litter box out of sight and preserves your other RV spaces.

Plus, cats love cozy spots, and a nice nook under the stairs could become their new favorite spot. 

Cat entering litter box.
Out of sight, out of mind. Store your cat’s litter box under your 5th wheel’s stairs.

Under the Dinette

Putting your cat’s litter box where you eat may not seem like the most obvious idea, but it can be a convenient spot. The simplest solution is to place the litter box on the open floor underneath the table. This gives your kitty a cozy, private area to use the bathroom and helps keep any mess contained. Still, you’ll need to move it every time you sit down to eat. 

However, if you have the right style of dinette and want to avoid kitty litter, you can also cut a hole in the storage portion of your dinette space. Once opened up, you can place your cat’s litter box in here for a more discreet and permanent solution. 

Kitten looking out RV window.
There are many storage options in your RV to keep your fluffy friend happy and your RV free of that not-so-pleasant litter box smell.

In a Closet

Closet space may come at a premium in many RVs, but cat owners will do a lot to make their furry friends comfortable. It’s a simple solution that generally requires no modifications to your rig.

Just set the litter box inside the closet, open the door, and let your cat use it as necessary. Still, you’ll lose the storage space and also deal with the potential smell and mess right in your bedroom. 

RVing with Pets - Mondays with the Mortons

The Best RV Cat Litter Box Solutions Require Slight Modification

As you can see, there’s no shortage of different possible spots for your RV cat litter box. Picking the right one for you will depend on your rig, your family’s preferences, and your cat. Overall, the best and most satisfying solutions often involve some small modifications to your rig. This is usually cutting a hole or removing furniture pieces or hardware. Options like the basement storage area, a modified cabinet, or your under-dinette storage all provide separate but easily accessed areas for your kitty. 

However, the best spot for your RV cat litter box is the one your feline friend will use. If they’re happy, you’ll be happy as well. Keep these ideas in mind, and you’ll be on the road together before you know it.

Have you ever taken your cat RVing with you? Drop a comment below!

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Mary Ellen Evans

Sunday 14th of November 2021

Use "Fresh Step Scoopable" Very easy to scoop out once a day. There is never an odor.

Mortons on the Move

Monday 15th of November 2021

Thanks for the tip! :)

Crystal Marler

Sunday 24th of October 2021

We are recent newbies to the RV world and took our 2- 13 year old cats with us. The first two weeks were a bit rough but they finally settled into their new routine. Travel days are a bit rough, we keep them locked in the bathroom, so there is LOTS of complaining! We have been keeping the litterbox under the dinette, but we need a better solution. Love all the ideas in this article.

Robyn Parker

Tuesday 21st of September 2021

We travel with our cat, Mia, and have since she was 4 months old. Mia just turned 11! She has traveled in our car, truck, in our 35 ft. sailboat from British Columbia across the Straits of Juan de Fuca down to Seattle, and in our fifth wheel. She wears a harness whenever we travel and walks on a leash when we go for walks with our dog, Echo. We keep the litter box in our shower. This provides plenty of room for Mia to move around. Moving the litter box to take a shower is not an inconvenience for us. For kitty litter, we use pine bedding pellets. So much cleaner and easier to dispose of than regular kitty litter and there is no smell.

On a different subject, my husband and I are planning a trip to New Zealand in 2022, renting a camper and traveling on both islands. We are curious when you will be sharing your travel adventures in New Zealand. We thoroughly enjoyed your travels in Alaska!!

Mortons on the Move

Thursday 23rd of September 2021

Thnks for the note. Thats so exciting that you are going to NZ! We would love to go back. Unfortunately we are so busy that we probably wont get to the NZ series until spring 2022.