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RV Countertop Extensions: Increase the Space in Your RV Kitchen

It’s time to hit the road in your RV and spend some time in the great outdoors. S’mores around the campfire and burgers on the grill are tasty campsite foods, but sometimes the bugs or the weather may drive you inside for your main meals. That’s when things get a little snug because even the largest RV kitchen doesn’t have much food preparation space. Consider adding an RV countertop extension to your galley to make meal prep easier. Let’s see what that would entail.

Let’s Face It, RV Kitchens Can Be Way Too Small

We can all agree that no matter what type of recreational vehicle you have, the kitchen is always too small. Rarely is there enough room to comfortably prepare a meal or clean up afterward.

Quick RV flip up counter extension install

You often get miniature appliances and a square foot of countertop space. You may struggle to fix a meal for one, let alone a family of ravenous campers. But one of the best ways to increase your food prep area or dining space is to increase counter space. 

How Do I Increase the Counter Space in My RV? 

You can double or maybe even triple your counter space in your RV kitchen in a few ways. The easiest is to cover your sink with a cutting board or countertop material. This creates more flat space on which to work.

Many newer vehicles include a matching countertop piece that sits over the sink at the level of the existing counter. This can work quite well until you need to use the sink.

That’s when an RV countertop extension comes in handy. If your recreational vehicle does not come with one, you can easily make one or find several ready-made extensions for sale. Simply attach them to your rig’s cabinetry.

Close up of RV sink with marble sink cover.
Many RVers will use sink covers to extend counter space, but if it is not enough, you may need to install an extendable counter.

Pro Tip: Interested in getting a sink cover that matches your countertops? We uncovered everything you need to know about RV sink covers.

Can You Extend an Existing Countertop? 

Many RV owners add additional counter space right after getting their rigs. You can extend your RV’s countertop with either a hand-made extension or one ready to secure onto the existing base cabinet.

First, find your own countertop material or wood with a DIY extension. Then attach heavy-duty brackets to it and the current cabinet. A ready-made kit consists of the entire extension put together and ready to mount. Whatever you choose, you may appreciate the extra space.

5 Best RV Countertop Extensions

You can never have enough workspace in an RV kitchen, so a countertop extension makes perfect sense. Whether you would choose to purchase a ready-made countertop extension or create your own, we’ve collected some information on the top five options.

RV kitchen with kitchen island and installed countertop extension.
Extend food prep space by installing a countertop extension.

Tigger Table Mount

Carefree Camper has created the Tigger Table Mount brackets to make a countertop extension more versatile. These brackets allow any tabletop to move up and down after you have extended it. And it’ll hold up to 100 lbs, including the countertop’s weight.

You can use the extension at full height to raise the countertop or lower it up to 8 inches. And it works as a countertop, side table, or workspace. The Tigger Table Mount costs $250 and does not include the tabletop. However, you don’t need to purchase two brackets as the Tigger comes as one piece of equipment.

Size: The Tigger is 8 inches wide and extends lengthwise from 8 to 12 inches long.

Best For: Use this mount to build an extension for a countertop that has a little overhang. Mount the extension to fold out just under the overhang. This is because the extension attachment must leave a one-and-a-quarter-inch gap to clear the movable bracket.

Interior of truck camper kitchen with countertop extension open
Folding shelf brackets can be installed next to your countertops to extend the countertop range.

Boeray 16″ Folding Shelf Bracket Carbon Steel Triangle Wall Mount Support

About: The Boeray folding shelf bracket comes in various sizes, giving you the option to create a tabletop extension ranging from 8 to 16 inches. This heavy-duty steel support can hold 220 lbs. It can handle plates full of food or workspace equipment.

boeray 16" Folding Shelf Bracket Carbon Steel...
  • Made of high-quality carbon steel, sturdy and durable, build to...
  • Space Saving:The hinges lock at 90 degrees.The spring mechanism...
  • Designed very compact for limited space. So you can set up the...

Additionally, the auto-lock feature gives you confidence that it’ll hold. And you can easily activate the spring mechanism when folding it down. Two brackets start at $15 to $23 for the largest ones.

Size: The bracket lengths vary between 8 to 16 inches.

Best For: Use these brackets for any tabletop or RV countertop extension that needs to handle a large amount of weight or pressure. 

2PCS 10 Inch Length Stainless Steel Triangle Folding Angle Bracket Adjustable Wall Mounted Durable Bearing Shelf

About: These triangle brackets give a clean look to any countertop extension for a nice stainless steel finish. They come in a packet of two and measure 10 inches long.

2PCS 10 Inch Length Stainless Steel Triangle...
  • 1. As stainless steel as material for bracket and has a brushed...
  • 2. Foldable design by pressing the spring buckle for easy folding...
  • 3.This iterms Max bearing weight is 65kg.

You can put tabletops as long as 14 inches on them. It can handle 140 lbs, so it can hold many serving plates and food. Alternatively, you can use them for a makeshift desktop for a laptop and workspace. They cost $15 for two brackets.

Size: Each of the two brackets measures 10 inches.

Best For: Use these brackets to match stainless steel or nickel-plated cabinetry pulls and appliances to give your RV a nice, finished look.

camper kitchen
Make cooking in your RV easier by giving yourself more counter space.

Camco Oak Accents RV Counter Top Extension – Securely Mounts to Your Existing Counter Top With a Metal Piano Hinge

About: The Camco RV Countertop Extension works best for lightweight tabletops. It can hold up to 10 lbs. It has a separate hook to extend from a folded position and a long piano hinge attached to the included hardwood top.

Camco Oak Accent Camper / RV Countertop Extension...
  • EXTRA PREP SPACE: Take your cooking to the next level with...
  • MAXIMIZES CONFINED SPACES: Measuring 12" x 13 1/2" x 3/4", this...
  • EASY TO USE: Transform your compact RV kitchen into a spacious...

You should attach the extension to a solid wood cabinet for best results. Otherwise, the bracket may push through commonly used particle board or unsupported walls. The cost for the complete kit is $23.

Size: 12 inches wide by 13.5 inches long

Best For: This extension works best if installed on solid cabinetry and used for lightweight display only. However, we’ve found that even a lightweight extension can be helpful to hold items temporarily or move something out of the way while fixing dinner.

Folding Shelf Bracket – Bench Table Folding Shelf or Bracket

About: For a highly sturdy RV countertop extension, try these stainless steel folding shelf brackets. They measure 12 inches long and will hold a large countertop supporting up to 330 lbs.

And because it has marine-grade stainless steel, they can stand up in wet environments like boats, where rust can be a problem. A pair of brackets cost $27.

Size: 12 inches long and 6.5 inches high

Best For: Use these brackets for tabletops that will hold heavier equipment or must stand up to downward pressure. 

Pro Tip: Upgrade your RV kitchen with ease by using our tips on how to renovate your countertops.

Marble RV countertop with extension open
Countertop extensions can use many types of materials, including butcher’s block, laminate, stone, and more.

You Can Build a DIY RV Countertop Extension

You can buy ready-made countertop extensions, or you can make your own with countertop material or a satisfactory substitute. Butcher block wood blends well with almost any existing countertop. 

You can attach two heavy-duty collapsible shelf brackets to the bottom of the extension material. Then drill it to the side of the cabinet where you want the RV countertop extension to rest. When raised, the brackets will lock in place, creating a secure platform for food preparation, writing, or other uses.

Pro Tip: Does your RV have a dinette you don’t use? Check out these 7 Smart and Sophisticated RV Dinette Replacement Ideas that you can do in your rig.

Is an RV Countertop Extension Worth It?

Many RV owners make this easy modification because of the low cost and easy installation. Adding extra space to a kitchen counter makes a simple and helpful upgrade. Most agree that more room to prepare meals is always a plus. In fact, we haven’t met anyone who has regretted adding an RV countertop extension to their rig.

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