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RV Christmas on the Road

RV Christmas on the Road

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a wonderful, relaxing holiday.  

christmas mortons on the move

We are spending Christmas Day on the road – that’s right, we are back on the road after 6 weeks of living and working in Fairhope, Alabama with Kyle and Olivia Brady of Drivin’ and Vibin’. We left yesterday (and it was so hard to say goodbye!) and are making our way westward!

mortons and drivin vibin

Drivin’ and Vibin’s Argosy Renovation

On Saturday Kyle and Tom completed the solar panel installation and wiring on the Argosy – finishing the final project that Kyle & Olivia were really hoping to complete before the end of the year. While there are quite a few projects left like running the propane line for the stove and water heater, finishing the cabinets, putting down the flooring, and putting in all the final touches, it is amazing to look back at where the Argosy was when we first started working with them on it at the beginning of November and where it is now!  

argosy shell off reno
Check Out This Major Custom Airstream Renovation Project! - Walk through of an Argosy Renovation

RV Christmas on the Road

Christmas is a bit different for us this year. This is our 4th Christmas since going full-time in the RV:

  • Christmas 2015 we spent in South Carolina and went out to Hilton Head to spend Christmas on the Beach – but the fog was so bad that it wasn’t the greatest!
  • Christmas 2016 we spent on the other side of the country in Santa Paula, California and we went down to Ventura Beach to watch the surfers
  • Christmas 2017 we spent with Tom’s family in Florida and we went swimming in the ocean! 
  • Christmas 2018 we are driving from Biloxi, Mississippi to near Houston, Texas, quickly overnighting and hitting the road again early in the morning!

We are on the road as I write this and while it’s maybe not the ideal Christmas situation, we do have some wonderful weather (69 degrees F and sunny) and some quiet roads.

We also spent last night with some new friends at a random Christmas Party, and the last 6 weeks with great friends and their families who welcomed us with open arms (and sent us off with enough Christmas goodies to last a week!)

Flexibility in the Travel Plans

This year’s plans (or lack thereof) came from a few factors that altered our schedule including some RV repairs and our desire to help Kyle & Olivia out as much and for as long as possible.

We are fortunate to be able to have this kind of flexibility in our schedule, and it is something we have worked hard to accomplish in our travel planning. We’ve found that it’s just not worth it to us to get stressed out over self-imposed deadlines.

While being on the road we have also taken a pretty laid-back approach to timing of visitations. We don’t necessarily need to be present on Birthdays, Holidays, etc. because often these times are not conducive to our travels, are expensive, or rushed in order to be there on a particular day.

While we may be missing time with our families today, we were recently able to spend LOTS of time with them and not have to worry about holiday traffic, expensive flights, and other stresses that go along with making our RV lifestyle fit into the holiday calendar. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t, and we fortunately have families that are very understanding of that.

Celebrating Christmas on the Road – Literally

So while we aren’t celebrating the holiday opening presents by the tree with family, or on a beach, or going for a hike, we are still doing exactly what we decided works best for us today.

And who says you can’t enjoy some Holiday Cheer on the road? 🙂

We hope that you are doing exactly what you want to be doing, and we wish you health, wealth and happiness this holiday season!  

Merry Christmas From the Mortons on the Move

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