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5 Best RV Ceiling Fans for Adding or Replacing in Your RV

Keeping the inside of your RV cool can make the difference between a memorable camping trip or a miserable one. Many people install ceiling fans in their homes or on their porches, but can an RV ceiling fan keep you cool? Today we’re sharing five of the best fans we think you should install in your RV.

What Is an RV Ceiling Fan? 

An RV ceiling fan is very similar to the ceiling fans you have at home with one major difference: their voltage. RVs run off either 120V shore power or 12V battery power. If you want to run the ceiling fan off your standard RV battery, you will need a 12V version or an RV inverter to run a 120V version. Those who will only need the fan while hooked up to shore power can opt for a 120V fan if desired.

RV ceiling fans should not be confused with RV vent fans. These are also installed in your ceiling/roof, but are much smaller and are recessed. Their primary goal is to move air between the outside and inside of your RV rather than just circulate the interior air.

How to Install a Ceiling Fan in an RV | How to Replace a Ceiling Fan in an RV

Benefits of RV Ceiling Fans

Airflow is essential in RVs. Having good airflow can help those inside keep cool on the hottest of days. A fan can help your air conditioner by circulating the air. A fan can also combat mold. Stale air can cause mold to grow, especially when combined with high humidity. 

Keep In Mind: If humidity is a big concern, don’t leave home without an RV dehumidifier.

woman installing ceiling fan
Installing a fan into your RV is a great way to maximize airflow.

Can You Install a Ceiling Fan in Your RV? 

Thankfully, you can install a ceiling fan in an RV. However, putting a standard residential fan in an RV will consume a lot of power and won’t run off your standard 12V battery without an RV inverter.

This is why it is important to check the wiring of your RV ceiling fan. If you are performing a new installation, you may be running new wires or tying into existing wires. If you are replacing an existing fan, you will need to make the power type for the new fan.

As we’ve mentioned, you can get 12V ceiling fans that will run off of an ordinary RV battery. This will help when you go boondocking and don’t have a generator to run the AC but still need some relief from the heat. 

woman hot in RV. Install an RV ceiling fan.
Don’t get stuck overheating in your RV without good airflow.

5 Best RV Ceiling Fans

Searching for the perfect ceiling fan in a sticks-and-bricks home can feel like a challenge. Looking for one for your RV might feel impossible. You have many choices, but which one will work best? Let’s look at a few to help you to get started. 

1. RecPro Black RV Ceiling Fan

The RecPro RV Ceiling Fans work via 12V, so you can use them without shore power. The 42-inch blades will keep the air flowing. The Rec Pro fans come in a variety of finishes: brushed nickel center and black blades, oak, and rubbed bronze. These options should pair nicely with any decor. The fan includes a wall-mounted switch that allows you to turn the fan on and off and set the speed and blade direction.

If you prefer the look of oak on your appliances, you’ll love this fan. The oak blades combined with the rubbed bronze center look great! It features 42-inch blades.

RecPro RV Ceiling Fan. Source:

Pro Tip: Save 5% off your entire order with RecPro directly with Coupon Code “ONTHEMOVE5” or use this link to have it automatically applied to your order.

2. Way Interglobal 12V RV Ceiling Fan

The Way Interglobal 12V Ceiling Fan is a hugger-style that mounts flush to the ceiling for added clearance in your camper. This fan operates on 12V and comes with an installation bracket and necessary hardware. It is 42 inches in diameter and has 3 speeds that are controlled by a wall switch. The fan turns both ways, so you can run it counter-clockwise in summer and clockwise in the winter.

RV ceiling fan spinning.
RV ceiling fans are necessary to keep you cool on the hottest of days.

3. Camper Comfort RV Ceiling Fan

For a more compact 12V option, take a look at the Camper Comfort RV Ceiling Fan. This fan features black blades with brushed nickel accents. The smaller 36-inch blades still get the job done. Four-speed options ensure you get just the right amount of airflow. You can adjust the fan’s settings via the wall mount switch. 

Pro Tip: An RV fan can run off of either 120V or 12V, but what battery is best for you? We tested out What Is The Best RV Battery For The Money?

4. LaSalle White RV Ceiling Fan

If you prefer a light-colored one, check out the LaSalle White RV Ceiling Fan. This white fan with brushed nickel accents helps keep your RV looking and feeling airy. It uses 12V power, allowing you to run it with just your battery. The 42-inch blades can reverse direction when needed. 

5. Global Electric 12V Ceiling Fan for RV

While you may appreciate the airflow, you may not always like the noise that comes with a ceiling fan. This 12V fan has a permanent static magnetic rotor allowing it to run silently.

You can choose from six speeds, giving you precisely the airflow you need. This fan works great for those looking to keep an eye on their energy usage. While many fans require 2 AMPs, this fan only uses 1 AMP. 

Will You Add One?

When you head into your RV for the night, whether to sit with some popcorn and watch a movie or crawl into bed, you want to be comfortable. Many of us find ourselves camping in warm or hot weather, making airflow essential.

Do you think it would be beneficial to add a fan to your RV? Drop a comment below.

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