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What Is An RV Generator Box?

What Is An RV Generator Box?

While an RV generator is an excellent resource out on the road, storing it can be a pain. This is especially true if you carry a portable generator and don’t have massive storage bays for an onboard generator. Today we’ll look at how an RV generator box might be the solution to your problem. 

What Is an RV Generator Box?

An RV generator box is usually made of steel and is a mountable enclosed box that protects your RV generator during transport. The generator sits inside the generator box and is safe from whatever Mother Nature and the road throw at it.

These boxes often include lockable latches, which keep your generator safe while traveling and when sitting stationary. 

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inverter generator

Why Would You Want One?

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on a generator for your RV, you want to protect it. The more you can take care of your generator, the better the odds that it will run when you need it. An RV generator box will likely include lockable latches in order to protect your generator from theft.

One of the things that RVers hate about generators is how loud they can be while running. Using an RV generator box will absorb much of the sound of your generator and avoid annoying everyone within earshot.

Is It Safe to Put a Generator in a Box?

Yes, it’s safe to put a generator in a box, as long as the box has proper ventilation. Running your generator in an enclosed box might sound risky, but RV generator boxes allow exhaust to exit via vents. If they didn’t, it could certainly pose a problem.

Additionally, there are often fans built into the box that pump the exhaust out and keep temperatures down to avoid overheating.

RV generator
Without a protective box, your RV generator is exposed to the elements and potential theft.

Where Can You Buy an RV Generator Box?

You likely won’t find an RV generator box at your local big-box retailer. However, with a few clicks of a computer mouse, one might show up at your house before you know it. You can check out the various options at and find a truck box (or boxes) that meets your needs.

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There are also a couple of great options to consider on Amazon. Buyers Products and Arksen have several different sizes to choose from. These generator boxes will cost $200 to $840, depending on which size you choose. 

ARKSEN 33 Inch Heavy Duty Diamond Plate Aluminum...
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How Do You Install It on Your RV?

First, look at the bottom of your generator and develop a plan for mounting the generator to the mounting plate that comes with the RV generator box. makes their boxes with many of the popular RV generator options in mind. Your generator will likely fit snugly onto the mounting plate. Still, you’ll probably have to make some adjustments. 

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The mounting bracket fits snuggly over a typical four-inch rear RV bumper. This will allow you to do a dry run before fastening anything down. You can make any necessary adjustments during this stage to adjust for a ladder or spare tire. Once everything sits correctly, use the included hardware to secure your RV generator box to the RV.

Honda, Generac, Yamaha, Briggs Stratton Generator Box

A typical RV generator can weigh upwards of 100 pounds or more and can be very expensive. Making a mistake during mounting can result in your generator and generator box coming loose during travel. This could mean extensive damage to both the generator and the generator box.

It could even cause an accident on the road. If you’re not comfortable installing this yourself, enlist the help of a professional.

How to Build an RV Generator Box

If you’re looking to make your own RV generator box, it’s definitely possible. First, confirm that you have sufficient space to mount your generator. Be sure to account for ventilation, and make sure you’re not mounting your generator next to sensitive electronics.

DIY generator box
If you enjoy DIY projects, you can make your own RV generator box. Just make sure it’s properly ventilated.

Your generator box will have to endure the weather. This could include rain, snow, and temperature changes. Like a 4-season RV, all building materials you plan to use for your generator box need to withstand these conditions and not rust or corrode. Powder-coated aluminum will likely be your best option as it’s light and durable.

Measure your generator and decide how much space you’ll need. Then lay out all the cuts to avoid making a mistake or wasting materials. Make sure you label each of the parts to ensure you don’t confuse them.

It’s also important to allow for proper ventilation. This means calculating for the air to rise and the exhaust to exit. Also, calculate for the clean air the generator sucks in. You can attach many different vent covers to the generator box to provide proper circulation.

RV Generator Box Build FINALLY DONE

Once you start assembling the box, make sure your welds, or however you’re securing the sides, are watertight. You don’t want water to penetrate the generator box, as it could cause damage. Be sure to include sturdy hinges and a locking latch to provide security for your generator.

It’s important to note that a DIY RV generator box isn’t an easy project. It’s not a beginner DIY project and will require lots of tools and experience to do it right. Unless you’re an experienced DIYer, we suggest purchasing your generator box instead of making it.

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RV generator on beach
Want to camp here? Want to have electricity while doing it? A generator is an easy way to get power.

Is an RV Generator Box Worth It?

An RV generator box can protect your generator and help ensure it runs optimally for years to come. If running your generator is a key component of your camping style, it’s most definitely worth it. You’ll love the extra storage space it can provide and that your generator and other accessories are safe when you’re away from your RV.

Do you keep your generator in a generator box? If not, where do you store it? Let us know in the comments.

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