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5 Easy RV Interior Painting Ideas to Spruce Up Your Camper

5 Easy RV Interior Painting Ideas to Spruce Up Your Camper

There’s no shortage of RV interior painting ideas that can make your living space beautiful and expressive. However, painting a house and an RV differ. We suggest watching some RV YouTubers before venturing into this endeavor to understand different experiences. Hopefully, this article can offer insight into which approach you want to take with your RV makeover. 

Can You Paint the Interior of an RV?

You can paint the walls of your RV, just as you would your house. Just make sure you have paintable surfaces. Some RVs have silicone caulk used to edge the walls and counters to help seal the paint, which you will need to remove before painting.

RV Interior Painting Ideas
Most RV surfaces can be painted; however, you may need to clean or sand the surface first.

You should also check for any uneven spots on the walls from crooked lines, peeling wallpaper, or wonky screws. This adds to the prep that you need to do before painting, so everything looks smooth. 

What Kind of Paint Do You Use on an RV Interior?

Just like painting the inside of a house, you can use latex paint for an RV interior. Using paint with primer in it will save you time. Use a cut-in brush first to get the edges, then finish with a roller to smooth out those paint strokes. 

RV Interior Painting Ideas

5 Easy Ways to Update Your RV Interior with Paint

You may want to paint your entire RV, but that doesn’t mean every room needs a different color and style. For example, if most of your RV has neutral tones, you could try using a bright color for a few kitchen cabinets or paint a fun design on the doors. It’s important to be selective in using bright colors, especially for a small interior, so it doesn’t overwhelm the decor.

RV medicine cabinet
Don’t forget about the bathroom! Painting your medicine cabinet or vanity can make your bathroom look new again.

Accent walls, two-toned cupboards, and artfully placed designs are all fun ways to spruce up the space without feeling like you’re going overboard with the paint. Here are some RV interior painting ideas to help you get started.

1. Paint Your Medicine Cabinet

Sometimes the medicine cabinet in your RV bathroom gets rusty, or the paint starts peeling off. In this case, scrub that cabinet clean and sand it before using an oil-based primer and paint to get it nice and shiny again. 

2. Brighten Up Your Kitchen 

Darker colors make a space look smaller, so lightening up your kitchen with some white paint can make it stand out. You can also use brighter colors or darker tones to create a fun accent wall to show a little more personality.

Want to add even more personality to your RV? Take a look at these 9 Fabulous RV Renovation Ideas!

renovated RV interior with white paint
White paint can make a small RV look larger.

If you want to create a clear divide between the kitchen and the rest of the living space, you can use different paint colors or techniques. You could have white walls throughout the RV, but sponge on some metallic blue in the kitchen to add some zest. It’s a colorful RV interior painting idea that combines personality and practicality. 

3. Go Bold with Your Lower Cabinets

Paint isn’t just limited to walls, don’t hesitate to bring your cabinets to the party! Not all the cabinets need to be the same color. Try using the two-tone color method for an elegant style, especially if you like more color but don’t want to overwhelm the small space. And if you worry about a dark or bold color making the space seem too crowded, use a light color on the upper cabinets and a dark color on the lower cabinets for a classy compromise. 

painted lower kitchen drawers
You could paint your kitchen cabinets and/or add a splash of color to your kitchen walls.

4. Paint Your Sliding Door

If you don’t want to do an accent wall, add a pop of color to a sliding door. You could have it match the windowsills or even your furniture. If you don’t want to deal with the tape, or getting perfectly crisp edges, try sponging on the paint. 

Here’s another RV interior painting idea: use multiple colors and use the flick paint technique to layer the colors in a fun but artful way. Just keep in mind this painting style can be a little messy. You can usually remove sliding doors easily, so you could do this outside on a painting tarp for easy clean-up. Kids can help if you want them to contribute to your renovations. 

5. Update Your Slide-Out Trim

You can replace your slide-out trim or just paint it or sand and stain it. They might have attached older trim with anything from staples and screws to heavy-duty velcro. You can also cover the old molding with the new molding, no need to remove anything. Just use a nail gun to attach the new trim and enjoy a simple but effective makeover. 

How to Update RV Slide-Out Moulding

How to Prepare Your RV Walls for Painting 

Take a close look at the walls as you prepare for painting. Most older RVs have drywall with wallpaper glued to it. It might even have uneven corners and odd textures. You’ll need to sand the surfaces scrub (we recommend using TSP) first and then prime and paint. 

Instead of tape, try using an edging brush to accommodate the flowing corners of the RV. Houses have sharp corners, but RVs tend to have round edges. You can use wipes as you paint in case you make mistakes. If you feel more confident having things taped off before painting, make sure to remove the tape before the paint has dried, so it doesn’t leave uneven lines. 

Planning Your Project

You can experiment with many fun RV interior painting ideas, whether you use stencils or go bold with stripes or metallic paint. Put your stamp on your RV. It may be a home on wheels, but it should feel like yours and not just another vehicle you drove off the lot.

If you’re considering updating your RV furniture to match your new paint, read this first: 5 Questions You Need to Ask When You Replace Old RV Furniture

woman looking at paint samples
Will you go bold with your new color scheme or do you prefer subtle changes of color?

Painting can elevate your RV to a classier level. Plus, you can have so much fun looking through aisles of paint samples, planning your next big project for your next big trip.

Have you ever painted your RV’s interior? Drop your advice in the comments below!

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Samantha Nichols

Tuesday 17th of May 2022

This is very useful. I am saving it for our RV remodel. We plan to paint cabinets as well. We just bought an RV and have began remodeling it.

Samantha Nichols

Thursday 21st of April 2022

I have been using NuVo brand greenness and grey for my kitchen cabinets and have found this color brand very easy to use that I believed I'd use it for my laminate desk and bookcase. It worked perfectly!! I sanded the laminate lightly, cleaned it with TSP, and let it dry. I did two coats to create sure there was even coverage and everything clothed perfectly! I did a sample area in an exceedingly hidden spot where I didn't sand and just cleaned with TSP therefore the paint stuck but lasted about 10 coats. So if someone encompasses a problem with this color, they're not preparing properly!

Cyrus Juliet

Thursday 7th of October 2021

Giving your RV interior a fresh coat of paint is one of the greatest ways to revitalize it. You should begin with the cabinets since they are the first thing most people see. Just make sure that, in addition to the colors, you use the proper type of paint.

Karla G

Tuesday 10th of August 2021

Has anyone ever used Annie Sloan chalk paint on their RV interiors? I would love to know.

Barrie Riddoch

Sunday 8th of August 2021

You’re article on painting is very very vague as to type of paint to use. My research shows that Alkd-acrylic is best but you fail to go into any detail. We’re also struggling with vinyl paper covering our cabinets that was poorly installed and is difficult to remove. Also this paper has wrinkles which will show no matter what. Your article does nothing to discuss the difficulties that can be encountered or what to do.