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How to Organize and Upgrade Your RV Medicine Cabinet

How to Organize and Upgrade Your RV Medicine Cabinet

If you’ve spent any time in an RV, you know how precious storage space is, especially in the bathroom. It can get tricky trying to organize it all efficiently when it comes to an RV medicine cabinet. Today, we’ll give you a few ideas on how to make the best use of limited space in your RV bathroom. 

How to Organize Your RV Medicine Cabinet

Let’s face it, RV medicine cabinets leave a lot to be desired. Let’s look at a few of the best ways to maximize your RV medicine cabinet. 

RV Organization//RV Bathroom Storage Ideas

Use Plastic Bins to Separate Items

Using plastic bins helps to tame the mess and allows you to find what you need when you need it. Without organizing your items into plastic containers, you risk everything falling out when you open the door. Plastic bins keep your things separated and easy to find, even after a travel day full of rough roads. 

Bonus tip: Use clear bins so you can see everything inside without digging around. 

rv medicine cabinet. plastic bins and tiered shelves for organization.
Make your medicine cabinet more accessible with plastic bins or tiered shelves.

Use Tiered Shelves to Maximize Vertical Space

Most RV medicine cabinets are one large open area, and if you’re lucky, there might be one shelf. Adding tiered shelves maximizes vertical space instead of wasting precious cabinet space.

This approach is beneficial when more than one person uses the cabinet. Adding shelves also means you can store more plastic bins, which further enhances your organization. 

Mount Toothbrushes to Medicine Cabinet Door to Free Up Shelf Space

Even with all of that space you created with the plastic bins and extra shelves, you might be searching for a bit more. Mounting your toothbrush to the inside of your medicine cabinet door not only frees up a bit more space, but it keeps your toothbrush clean. No one wants to toss their wet toothbrush on top of their deodorant. 

rv medicine cabinet. mounted tooth brush.
Clear up counter or cupboard space by mounting your toothbrush to your RV medicine cabinet.

Sort Products by Use for Easy Access

We all know what it’s like to dig around trying to find that one item we need. (Hint: It’s usually at the very bottom, regardless of what it is.) By sorting your things in your RV medicine cabinet, you’ll know where everything is without making a mess while digging for it. 

Pro Tip: Simple upgrades can be game-changers when improving the ease of use of your RV, but not every RV hack works. Check out these 9 RV Hacks That Aren’t Worth the Effort.

Upgrading Your RV Medicine Cabinet: What You Need to Know

If your RV medicine cabinet just isn’t cutting it even after trying all our tricks, it might be time to swap it out. Did you know you can tear out the medicine cabinet that came in your RV with a more functional model?

rv medicine cabinet. upgrade and replace medicine cabinet.
Upgrading your RV medicine cabinet can make your bathroom storage space much more functional.


Weight adds up quickly when you’re adding new items to your RV. Check your rig’s weight before adding furnishings. Even if your overall weight is fine, consider the stress a heavy medicine cabinet could put on your RV walls. Only mount new wall hardware to support studs in the wall. Using screw anchors might not be such a good idea for a bumpy RV. 

Recessed or Not Recessed? 

If you have a thick interior wall, consider installing a recessed medicine cabinet for even more space. While a recessed cabinet offers many benefits, it’s more work to install it. If you cannot install an in-wall cabinet, many RV medicine cabinets still provide plenty of space without jutting out too far.  

Height, Depth, and Width

Assess your wall space before purchasing a new cabinet. Consider door swings or light switches when taking measurements. Keep in mind all aspects of the size, such as the height, depth, and width. When measurements are off, you either have to go through the return process (not easy for full-timers!) or be out of the money.  

Make sure to consider weight and wall strength when deciding what medicine cabinet to install in your RV.

Latching Mechanism

Don’t forget your new RV medicine cabinet will be bouncing down the highway. Accidentally choosing a cabinet without a proper latching mechanism will have you walking into a mess when you arrive at your next destination. Thankfully there are many cabinets with secure latches that will remain closed even on the roughest of roads. 

Keep in Mind: Adding a new medicine cabinet will impact the overall weight of your RV. Make sure to check your rig’s weight before adding furnishings. Here is how you can weigh your RV: The Most Important Question New RVers Don’t Ask: RV Weight.

RV Medicine Cabinet Options

If installing a new medicine cabinet seems to be your best option, you’re in luck! There are many great options when it comes to replacing your RV medicine cabinet. Let’s take a look at a few of our top picks. 

Jensen White Medicine Cabinet

This recessed medicine cabinet will require a 14in x 24in wall opening for installation. The classic white will look great in any RV bathroom, and it functions well with two adjustable shelves for effortless organization. You can orient the door to open to the left or right.  

Jensen 1459X Bevel Mirror Medicine Cabinet, 16" x...
  • Recess mount: wall opening - 14 inch w x 24 inch H
  • Left or right hand opening with continuous piano hinge
  • Frameless, 1/2 inch beveled mirror
rv medicine cabinet. recessed medicine cabinet.
Consider if a recessed or not recessed RV medicine cabinet works best for your space and needs.

Latching RV Medicine Cabinet

If you’d prefer a small and stylish cabinet, consider this latching RV medicine cabinet. It’s 18.25in x 18.5in and features a clean white finish with a crown molded top. The double engineered wood means it’s built to last, and there’s an adjustable shelf inside to help keep your belongings organized. 

Elegant Home Fashions Madison Removable Wooden...
  • STYLISH CABINET: Features a white finish with a crown molded top,...
  • ADJUSTABLE STORAGE: Includes an adjustable interior shelf to help...
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Constructed from durable engineered wood to...

Jensen Locking Medicine Cabinet

The Jensen Locking Medicine Cabinet is 15in x 25in. The recessed design gives you plenty of cabinet space without sacrificing limited RV bathroom space. The cabinet locks with a key, giving you confidence that it will not spill your belongings on the floor while traveling. There are three adjustable glass shelves. Plus, your new medicine cabinet won’t rust as it features a rust-resistant white powder coat finish. 

Jensen 625N244SNCL Hampton Locking Security...
  • Locking cabinet door
  • Recess mount ensures this cabinet will fit snugly into your wall
  • Tamper resistant door can be mounted with left or right hand...
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Choosing the Right RV Medicine Cabinet 

Sometimes RV organization can feel like a frustrating puzzle, and upgrading your RV medicine cabinet might feel like the missing piece. Hopefully, we’ve given you some tips to help you choose the best medicine cabinet for your space!  

What are your best tips for making the most of your space in your RV’s bathroom? Drop a comment below.

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