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Is Buying an RV Lot a Good Investment?

Many seasonal RVers return to the same destination each year, longing for familiar climates, attractions, and resort amenities. So why not own your own piece of land just for your RV? It is possible and we own two. But, is it actually a good investment? Lets find out.

What Is an RV Lot?

Any deeded parcel of land within an RV community is considered an RV lot you can buy. Most of these lots are within typical RV resorts, but more RV lot ownership spots are popping up around the country.

These “RV subdivisions” have gated communities in resort areas. They can include infrastructure for year-round RVing on your own lakefront, mountainous or forested area. They are similar to regular home subdivisions and usually allow permanent structures to be added. 

However, you don’t have to be in an RV-specific community to have RV property. As long as the location does not have rules against camping on your land an RV lot can be any piece of property. We own a lot that is in an RV community and one that is a remote piece of land.

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What Is the Average Size of an RV Lot? 

If purchasing an RV lot within a campground or resort, the lot size might vary from 12 ft to 100 ft wide and up to 60 ft long. Keep in mind, these lots are for sale, not for rent. Unlike a typical campsite where a year-long lease may be offered, these lots allow you to purchase the parcel of land on which your RV will sit. You may have to look long and hard to find the type of resort that has lots “for sale.”

An RV subdivision can intermingle with sticks-and-bricks homes. But it does have specific deeded lots for sale, allowing for RVs in the by-laws. The lot sizes could range from one-tenth of an acre to several acres. Additionally, their locations may be close to lakes or permanent attractions, making them great vacation destinations.

On the other hand, you could buy acres of land to park on. Our northern lot is 9 acres, but you could own 1000!

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stationary rv living long term rv lot
This is our lot in Florida, It is only about 2000 square feet

What Are the Benefits of Buying an RV Lot?

There are so many good reasons to invest in your own RV lot. For starters, you’ll always have a place to stay at your favorite destination. No more rushing to find a campsite during high season. You also won’t have to worry about placing your rig in storage at the end of your stay. It can remain on your lot, and you’ll save the cost and hassle of getting it in and out of storage every time you visit.

You may also find that over time, you have actually saved money by purchasing an RV lot. With campground fees getting more expensive every year, the cost of buying a permanent site for your rig will most likely be less than renting a campsite for several months each year.

With land you own, you can personalize it and add some permanent structures. For instance, a fenced-in area for pets may be allowed on your lot, whereas only temporary structures are allowed in an RV park. Many deeded RV lots allow room for casitas and sheds, as well. And some larger parcels may let you pour concrete pads for permanent structures like garages.

Finally, you may have an RV lot that allows rentals. This means that when you are not using your lot, the covenants may let you rent it out to other RVers. That gives you some income on your purchase.

Pro Tip: If you’re just beginning RV life, buying a permanent lot might seem like something you’d consider far in the future. To start your RV journey, focus on doing these 7 Key Tips For Every New RVer.

Buying an RV Lot (PROS AND CONS)

What Are the Disadvantages of Buying an RV Spot? 

The biggest problem with buying an RV lot is that there may not be any available in your chosen destination. Most campgrounds rent their lots on a nightly, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. However, you don’t get the opportunity to actually purchase the land. So do a thorough search for resorts and campgrounds that offer land for sale once you know where you’d like to live.

And remember that once you purchase your lot, you will be camping in one place for a longer period. It doesn’t limit your coming and going. But, to get a good return on your investment, you’ll most likely live on your land.

You’ll also have some covenants and rules that apply to your parcel. Some larger subdivisions may even have homeowners associations with fees attached.

The lot you purchase will be surrounded by other RV lots. That means there will be other rigs arriving and departing, sometimes with a continual rotation of new neighbors.

And finally, since you will become a property owner, there will likely be property taxes to be paid annually. Just be informed of all your responsibilities before purchasing, then plan for things that require money, patience, or adjustments.

Is Buying an RV Lot a Good Investment?

Depending on your long-term RVing plan, purchasing an RV lot could be a great investment if you foresee returning to the same destination each year. Rather than struggle with finding a long-term campsite each year and paying hefty fees, owning a lot that you can return to anytime you wish could be a stress-reducer. And with interest in RVing on the rise, if you ever decide to sell your lot, you may be able to make quite a profit on your investment. 

The properties we own for RVs have appreciated over 100%, trending with real estate in general. So Yes, even an RV lot can be an investment in the long term as long as interest remains in RVing. Investments always have the potential to loose money however, so if you are considering it for long term gain location is critical.

Northern RV Lot
This is our northern RV lot, great in the summer but we must go south for the winters

Can You Buy a Lot at Any RV Park?

The short answer is no. Most RV parks rent spaces nightly or even annually. They don’t sell the land within the park. However, there are parks like Escapees Co-Op parks where members can buy the lot from other members, then lease it out when they are not there, with the proceeds going toward their taxes.

Currently, many RV subdivisions are finding popularity. They sell RV lots just as they would residential home lots. Many of these are rural. They’re in scenic areas along lakes or near-permanent attractions like those in the Smoky Mountains, near Branson, or Williamsburg. It will take some research to find RV lots available for purchase near the destination of your choice, but it’s well worth the effort.

Pro Tip: Campground costs are just one aspect of the RV life budget. Learn what other expenses you’ll need to budget for, by discovering How Much Does It Cost to Full-Time RV?

If you aren’t staying at your permanent campsite for a while, you may be able to rent it out to make some extra money on the side.

What Makes an RV Park a Good Investment? 

An RV park with quality amenities and reasonable covenants will provide you with optional activities and keep surrounding lots in good shape without requiring unnecessary rules. Having a dependable infrastructure like water lines and electricity at the property line will save you the cost of bringing those utilities to your site. And an RV park or subdivision that allows you to personalize your site within reason will let you create a property where you will feel right at home.

Looking strictly at the financial numbers, buying an RV spot that you can rent out when you’re not there is ideal. Best-case scenario, there is a property management company as part of the subdivision that will handle all of the booking and payments for you. When deciding between multiple park locations, these may make the difference between infeasible and totally doable, financially speaking.

RV parked in RV lot with built in ramp and deck area.
If you own your own land, you are able to personalize it and add permanent structures on it.

Is Buying an RV Lot Worth It?

Some full-time RVers enjoy exploring the country and continuously traveling as they discover new destinations. But after years of being on the road, these weary travelers may yearn to settle down in one of their favored locations, even if only for several months a year. Even homeowners sometimes dream of having their getaway, where they can spend a season or two relaxing in a moderate climate.

These situations are perfect scenarios for buying an RV lot where you can have a home, whether permanent or temporary. Purchasing land where you can camp anytime you’d like can provide a second home for vacations or even a place to go whenever the feeling strikes you, and that’s a great investment in your well-being and happiness.

Have you ever considered buying an RV lot? Tell us in the comments!

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Saturday 14th of May 2022

Yes we have been looking for the perfect spot to buy in South Texas. There are places out there and looking for the perfect spot .

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Sunday 15th of May 2022

We hope you find one! :)


Thursday 12th of May 2022

Have you ever considered buying an RV lot?


When we stopped for a vacation in the Coachella Valley some years ago we found that the RV Park we rented at was in an ideal spot for exploring the desert southwest area of California. Close to Indio & Palm Springs, the coast, Joshua Tree NP, only 40 minutes to visit Tom & Cait when they hung out at Desert Hot Springs for presentations and just 4 hours to Phoenix etc.

During our secontal rental we were made an offer to buy a beautiful corner lot and so we did. Best decision ever.