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Cartoons Showcasing the RV Lifestyle

We love RVing and would recommend it to anyone, but it’s not always dry roads and perfect campsites. Each week we like to find a little humor in this form of travel and share it in a comic. Please enjoy this preview of our RV comics collection drawn by Tom’s sister Elaine Yehl.

While the thought of an “RV skid mark” might make you laugh, in reality, it’s a messy and embarrassing mistake. And quite often, the person next in line ends up having to clean up the mess if the previous RVer drives off. Don’t be the RVer that leaves a mess! Before your next stop at a dump station, read this: How to Properly Use an RV Dump Station (And Avoid A Mess!)

Are you an RV newbie? If so, we’re glad you’re here, and also, you need to learn about towing! There’s a lot more to towing a travel trailer or fifth wheel than hitching up and hitting the road. While even the most experienced RVer has made their share of mistakes, rookie mistakes can be costly. Here’s how you can avoid them: How to Tow an RV: The Beginner’s Guide

Have you ever heard of a honey wagon? While the name sounds sweet, this RV accessory is quite the opposite. A honey wagon, sometimes called a blue boy, is a portable waste tank that can extend the time you can camp between dump station visits. We’ve got all the details here: How to Properly Use an RV Portable Waste Tank

RV parks and campgrounds have rules for a reason: to keep you and other campers safe. These rules also help keep the grounds in good condition so everyone can have a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience. But some RV park rules are downright ridiculous! See for yourself: 5 Weirdest Rules You’ll Find in RV Parks

As RV camping continues to grow in popularity, it’s becoming more difficult to find last-minute campsites. In fact, in many popular locations, like national parks, it’s not uncommon for RVers to book a reservation a year in advance. Boondocking, however, is one way to avoid the crowds at campgrounds. Check out these helpful apps for locating an off-the-grid spot: Best Boondocking Apps and Websites for Amazing Free Camping

Do you ever wish you had access to an RV simulator BEFORE you bought your first RV? It would probably have saved you a lot of stress instead of trying to learn the ropes in real life. We may not have an RV simulator for newbies at our disposal, but we can offer some guidance. Here are the basics: New To RVing? 7 Key Tips For Every New RVer

We used to get battery anxiety, too. Then we switched to Battle Born’s lithium-ion batteries, and our worries disappeared. There’s a lot of debate over which RV battery is best, but there’s no doubt in our minds. We think our data on lithium-ion batteries speaks for itself. Take a look: Batteries Tested! What Is The Best RV Battery For The Money?

Have you ever pulled in at a campsite and found trash left behind by the previous tenant? Not only is it frustrating, but it can also be disgusting. Whether you’re camping at a campground or a remote boondocking spot, the general rule is to leave your campsite as good as you found it (if not better!). Here are 20 rules that make camping better for everyone: 20 Golden Camping Rules Every Camper Should Know

rv winter migration snowbird comic

There’s a term for RV winter migration patterns. It’s called “chasing 70,” and as the name implies, it’s when RVers travel around in search of the optimal 70-degree day. Have we piqued your curiosity? Learn the secrets of this on-the-move lifestyle: Live in Perfect Weather by Chasing 70 Degrees

We guess Santa’s never been in an RV. Maybe someone should tell him that some RVs do, in fact, have fireplaces! But Santa’s not the only one. If you’ve never set foot in an RV, you might be surprised at just how homey they really are. Here’s a rundown of the most common features: What Is an RV Inside Like?

Florida is one of our personal favorite places to go during the winter months. While the north is buried in several feet of snow, we prefer to bury our toes in the sand. Florida is a big state, though, and there are many awesome RV parks to choose from. If you’re like us and you want to be near the water, an oceanfront campground is a great choice. You can’t go wrong with these: 10 Most Beautiful Oceanfront Campgrounds in Florida

Many RVers choose to go full-time to get away from the rat race (not their kids!) and see more of this beautiful world. But how do you pick the perfect camper for full-time RV living? There are a lot of factors that go into this decision, and it can often feel overwhelming. The good news is, we’ve taken out the guesswork: How to Determine the Best RV to Live in Full-Time

Is this what you think of when you hear the word “overlanding”? While it’s true that overlanding is all about exploring and camping in places few people dare to go, you can do it in anything from an SUV to a truck camper. See for yourself: What Is The Overlanding Craze All About Anyway? Why People Do It, and How

There’s a reason boondocking has become so popular: it’s awesome! Boondocking is our preferred way to camp. And while some boondocking sites have become more crowded, there are still plenty of not-so-crowded spots out there if you look. Before you venture too far off the beaten path, though, consider these tips: 40 RV Boondocking Tips To Make Your Off-Grid Camping Better

How many times have you used Google Maps on a road trip and ended up in a sticky situation with your camper? It’s happened to almost every RVer we know. Google Maps is a great resource, but unfortunately, it doesn’t account for the nuances of driving an RV. Many RVers use RV GPS systems instead, but are they any better? Find out here: What Is an RV GPS? (And Is It Really Better Than Google Maps?)

We love the idea of an electric RV. Most RVers spend quite a bit of time hooked up to shore power anyway, so it doesn’t seem like too big of a leap. Still, it may be a while before we see them come to market and even longer before they are mass-produced. Here’s why: Are Electric RVs The Future? This Is The Reason We Haven’t Seen One Yet

While you probably don’t need to install a snowplow on your RV, there are other things you definitely should consider if you plan to go winter camping. For example, you may want to invest in space heaters or heated water and sewer hoses. Take a look at our full list of recommendations: Cold Weather Camping: How to RV in Winter

There are a few different ways you can power your RV when not hooked up to shore power. Running on a hamster wheel is not one of them! The two most common off-grid power sources are solar panels and generators. While solar power has its benefits (and is our preferred source!), it requires a bit of know-how. RV generators, on the other hand, are good plug-and-go options. Here are our favorites: 7 Best Portable Generators for RV Camping

Looks can be deceiving, especially when it comes to your RV’s height. Never assume you can fit under an overpass or an awning by looks alone. As an RVer, knowing the height of your rig is critical to prevent an accident. Do yourself (and your roof) a favor and learn how to measure RV height properly: What Is Your RV Height, and Why Do You Need to Know It?

We’ve all seen this scenario: a couple shouting directions (and maybe a few profanities) at each other while trying to back their RV into a campsite. It might be comical as an onlooker, but backing a huge fifth wheel or travel trailer can be stressful for the person in the driver’s seat. Thankfully, with the help of RV backup cameras, it doesn’t have to be this way. Find one for your RV: 8 Best RV Backup Cameras to Make RV Driving Easier

RV toilets and the awkward memories they create are just a part of the RV lifestyle. Every RVer has their own story of sewer spills, toilet clogs, and black tank sensor fails. While no one is immune to toilet troubles, there are things you can do to prevent them from happening too often. Start with your black tank: More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Your RV Black Water Tank

No cell service is an RVer’s worst nightmare, especially if that RVer uses their cell phone as a WiFi hotspot. Fortunately, you can do things to boost your cell signal and/or get reliable internet no matter where you park your RV. Check out our in-depth guide: How To Get Reliable RV Internet On The Move

We’ve all been there – reaching into a cooler full of melted ice and pulling out soggy groceries. This is typically the result of a poorly insulated cooler. If melted ice has become your new normal, it may be time for an upgrade. Here are our top picks: Best Coolers for Camping and Saving Ice

Having too big a truck camper on too small a truck not only looks silly, but it can be incredibly dangerous. Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common – folks pushing the limits of their truck’s capacity. So how do you find the right fit? This article can help: What Is the Best Truck for a Truck Camper?

In the RV world, a toy hauler is a camper with a garage on the back. This allows RVers to travel with their ATVs, motorcycles, golf carts, bicycles, and yes, even their children’s toys if need be! Whether you prefer motorhomes, fifth wheels, or pop-up campers, there’s a toy hauler out there for you. Curious to learn more? Read this: What Is a Toy Hauler RV?

Do you ever wish you had a garage big enough for your RV? Or, perhaps you wish you could use your RV as a guest house year-round. Well, with an RV port home, you can do both! See if one of these houses is right for you: RV Port Home: The Perfect House for RVers

If your RV could talk, it would probably advise you to steer clear of RV salvage yards. After all, that’s where dead RVs end up. But in real life, these “RV graveyards” are a good place to find cheap replacement parts for your camper. Here are the pros and cons of shopping around at junkyards: What Are RV Salvage Yards and What Are They Good For?

A sagging hitch is not a safe hitch. If the weight of your RV is not evenly distributed, you can damage your axles or even experience the dreaded trailer sway. To avoid these unpleasant scenarios, we recommend installing a weight-distribution hitch on your travel trailer. Get the facts here: Why Your Travel Trailer Needs a Weight Distribution Hitch

Triple towing (towing two trailers at once) may be legal in many states, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a state that would let you decuple tow (tow nine trailers!). If your heart is set on towing toys or a toad behind your camper, there are a few safety considerations to keep in mind. Learn more here: Is Triple Towing With Your RV Dangerous? What You Need to Know

Does the type of toilet paper you use actually matter? If you’re RVing, it does! While it might be tempting to grab whatever toilet paper is on sale at the supermarket, it won’t go down well (pun intended!) when you get back to your home on wheels. Check out our RV toilet paper recommendations here: What Is the Best RV Toilet Paper?

As much as your dog probably loves curling up on the couch at home, we bet they love camping just as much! While you’re packing for your next excursion, make sure you have everything your pup needs for a safe and enjoyable camping trip. Here’s a list of items to consider: 7 Essential Dog Camping Gear Items You Can’t Forget