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Cartoons Showcasing the RV Lifestyle

We love RVing and would recommend it to anyone, but it’s not always dry roads and perfect campsites. Each week we like to find a little humor in this form of travel and share it in a comic. Please enjoy this preview of our RV comics collection drawn by Tom’s sister Elaine Yehl.

While the thought of an “RV skid mark” might make you laugh, in reality, it’s a messy and embarrassing mistake. And quite often, the person next in line ends up having to clean up the mess if the previous RVer drives off. Don’t be the RVer that leaves a mess! Before your next stop at a dump station, read this: How to Properly Use an RV Dump Station (And Avoid A Mess!)

Are you an RV newbie? If so, we’re glad you’re here, and also, you need to learn about towing! There’s a lot more to towing a travel trailer or fifth wheel than hitching up and hitting the road. While even the most experienced RVer has made their share of mistakes, rookie mistakes can be costly. Here’s how you can avoid them: How to Tow an RV: The Beginner’s Guide

As RV camping continues to grow in popularity, it’s becoming more difficult to find last-minute campsites. In fact, in many popular locations, like national parks, it’s not uncommon for RVers to book a reservation a year in advance. Boondocking, however, is one way to avoid the crowds at campgrounds. Check out these helpful apps for locating an off-the-grid spot: Best Boondocking Apps and Websites for Amazing Free Camping

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