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Can RV Parks Kick You Out for No Reason?

Whether it’s the friendly neighbors, swimming in the pool, or the many activities the park offers, RV parks can be enjoyable places to stay. With all these amenities and luxuries, it’s easy to feel at home. However, don’t make the mistake of getting so comfortable that you forget you’re only a guest. So can an RV park serve you an eviction for no reason?

Today, we’ll examine how you can avoid eviction from an RV park during your next stay. Let’s get started!

Why Campgrounds Will KICK YOU OUT! Is It Snobby Or Safety?

Are RV Parks Private Property?

Like most businesses, RV parks are private property. They exist to make money. It is their right as a business to not only set rules and regulations for their establishment but also to enforce them. 

When you check into an RV park or make a reservation, you agree to the park’s rules and regulations. Before making a reservation, you must familiarize yourself with the rules to avoid violating any policies. It’s better to catch these rules in advance than to discover them once you’re already at your campsite.

RV park rules and regulations sign
Always read through all of the campground rules before you start your stay.

Can RV Parks Kick You Out for No Reason?

There are many reasons an RV park would kick someone out, but they must typically have a justification. However, if you’ve signed a lease with the RV park for a long-term spot, the park must go through a formal eviction process. The local court system handles this process, where they must show reasonable proof to approve the eviction. Having a lease can help you as a tenant during the legal process.

The RV park and its guests are usually more of a hotel-to-guest type relationship for short-term stays. The RV park has more authority and can serve evictions on a case-by-case basis.

In general, if you follow the rules and policies of the park, you will not have any issues. However, some power-hungry RV park owners look for any opportunity to throw their authority around and evict someone from their park. Don’t believe us? Keep reading!

Pro Tip: Make sure you know these 7 RV Park Rules You Should Never Break before you set up camp at your campground.

RVs parked in campground
Avoid being evicted from an RV park by following all the rules and respecting the other campers around you.

Reasons We’ve Heard RVers Getting Evicted From RV Parks

Most RVers don’t expect ever to face eviction from an RV park. However, nobody is perfect, and sometimes people have bad days. Here are some reasons we’ve heard of RVers getting evicted from RV parks.

Receiving a Package

Receiving a package at a campground resulted in an RV park eviction for Jason and Abby from RV Miles in Colorado. The park had a rule for long-term guests that they were not to have packages sent to the park. If they needed to receive a package, they had to make other arrangements. However, Jason and Abby were not long-term guests, so they did not read this rules section.

Jason received a package at the campground, but the park’s office rejected it. The delivery driver noticed his phone number was on the box and thought he would want to come off the property to accept the package.

Despite going off the property, the campground sent them an email stating they canceled the reservation and that Jason and Abby would need to vacate the property the following morning. After confronting them, the campground decided to expedite the eviction and kicked them out immediately. They even called the local sheriff’s department.

As silly as it sounds, receiving a package can lead to eviction at an RV park. Ensure you read every rule before making a reservation. It also helps to read the reviews for a campground.

According to Jason and Abby, this park’s management at the time had a history of reckless behavior and treating guests rudely. When they called a local campground to make a reservation, the campground said they weren’t the first guests to call them after getting evicted from that particular location.

Kicked Out of Montrose San-Juan RV Resort for Receiving a Package! | RV Miles

Losing Temper Over Laundry Code

If you have a problem with losing your temper, you must be mindful that it could lead to an eviction from an RV park. Kim from the YouTube channel RoamtownGirl faced eviction from an RV park for losing her temper over the campground’s laundry code. She shares how she didn’t handle the situation appropriately, and she paid the price.

An RV park can evict you if you’re creating any disturbance affecting other guests. Banging on locked doors, behaving aggressively with laundry machines, and talking harshly to other guests are all behaviors that campground management won’t appreciate.

If you behave this way, don’t be surprised if you face eviction from the RV Park.

KICKED OUT of RV Park / COPS CALLED / Laundromat DRAMA /Nomad Behaving Badly

Having Kids in the RV Park

While there are many reasons, you might expect an RV park to kick you out, having kids isn’t likely one you’d expect. However, for Ben and Charity of Grateful Glamper, that’s precisely why management told them they couldn’t stay at a local KOA using the monthly rate for long-term stays. The ownership at this particular KOA didn’t like families with kids RVing full-time. 

The couple was planning to stay for a month while looking for property, but after the interaction decided to only visit for a couple of weeks. After looking at the campground’s reviews, they saw they were not the first to experience frustrations with this particular park being less than family-friendly. 

Don’t get caught off guard by a cranky campground manager. Some people like to use their business to cast their beliefs onto others. If you are in these situations, save yourself the trouble, request a refund, and move on. Even if they’re unwilling to refund your money, it’s not worth the stress of dealing with a difficult person in a position of authority.

KICKED OUT OF OUR CAMPGROUND! And You Won't Believe Why | RV Living

Parking in a No Parking Zone

Robin, from Creativity RV, headed out to Red Rock Conservation Area outside Las Vegas, Nevada. However, things didn’t go to plan, and it was not a smooth experience. Robin received the dreaded knock on her RV door for parking in the wrong spot and needed to find a new place to camp for the night. Her experience is an example of what happens when you park in a no-parking zone.

While Robin wasn’t in an RV park, there are no parking zones at RV parks. Parking in a no-parking zone, even for a minute or two, can be enough to set off a cranky RV park owner. They might even want to ruin your day by serving you an eviction from their RV park. So ensure you only park in areas that allow parking and stay off the grass. 

Pro Tip: How many of these 5 Weirdest Rules You’ll Find in RV Parks do you know?

Kicked out of my camping spot, three officers at the door and a new free spot!

How to Avoid Getting Kicked Out Of An RV Park

Because an RV park is a private property, there’s no 100% guarantee that you’ll always avoid an eviction. However, there are a few things that you can do to reduce the odds.

Read and Follow the RV Park’s Rules

It’s best to read the RV park’s rules before making a reservation. Most RV parks will post any unique regulations on their website. However, you might not receive the full scope of the policies until you check-in.

Just knowing the rules isn’t enough; you must follow them. No matter how silly some regulations may be, you agreed to follow them when you checked in to your campsite.

Some RV park owners or managers may get a thrill out of catching violators breaking the rules and delivering an eviction. If you think you’ll have a problem following all the rules, it might be best to cancel your reservation and find a new place to stay.

RV parked at busy campsite
Keep to yourself to not draw in any unwanted attention that may cause you to get kicked out of your RV campsite.

Keep to Yourself

One of the best ways to avoid getting an eviction from an RV park is to keep to yourself. This is effective for various reasons, as it avoids attracting attention. If you keep to yourself, there’s a good chance you’ll fly under the radar, especially if you’re only staying for a short period.

Avoid Drama

Similar to keeping to yourself, you must avoid drama. Dramatic situations can quickly escalate, and people can act unpredictably. You don’t want to get sucked into a potentially toxic confrontation that could have an unpredictable result. Being involved in a dramatic situation could be enough for the RV park management to give you an eviction notice.

If you see a dramatic situation unfolding, avoid the temptation to join in. Contact the park’s management and report the issue to them. Let them handle the problem, so you don’t get in the middle of a chaotic mess.

UNWRITTEN RULES of RV PARKS - Campground Etiquette - RV Life

Avoid an Eviction From an RV Park

Simply following the rules and being respectful to those around you will significantly improve your chances of avoiding eviction from an RV park. However, no matter how much of a rule-follower you are, some RV park managers can be highly challenging people. Some abuse their authority and enjoy being in control a little too much. 

If you’re considering staying at an RV park with a long list of rules, it may be best to find another place. It’s typically not worth the hassle of trying to avoid upsetting the staff at the park.

Have you ever been to an RV park with too many rules? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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judy cree

Monday 9th of October 2023

latest thing for being evicted from RV parks is this older than 10 yrs RVs. no mention in current rules and regs that i have seen. hearing this from lots of people who have perfectly good RVs that look fine and are kept clean are being ousted because their RVs are older than 10yrs. this is getting out of hand. what can we do?


Monday 9th of October 2023

So I fall under the Mckinny vento law and live in my camper at a year round camp ground and I have been here for a few months for work and they are now telling me I can’t be here cause of my kids is that legal ?


Saturday 17th of June 2023

I have been living in Holiday Village RV/ MHP in Sacramento since July 2022. By October, I realized there was a definite stray cat and loose dog problem(all over my lawn) so I got permission in the most casual way to put up a garden Stake and privacy screen fence. By The end of January 2023 I had to finally come to terms with the fact that this fence was overtaken by the surrounding creatures and I needed another way to deal with it. I emailed the manager to tell her my woes and "she" suggested that I hire a proper contracter to build a fence. So I did my homework for the next couple of months and got information on all of the allowed materials and had plenty of conversation by email and phone calls with the manager assuring me that the light was green for a build and the manager even came over to spray paint the allowed lines for the fence. So by March 3 2023 on a Friday the fence was being built all throughout the weekend. By monday noon, the manager came pounding on my door yelling and cussing and pointing at me saying " you did not have permission to build this no one gave you permission to build this". I was too shocked and confused for words and I was also intimidated and afraid because she is a much larger woman than I am and she was on full bully mode and she would not let me get a single word in edgewise! This was a different interaction between her and I we usually were very amicable with each other even through emails. I tried to email her after she left me with my jaw to the floor but she would not respond to me at all she would not have a conversation with me period. Long story short within 5 to 7 days of this situation I received a 30 day eviction notice on my door on March 20 2023. I was lucky to have found this place last year that fit my budget because other Park prices are so high in my area so this time around it's even more difficult because the prices are even higher and a lot of the parks are pretty full already so I have not been able to find the next place to go to SO, they then gave me an unlawful detainer and the case is set for July 5th 2023. I was also given a piece of paper that said they did not have to tell me why I was being evicted, but everybody here knows and I let the judge know that in my answer to the unlawful detainer. This entire experience is very new for me this is my first time being in an RV park and in an RV trailer and I Now understand from this experience and most definitely from your website and the articles from people writing in, how these places hire people that do like to use use and abuse their authority in the most emotionally unhealthy way to hurt or frighten other people and in some cases damage their property and take their money and property too.

I really hope that the law will recognize this problem soon and catch these legalized thugs and bullies and put an end too this incredibly unprofessional horrible practice from these unfit individuals. People with this demeanor should be working in an assembly line and not for the people or with people. Hoping for the best.


Friday 26th of May 2023

, can a RV park MANGER cuss at you and tell you to shut the fuck up? Just because of a dog barking?and then turn around and tell you that you got to leave Just Because you was asking her not to cuss at you. N that you was not dis respecting her but the RV park manager was being dis respecting you n yelling at you what would y'all do ..... This is in Gaffney sc


Thursday 11th of May 2023

I was hired recently by a campground in ingleside Ontario particularly Lakeview campground where I'm also a seasonal camper and have been for the last 3 years camping there recently they asked me to paint the washroom and fix all the damaged spots in the washroom building men's and women's washroom as a contractor and a camper I have never seen any washrooms so dilapidated which was a lot of work feeling the holes with drywall mud waiting for them to dry reapply and mud waiting for them to dry when you're simultaneously doing two washrooms it's a lot of work when you're working by yourself I was putting in my 40 hours a week when the manager text me at 10:00 p.m. and told me things weren't working out and she wasn't happy with my work which is okay the very next day I received another text message from the manager saying that she will not pay me for the hours that I work and that's fine my exact words to her in another text message was and I quote you might want to reconsider that he immediately texted me back saying is that a threat you're threatening me you're out take your stuff and get out your trailer everything everything you want get it out this was the reason why she kicked me out because she refused to pay me in her text messages with hours that I worked which I know is against the law is why I said to her you might want to reconsider that and that is exactly why they kick me out I have all the text messages to prove it what she said to me and my responses

Don Blevins

Sunday 10th of September 2023

@Wolfgang, Take that non pay issue up with that states Wage and hour division under that states Labor department. Illegal action can and will net that manager a lawsuit.