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Are RV Outdoor Showers Worth It?

Does your camper have an RV outdoor shower? Are you struggling to decide whether it’s really even worth it? 

In this article, we take a closer look at the pros and cons of RV outdoor showers and provide our top choices for RV outdoor shower enclosures to help you get the most out of this cool amenity. Let’s go!

What is an RV Outdoor Shower? 

An RV outdoor shower is a showerhead and water faucet on the outside of your RV. You’ll typically find it near the water hookup and drain area on the driver’s side of your rig. When not in use, they’re usually hidden behind an access door. 

Most outdoor RV showers have a basic shower head and hose with a hot and cold water handle. They’ll pull from your RV’s fresh water tank or a city water connection. And if you want hot water, you’ll need a water heater and a power source for it. 

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Are RV Outdoor Showers Worth It? 

RV outdoor showers can be super convenient, especially if you have pets, kids, or an active outdoorsy lifestyle. Although not every RV comes with an outdoor shower, if you have one, you should definitely make use of it. And not just for showering. They’re just so handy! 

We think outdoor showers on your RV are definitely worth it. 

RV with shower hose attached.
Reconnect with the outdoors by showering outside in nature.

Pros of an RV Outdoor Shower

There are many benefits to having an RV outdoor shower. These small features can have a considerable impact. 

If you travel with dogs or kids, they’ll inevitably get dirty. From dirty paws to muddy or sandy feet, an outdoor shower makes the perfect accessory for rinsing off your pets or kids before they run inside the RV. 

Another benefit of an outdoor shower is showering in nature. Not everyone will want to use the outdoor shower for a literal shower, but it can be a great option. These accessories are also a lifesaver when your camper doesn’t have a shower on the inside. 

Additionally, you could use your outdoor shower to rinse off your rig or dishes and cookware while camping. Leave the mess outside instead of in your clean kitchen. 

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rv outdoor shower head and controls
Keep mud out of your RV with an outdoor shower.

Cons of RV Outdoor Showers 

If you don’t think you’ll use your outdoor shower, it might not be worth it. For many, this might be the biggest downside to an outdoor shower; if you don’t have a use for one, it’s just wasted space and another part to worry about. 

It’s also another accessory that needs winterizing. Pipes on the outside of your RV leading to your outdoor shower will certainly freeze in subzero temperatures, so you’ll need to think ahead. 

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If you don’t already have an RV outdoor shower, it can be expensive to install one. Depending on your RV, the components you already have, and the type of shower you buy, it can cost anywhere from $200 to several thousand. 

Those who choose to use their outdoor shower for showering might also run into the problem of privacy. Unless you’re camping in the middle of nowhere or you’re wearing a bathing suit, you’ll be rather exposed. Even if you don’t care about exposure, most campgrounds do have rules about nudity, and it’s against the law in some places. 

Luckily there are outdoor shower enclosures that can help with this. Let’s look at some now. 

Woman showering outside.
Keep in mind, outdoor showers come with little privacy.

Use an RV Outdoor Shower Enclosure for a Private Outdoors Shower Experience

An RV outdoor shower enclosure is a closed space for washing up outside without exposing yourself to the world. They vary in size and style. Some even have a separate “dry room” for getting dressed after your shower. 

Outdoor shower enclosures can be DIY, but the best and most convenient is a pop-up shower tent. We’ll look at a few options for your shower enclosure in the next section. 

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5 Great RV Outdoor Shower Enclosure Ideas

When you look up RV outdoor shower enclosures, you might be overwhelmed with choices. Here are our top recommendations to help you out. 

Please note that most of these options depend on using your RV’s outdoor shower, meaning your exterior hose with a showerhead. You can set up your enclosure next to the hose and snake it through a hole in the top or side. 

Portable outdoor shower set up.
Give yourself some privacy when showering outdoors with an RV outdoor shower enclosure.

1. DIY Rod and Shower Curtain

First, you can always DIY an RV outdoor shower enclosure. All you need to do is a rod to hang a shower curtain from, and you’re golden! You could use a curtain on a circular rod and hang it from a tree. Or prop two rods and curtains between a large tree and your camper for an enclosed space.

But it’s not always a practical idea to DIY, so let’s look at some more straightforward options. 

2. Vidalio Outdoor Shower Enclosure

The Vidalio Outdoor Shower Enclosure is a handy pop-up tent that you can use for your outdoor shower. It has plenty of room for standing up, showering, and getting dressed. Plus, it easily folds down for storage. 

This kit includes a water bladder with a hose that suspends above you. The best way to heat the water is to lay it out in the sun and let solar power do its work. But you can also heat it on the fire or a propane burner or use your RV water heater. It’s a good option if you don’t want to use your water heater or don’t have shower fittings on your rig’s exterior. 

Outdoor Shower Tent Changing Room Privacy Portable...
  • If you are worry about there are no toilet, changing room,...
  • Durable Material:It has a mesh window on the one side of tent...
  • Easy to use Outdoor privacy tent, camp toilet, camp shower and...

3. Wolf Wise Pop-Up Shower Tent

The WolfWise pop-up shower tent has over 3,900 five-star reviews on Amazon for a reason. This RV outdoor shower enclosure is simple to use, comes in many colors, and is easy on the wallet, too. 

As the name implies, it pops up from its flat storage position and has plenty of space for getting clean or getting dressed. Folding it back down for storage is easy, and it can fit seamlessly among your camping gear.  

WolfWise Portable Pop Up Privacy Shower Tent...
  • Spacious Space: The tent is 47.2" L x 47.2" W x 74.8" H providing...
  • UPF 30+ & Good Ventilation: The polyester fibric with taped seams...
  • Multi-function: The shower tent offers a private space for using...
Wife+Wine Review: Wolfwise Pop-Up Tent, first setup and folding it back up.

4. KingCamp Pop-Up Tent with Changing Room

This KingCamp pop-up tent solves your privacy problem! After showering, you can simply walk into the dry changing room next door to dry off and get dressed. If you just want a little more space, you could remove the center divider for a double-wide shower. 

It comes with a hanging shower bag holding up to 4 gallons of water. It has a handy hose with a shower nozzle. The bag is solar-friendly, so the sun will naturally heat the water for you if you lay it out for a few hours. There are hooks for you to hang the shower bag and the shower hose for easier access. 

KingCamp Oversized Camping Shower Tent, Portable...
  • 【LARGE SPACE】2 rooms, the shower tent size (83''× 42''×...
  • 【EASY SET UP】Easy assembly with pole clips that quickly snap...
  • 【USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN】The bottom of the shower tent floor is...

5. Folding Bamboo Privacy Screen with Shelves

If you don’t want a tent enclosure and have the space to carry a folding privacy screen with you, this bamboo one is a great choice. It has shelves for holding all your shower necessities, and you can use it for a more nature-focused outdoor showering experience. 

It’s more challenging to get complete privacy with a screen. You’ll have to prop it up against your RV, and there might be gaps, or the wind could knock it over. Keep that in mind before making your purchase. 

RHF 6 ft Tall (Extra Wide) Beige Woven Bamboo Room...
  • More privacy: extra large, 6 ft tall by 19.5" wide panel
  • More decorative: Boasts 4 panels with 6 shelves for displaying...
  • Professional Hand made: all the product and hand made by...

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Is an Outdoor RV Shower a Necessity for You? 

Are you the type of person who would benefit from this RV amenity? Even if you don’t think you absolutely need one, you’d be surprised at how many uses you can find for it.

Most new RVs these days come with outdoor showers, so finding a rig with one isn’t difficult. We highly suggest grabbing an outdoor shower enclosure and experiencing showers in nature. 

What do you think about an outdoor RV shower? Do you have an enclosure you love? Drop a comment below!

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