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RV Personality Quiz

Do you know your RV personality type? We all have different travel styles and RV preferences. It’s what makes the RV community so awesome—there’s something for everyone! Take our quiz below to discover your unique RV personality style and find out which RV type is best for you!

RV Personality Types Quiz
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What time of year are you most likely to spend time RVing?
What is your ideal RV size?
How do you like to spend your time while RVing?
Where do you prefer to RV camp?
What’s your packing style?
Which adventure sounds most fun to you?
Choose one of the following:
Choose one of the following:
Choose one of the following:
What is your favorite cooking tool for camping?
Which best describes you?
If I could only choose one RV upgrade, it would be…
What RV accessory would you never travel without?
How would you describe your ideal RV?

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Wonder what our other readers scored? Here is a live graph of the results!