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Renovating Your RV Countertops Is Easier Than You Think

Renovating Your RV Countertops Is Easier Than You Think

Many RVers purchase lightly used rigs to save money and make them uniquely their own with personalized touches. Refinishing the RV countertops is one way to spruce up the kitchen area and give it renewed life. 

There are so many options for this renovation that we thought we’d look at the nine most popular to give you some ideas for your own.

rv countertops before and after
Transform your RV countertops from drab to fab!

Turn Your RV Countertops from Drab to Fab with These Ideas

Anyone can do most of the following renovations–no need to be a professional. You’ll base your choice on which result you want and how much time and effort you plan to invest in it.

1. Epoxy Resin Makeover

Creating an epoxy RV countertop can be rather involved, but you can cover any existing countertop to make it look new.

The process to epoxy your counters is not difficult, but you’ll do well to be well prepared and make sure your camper is perfectly level. This is because epoxy is self-leveling and takes a few hours to harden completely.

There are two general types of epoxy treatments: one that requires a torch to heat the epoxy to cure, and one that doesn’t. To make it easy, we used a non-torch epoxy kit from Leggari Products to get a unique marble look with tan highlights on our counter, dinette table, and bathroom vanity. We used their Standard Epoxy Counter Kit #15.

The result was an awesome, custom look that changed the entire vibe of our truck camper!

Faux Wood Vein Marble Using Epoxy | Leggari

2. Painting Your RV Countertops

A quick and relatively easy way to freshen up the look of your RV countertops is by painting them. Rustoleum makes countertop paints that adhere well to many surfaces with numerous color choices.

To make sure that the paint will stick to the existing countertop, you’ll need to sand it, roughing up the surface. And once painted, the countertop will require sealing. You may even wish to find a clear or comparative caulk color to use where the countertop meets the wall.

3. Peel-and-Stick Paper

Most likely, the simplest solution to updating a countertop is to use peel-and-stick contact paper. There are numerous colors and patterns to choose from, giving you more options than any refinishing technique. The only requirement for this job is to apply the paper on a smooth, clean surface slowly, avoiding any bubbles.

One disadvantage to using contact paper is its tendency to tear. Do not apply it to countertops where you might be using a sharp instrument like a knife, as it will show wear and tear quickly.

DIY Kitchen Countertop Makeover With Contact Paper//D-C-Fix On Your Camper Countertops

4. Use a DIY Countertop Resurfacing Kit

If the structure of your existing laminate countertops is in good shape, a countertop resurfacing kit may be all that’s required to change appearances in your rig. These kits will provide everything you need to apply a permanent finish that simulates the look of granite. They take a little time to complete, but the technique is not difficult, and the finished product looks great when done well.

Pro Tip: New kitchen counters require new kitchen accessories. Check out these 33 Must-Have RV Kitchen Accessories.

5. Faux Marble Paint + Epoxy

Faux marble RV countertops mix two processes to produce a result that looks like natural marble but doesn’t have the weight of stone. If you have some talent as a painter, you can paint your existing countertop with an off-white shade of paint, then add fake “veins” like those seen running through marble rock.

Once the painting is complete, create a lip or frame around the edges of the countertop and pour clear epoxy to complete the scene. Although this technique is more time-consuming, the result can be beautiful!

6. Faux Concrete Countertop

Remembering that weight is the enemy of RVs, some renovators have figured out a way to create concrete countertops without using solid concrete. It’s an easy but meticulous process of adding a thin layer of concrete to existing RV countertops.

After the concrete has set, you must apply a waterproof sealant, but you’re left with a solid and trendy countertop.

RV Travel Trailer Remodel: concrete counter top, custom table, shoe storage

7. Install New Countertops

If you’re making a radical change or your heart is set on an all-new kitchen design, you may choose to install brand new RV countertops. This is, by far, the most expensive and labor-intensive choice, but you can create a unique layout. The result is limited only by your imagination and ability to measure, cut, and install your selected materials.

New RV kitchen counters.
If your budget allows, you can always install new counters in your RV kitchen.

8. Cover with Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is one of the heavier choices in countertop materials. It can also be rather tricky to install if you need to make specialty cuts and accommodate unusual corners. But a plethora of tile selections make this remodel a popular one.

Start with a practice run, placing unattached tile sheets on your countertop to create a template before you imbed them in mortar. Then, make the existing countertop material level before proceeding. 

Tiling can be an easy skill to learn, but you must be detail-oriented and willing to get a bit dirty. Mixing mortar and finishing with grout will keep you busy, but the long-term result will provide you with a completely new look.

Pro Tip: After updating your countertops, you might want to freshen up your paint job. Try out these 5 Easy RV Interior Painting Ideas to Spruce Up Your Camper.

9. Faux Wood RV Countertops with Flooring

Adapt laminate wood flooring to create unique RV countertops. With so many options offered today, it can be resilient, versatile, and easy to cut to shape. The material will not be as heavy as natural wood, but it is resistant to cuts and scrapes, making it a good option for countertops.

Wood kitchen countertops.
You can give your counters a faux wood finish by using laminate wood flooring.

Can You Put Granite Countertop in an RV?

Yes, of course, a granite RV countertop would be an excellent addition to any camper, but beware of its weight. Know your RV’s weight–dry and full–before deciding if you can add any heft to those numbers. If you’re close to your rig’s maximum allowance, maybe a small piece of granite for the bathroom countertop would be a reasonable accommodation.  

Is Renovating Your RV Countertops Worth It? 

There’s a myriad of ways to give your RV countertops a new look and add some personal touches to your camper. Many require minimal skill or money, and most can transform the space. 

epoxy counter tops in an RV.
Create a clear, shiny finish to your countertops with epoxy.

If you want a change in your motorhome or trailer, renovating the countertops could be a great place to start.

Have you renovated your RV countertops? Drop a comment below!

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