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5 Best RV Dog Ramps for Easy Camper Entry and Exit

Pets are family. Many RVers travel with their dogs, cats, or unique pets. But how can you make sure their camping experience is just as enjoyable as your own? Especially for aging dogs, getting in and out of a truck or an RV can be difficult. We want to make your and their life easier by suggesting some RV dog ramps.

What is an RV Dog Ramp? 

An RV dog ramp is similar to a wheelchair ramp. It facilitates easy access from the ground to a higher location. Even if it’s just a couple of steps, going up and down can be tiresome on a dog’s joints.

An RV dog ramp allows dogs to easily walk to and from the ground into the RV or into the truck.

RVing with Pets - Mondays with the Mortons

Things to Consider When Buying an RV Dog Ramp

To help you choose among the many options for RV dog ramps, you’ll want to consider a few things. Think about the incline itself, whether it’s from a truck to the ground or from an RV to the ground. 

You’ll also want to purchase an RV dog ramp with weather-safe materials. The ramp will be outside most of the time, so it should withstand the heat, cold, rain, and snow well. 

The last two considerations are portability and weight rating. These go hand-in-hand, as you want a ramp large enough to hold your dog’s weight while also being easy to tote. 

Let’s examine each consideration in detail: 

Mortons on the Move dogs waiting patiently by RV stairs.
RV stairs can be quite steep making it hard for your pups to get into your RV.

Steepness of Incline

If you have a lifted truck, your incline will be higher than other trucks. You’ll want the RV dog ramp to be a steady incline and not a steep mountain. It will be difficult for a dog to walk up a ramp that is sitting at 70 degrees or less.

Adjustable RV dog ramps are ideal because you can lengthen the ramp as needed based on the steepness of the incline. They tend to be more expensive, but they’re better suited for varying conditions.

If you plan to remain stationary at a campsite and know the steepness of the incline from the ground to the RV entry door, purchasing an adjustable RV dog ramp might not be quite as important.

Mortons on the Move pup standing in front of RV.
No matter the weather, pet ramps help your furry friends get safely into your RV.

Traction and Weather-Safe Material

When your pet comes inside after walking around in the rain, make sure the RV dog ramp has good traction. You don’t want your poor dog sliding down the ramp back into the rain.

You also want weather-safe material. If your RV dog ramp is outside almost all the time, it should be able to withstand varying temperatures and varying weather types. Pay attention to the fine print and seek a ramp that’s suited for all weather types. These will last longer and protect your precious pets.

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Ease of Use and Portability

Traveling in an RV means making the best use of a tiny space. You don’t want to purchase a large ramp that won’t fold or easily collapse. Where will you store it? 

Consider the ease of use and portability when browsing RV dog ramps. And consider the space you have so you know where you’ll put it when not in use. You might also think about how heavy the ramp itself is and if you can lift it.

Mortons on the move dogs waiting patiently to go on stairs.
Stuck pup? Help them in or out of your RV with a pet ramp to stop the stress of steep steps!

Weight Rating

Finally, the weight rating of the RV dog ramp is very important. If you have a 60-pound labrador, you need a ramp that will hold her. If you have a smaller dog like a chihuahua, you can get by with a weight rating under 20 lbs. 

This is one of the most important considerations on this list as your pet’s safety hangs in the balance. 

5 Best RV Dog Ramps for Easy Entry and Exit

Here are five RV dog ramps that are excellent choices for pet owners. Consider the four things above when browsing as well as your lifestyle and pets to make the best choice for your family.

1. PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Ramp

This 62-inch foldable ramp is lightweight and features a high-traction surface. Once worn out, you can also buy a replacement traction tread, which is nice because you know it’ll fit your specific ramp. 

At only ten pounds, almost anyone in the family can help move it around. And this RV dog ramp can support pets under 150 pounds. It’s made of plastic, which makes it one of the cheapest options on the list. 

PetSafe Ultralite Bi-Fold Pet Ramp, 62 in,...
  • CONTINUE ADVENTURES TOGETHER: Use the folding ramp to help your...
  • SAFETY TESTED & DURABLE: This strong ramp is independently tested...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighs only 10 pounds so the ramp is easy to carry...
If your pet is paw-fect treat them to a foldable pet ramp.

2. Pet Step Folding Pet Ramp

This 70-inch foldable RV dog ramp comes in two different colors. Its non-slip rubber surface provides superior traction.

Because it’s made of high-quality fiberglass and plastic materials, it’s a bit heavier at eighteen pounds. But it can support pets and people up to 500 pounds.

Original PetSTEP folding pet ramp - Graphite
  • Unique soft non-slip rubberized walking surface. Superior...
  • Universal non-slip grip fits all vehicles and edges
  • Folds in half for easy storage and portability (molded ergonomic...

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3. WeatherTech Pet Ramp

You might be familiar with the company WeatherTech and know the quality of their products. This foldable RV dog ramp is for dogs up to 300 pounds.

The ramp itself is sixteen pounds and features a quality rubber grip for solid traction. It unfolds to 67 inches to provide a comfortable incline for your pet.

WeatherTech PetRamp - Non-Slip, Portable Dog Ramp...
  • HOME & TRAVEL PET ESSENTIAL – PetRamp helps Pets, Dogs, Cats...
  • SUPPORTS UP TO 300 lbs. – the heavy-duty, dog car ramp is made...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE DESIGN – the foldable ramp weighs only 16...
Mortons on the Move pup sitting in front of RV stairs.
Pamper your fur baby with easy access to your RV.

4. Pet Gear Full Length Ramp

This 71-inch foldable RV dog ramp features a tri-fold design instead of a bi-fold design. It comes in four different color options and is made of rubber.

This ramp supports pets up to 200 pounds and provides a slip-resistant surface. It’s also one of the cheaper options on the list.

Pet Gear Travel Lite Ramps for Dogs and Cats,...
  • Slip-resistant surface provides sure footing
  • Easy fold for compact storage
  • Built in molded handle for portability

5. Pet Trex Telescoping Pet Ramp

This unique RV dog ramp features a telescopic design. You can unfold it to use the entire 62 inches or slide the sections together if you only need the shorter 28 inches of ramp space. 

It supports dogs up to 220 pounds, but the ramp itself only weighs 12 pounds, making it an excellent light option. It’s made out of aluminum and plastic with non-skid grooves for traction.

Pet Trex | Titan Telescoping Aluminum Pet Ramp |...
  • GOING THE DISTANCE - with an unfolded length of 62 inches you can...
  • QUALITY ALL THE WAY - Made out of light weight Aluminum and rigid...
  • CARRIES THE WEIGHT - Titan vehicle Pet Ramps can hold pets up to...
Which dog ramp do you have for your RV??

Give Your Pup a Hand with These RV Pet Ramps

Help make your camping experience enjoyable for your pets by purchasing an RV dog ramp. Keep in mind the steepness, traction, portability, and weight rating as you search for the best option for your precious pet. 

Which RV dog ramp best meets your dog’s needs? Leave us a comment below!

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Darla Coder

Sunday 27th of March 2022

I have a class a motorhome. The INTERIOR steps are too steep for my 110 poud bloodhound. The space is 27" wide, and 20" high, with one step built in. The grade from the top of steps to bottom is 30". We need some kind of ramp that will go there and still allow the door to close. Any ideas??

Jim Keltner

Monday 15th of November 2021

We have a diesel pusher with 5 steps to get into the coach. Our 8 year old Golden can get into the coach but I have to lift her out, she will not go down the steps. We have tried 2 different ramps (5 and 6 feet long). Too short! Any idea where we can find a foldable ramp 8-10 long? Jim