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Done With Dinettes? 7 Awesome RV Dinette Replacement Ideas

We’ll be honest; RV dinettes aren’t the most modern pieces of furniture. They’re also not the most functional or comfortable. That’s why many people remove their RV dinettes with replacement ideas to suit their camping lifestyle better.

In this article, we’ll give a few RV dinette replacement ideas to help transform your space into a more functional and comfortable area. Let’s dive in!

We removed our RV Dinette Booth!

Why Do RVers Replace Their RV Dinettes?

Many RVers replace their RV dinettes for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few:

  • They are large and bulky pieces of furniture
  • There is a better use of the space
  • Only need seating for 1-2 people most of the time
  • More flexible seating is desired
  • Don’t sit down at an indoor dinner table to eat; prefer to eat outside, on a couch, etc.
  • Dinette cushions aren’t very comfortable
  • Dinette ergonomics aren’t good for working on a computer or homework

For example, we replaced our fifth-wheel dinette with a desk and chair for office workspace, as do many other RVers who work remotely as they travel. Most RVs don’t come with adequate desk space, so if you’re planning on working on the road, the dinette is an easy sacrifice.

Pro Tip: Expand the workable space in your RV by using this guide on how to Turn Your Motorhome RV Steering Wheel Into a Table.

Is It Hard to Replace An RV Dinette?

An RV dinette isn’t hard to replace. You want to ensure you remove it carefully, however, as you don’t want to damage the walls or remaining furniture. But this renovation won’t take long or cost you a lot of money. A minor remodel can significantly impact the overall enjoyment of your camping experience.

RV dinette
Replacing your RV dinette is a relatively easy DIY.

7 Smart and Sophisticated RV Dinette Replacement Ideas

So let’s get to it! Here are seven RV dinette replacement ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Depending on your needs, one may suit you better than another. So let this list help you determine what will work best for your journey.

1. Replace a Booth Dinette With a Table And Chairs

If you’re a family of four, a booth dinette won’t give you the eating space you need. It might work for a couple, but it’s hard to fit four people at a booth comfortably. Find a table and chairs you like and replace the booth dinette. IKEA has a few storage-saver options with bar stools that fit underneath the table when it’s not in use. This is helpful for the RV lifestyle when space is limited.

However, whatever changes you make, pay attention to the weight so you’re not overloading the space, especially if it’s in a slide-out. The weight you remove is the maximum weight you should put back in.

2. Make Your Dinette Cushions More Comfortable

One of the major complaints about RV dinettes is how uncomfortable they are. Sometimes, just by replacing the dinette cushions, you can easily update your RV’s look and feel. We replaced our old dinette cushions in our 20-year old truck camper with new ones from RecPro, and boy did they make a difference! (Get 5% off your order with Coupon code “ONTHEMOVE5“)

3. Remove RV Dinette And Add Recliners

If you’re a couple traveling together, you might like to swap your RV dinette for a set of recliners. Maybe chilling after a long day of hiking or biking is your idea of a great night. Relax in a recliner, watch a movie together, or sip your favorite beverage.

However, it’s crucial to mention weight again here. Recliners will probably weigh more than your RV dinette. Make sure you’re not overloading a slide-out if you add recliners. You’ll also need to pay close attention to measurements. Recliners will take up more space, so ensure you have the room to extend without hitting the wall or banging into the kitchen island.

Mortons on the Move dog underneath RV dinette space
An RV dinette takes up space that could be better used for you and your furry friends.

4. Build Custom Furniture for More Entertaining Space

If you’re handy and creative, you might want to try building custom furniture. This could be another couch or a table with bar stools or ottomans that double as seats and storage solutions. By creating your furniture, you’re making your space truly yours. It will feel like home and serve your needs. A large family may want one enormous sofa, while a single mom with two small kids may wish to have a kid’s space with bookshelves and a Lego table.

5. Create An Office Workspace

A change that many RVers are making to their rigs is creating an office workspace. Sometimes owners convert their toy hauler garage into an office. Other times owners convert a mid-bunk room into an office. If you don’t have extra space to work, replacing your RV dinette with a desk is an option for digital nomads.

Create a long desk against the window for beautiful views all day. Or buy a fold-down table to attach to the wall and raise it when it’s time to work. You can make this space work for you however you best see fit.

Custom RV renovation
Ditch the dinette in exchange for a workstation to do all of your digital nomad duties from.

6. Create a Pet Space

Another RV dinette replacement idea is for our pet lovers. Like creating an office space for remote workers, creating a pet space for pet owners is crucial, especially for people with multiple dogs. Remove the RV dinette and create a pet playground. You could have cat towers, cozy beds, hamster tunnels, or anything else to make your pet feel at home. If you’re not using your RV dinette, allow your pet to have a place to play and sleep.

7. Create a Homeschooling Area

Finally, like some RVers need a workspace, some RVers need a homeschooling area. It can be challenging to use an RV dinette for school work, especially if the space is tight. If you’re a full-time traveling family, you need a space conducive to doing schoolwork. It would be best to have a place where your kids could concentrate. Kids need room to store pencils, crayons, books, lessons, and other materials.

By removing the RV dinette, you have a blank canvas to make the space exactly what you need for a classroom. For families with multiple children, removing the RV dinette is worth it to have a dedicated school area.

Dining outside while camping
Who needs an RV dinette when you can dine outdoors with a fantastic view?

Do You Need An RV Dinette?

No one ever said you must have an RV dinette. Many RVers enjoy eating outside, whether at a picnic table, on a picnic blanket, or sitting around the campfire. RVers enjoy mingling with other RVers, holding beverages or sandwiches as they walk between campsites. Other travelers enjoy dining out and not worrying about cooking or washing dishes. So do you need an RV dinette? Not in our opinion.

Pro Tip: In small rigs, extending your RV’s capabilities is key. Give yourself more space to work in your RV by installing RV Countertop Extensions.

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Make Your RV Suit Your Camping Lifestyle With These RV Dinette Replacement Ideas

Your RV should feel like home. If you have a space that isn’t functioning well for your travel lifestyle, you should change it. When the standard couch isn’t comfortable, remove it and find something you like better. If the kitchen faucet isn’t tall enough to wash the deep pot you like to cook chili in, remove it and install a high-arc faucet with a removable sprayer.

And if your RV dinette isn’t practical or comfortable, consider one of these RV dinette replacement ideas to make it better suit your RV lifestyle. Change it up and start making memories!

How will you upgrade your RV space? Tell us your plans in the comments!

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