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The Complete Guide to Your RV Microwave Convection Oven

The Complete Guide to Your RV Microwave Convection Oven

RVs have a limited amount of space, which means the best appliances do double duty. Having multi-functional appliances is essential for tiny homes on wheels. One way to double down on appliances is with an RV microwave convection oven. Let’s take a look at how these appliances can be game-changers for your RVing adventures!

What Is an RV Microwave Convection Oven? 

An RV microwave convection oven is both a conventional microwave and a convection oven. These 2-in-1 units are great for small RVs. They work with your RV’s electrical components, and most of them come mounted above or below the stove, saving you precious counter space. 

How an RV Microwave Convection Oven Works

RV microwave convection ovens have an extra heating element and fan that circulate hot air around your food to bake it evenly, just like an oven . However, these units still function as conventional microwaves as well.

Conventional microwaves bounce microwaves around the metal interior to heat the water molecules in food. The result is hot foods and liquids.

Many of these convection units have a fast bake option that uses both the convection oven and microwave at the same time to bake in much shorter times.

Curious how a conventional RV stove and oven work? Find out here: How to Use an RV Stove and Oven

Are Convection Microwaves Worth It?

While convection oven microwaves are standard in most RV’s are they actually worth the extra cost? Well there are a few things that are great about them. First many can replace the need for an oven at all as it can bake just the same. If the RV has a gas oven then the convection microwave acts as a second oven. It also works as an electric option to conserve propane when plugged in at a campground.

If the microwave convection oven is the only oven on board then this can also be a con. They require a lot of electricity to operate and if you are unplugged you will be out of luck or need to run a generator to bake.

We personally love our convection microwave and use it for most of our baking needs. It feels great to run it off our solar system and cook on solar power too! Lets take a closer look at what you can do with a microwave convection oven.

Microwave and Convection Cooking

RV microwave convection ovens give you an oven and microwave all in one space. This multi-functionality means you can quickly microwave some popcorn right after roasting chicken without needing multiple appliances, saving both space and time.

Bake, Roast, and Microwave Meals and Desserts

If you only have experience using a conventional microwave, you may be hesitant to believe that a convection oven can function the same way as a standard oven. Sure, it might be smaller than your oven at home, but they can do a great job. 

RVers like to cook meat and roast vegetables in their convection microwaves. They’re even able to bake in them. That means you can make bread, cookies, and pastries right in your microwave when using the convection settings. 

How to Cook with Your RV Convection Microwave

Cooking in an RV convection microwave is simple. To use the conventional microwave setting, select your desired cook time and hit start. Typically you can choose the power level as well. Note: Don’t leave any metal pans in the microwave before starting it, as it will cause sparks.

How to Use a Convection Microwave (With Confidence) || Fulltime RV Living

To use the convection feature, press the convection button. Then, select the temperature you’d like to cook at and a cooking time. Use the rack that comes with convection ovens; hot air must flow around your dish.

Some convection microwaves have a fast-bake option where it runs both microwaves and conventional heating elements at the same time. Keep in mind that this must not be used with metal bakeware! Use glass or nonmetal microwave-safe baking dishes only.

Our Top 3 Picks for Best RV Microwave Convection Ovens

Cooking with your RV microwave convection oven is easy. The hard part is deciding which model to purchase. Thankfully, we’ve gathered a few of our favorites to make your decision easier. 

1. Furrion Over the Range Microwave Convection Oven

Furrion is a well-known company when it comes to RV appliances. This RV microwave convection oven often appears in newer RVs. It uses a two-speed 300 CFM venting system that removes smoke, steam, and odors efficiently. In addition, the oven includes pre-programmed defrosting times and power levels. 

Furrion 1.5 cu.ft OTR Convection Microwave Oven -...
  • Multi Microwave Convenience Cooking Controls, Makes operation...
  • Defrosting times and power levels are programmed automatically or...
  • Speed Bake Convection and Microwave cooking combine to deliver...

The Furrion unit has a 1.5 cubic feet capacity, giving you plenty of room for your food. It features a 1500W microwave and 1450W convection function. The unit measures 33.27 x 19.29 x 20.08 inches. It’s a universal fit, so you should have no problem using it in your RV.

2. ZLINE Over the Range RV Microwave Convection Oven

The ZLINE Over the Range RV Microwave Convection Oven is the perfect addition to your RV. With a modern design, it gives off a residential feel. It features an illuminated LCD screen with audio cues for easy use. In addition, this unit has a one-touch cook option for quick cooking.

ZLINE Over the Range Convection Microwave Oven in...
  • 2-Speed Powerful Ventilation - Enjoy up to a 300 CFM air flow...
  • Convection and Microwave Modes - Select from a variety of...
  • One-Touch Cooking - Easy One-Touch controls allow you to quickly...

The ZLINE measures 30 x 15 x 16.4 inches. The microwave features 300 CFM range hood ventilation to keep odors and humidity out of your RV. 

3. Sharp Over the Range Microwave Convection Oven

This microwave convection oven has a two-color, seven-digit, interactive display, making it super simple to use. It comes with a built-in exhaust system as well as a hood light and powerful fan. There are both low and high racks included for customized cooking. The included 13-inch turntable ensures even heating. 

Sharp R1874T 850W Over-the-Range Convection...
  • 850-watt, over-the-range convection microwave browns, bakes,...
  • 2-color, 7-digit, interactive display; Smart and Easy sensor...
  • 1.1-cubic-foot, stainless-steel interior with light; 13-inch...

The Sharp Microwave Convection oven measures 29.93 x 16.34 x 15.28 inches. It uses 850 watts and offers 1.1 cubic feet of capacity. 

Get Dinner on the Table Quicker

Cooking in your RV should be simple and effective, especially when you don’t have much extra space. Using an RV microwave and convection oven can help you get dinner on the table quicker and with less fuss.

Looking for other efficient RV cooking appliances? Two Morton must-haves are the Instant Pot and RV induction cooktop.

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Cyrus Juliet

Thursday 2nd of June 2022

Some microwave ovens aren't suited for use in RVs. To determine whether a microwave oven is suitable for use in an RV, you must consider a few factors. First and foremost, will you be installing the item in an RV microwave provision hole? If you are, counter microwaves are unlikely to fit correctly within the hole.

Samantha Nichols

Saturday 31st of July 2021

Thanks so much for sharing! It compared the best products on the market and this really useful for me. Great article!

Samantha Nichols

Monday 26th of July 2021

I have a question that what are the differences between RV microwaves and home microwaves? I am not sure that they are different or not, I think they are almost the same. So, can I use home microwaves for my RV? Hope you can answer my questions.

Eddie M

Sunday 18th of July 2021

I could not hear if the convection oven made loud fan noise nor did you mention it gets super hot. Did either of these happen with your oven? I turned my oven on once and it got sooo hot I stopped it and have not tried it since. Want to be able to bake bread and cookies. Thanks for your help.

Mortons on the Move

Thursday 3rd of March 2022

The convection side will get very hot. They are not as well insulated as a regular oven but this is normal with them.