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RV Porch: Take Your RV Patio to the Next Level

Are you tired of choosing between being stuck inside your RV or dealing with mud, sand, and other hazards of the outdoors? Well, the RV porch can make a helpful addition to your rig to dramatically upgrade your lifestyle. After many years on the road and lots of RV porch improvements, we have lots to share with you.

But what exactly are these structures, and how can you use one to improve your outdoor space? Read on as we explore the details. 

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What Is an RV Porch?

An RV porch is a structure set up outside your recreational vehicle on a permanent or temporary basis to provide a more sophisticated outdoor experience. These are usually installed on long-term lease RV sites or on private property where an RV is parked. As full-time RVers we own two properties with RV porches that we can pull right up too. While we don’t have a house, the porch makes the long-term RV lifestyle that much more comfortable.

For some, an RV porch is as simple as a wooden platform. Others pour concrete or install pavers for a porch. Many times a porch is a raised platform that matches the height of the RV door so that its easier to get in and out of the RV.

For others, it may be a covered, screened-in area that can function as an extra room. This broad category leaves a lot of space for customizing to your personal needs and putting your personality into the design.

Cement RV Porch
This is our RV Porch on our Florida spot. We poured a raised concrete slab and painted it. The porch stays clean and dryer when it rains

Are RV Porches Expensive? 

As you might have figured out from the generally loose definition, an RV porch can be pretty pricey, or it could also be a relative bargain. 

Those who construct their own RV porches out of raw materials will likely have the lowest costs. However, they must also dedicate the most time and have the necessary skills for the project. 

Complete porch kits designed for easy assembly come at a higher cost, and hiring someone to put one together for you will also require some extra cash. More involved RV porches, like screened-in ones with lights or other features, will also call for a bigger investment. 

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Man building RV porch
For the handy DIYer, building your RV porch is a relatively affordable way to get your dream RV porch.

4 Benefits of Having an RV Porch 

As you can tell, there are some major advantages to having an RV porch for your rig. Some may be obvious, but others may take years to reveal themselves fully. 

A Higher Resale Price for Your RV or Lot

While you may not want to sell it now, a higher resale price is an underrated advantage of an RV porch. 

Adding living space and a valuable piece of equipment will likely boost how much you can get when selling or upgrading. In this sense, the actual cost is far lower than the initial amount. 

Keep Your RV Much Cleaner 

We all love those warm spring and summer nights, but when it rains, dirt, mud, and sand can easily get tracked into the RV. While having a mat or rug outside your door can help, nothing is as good as having a clean place to step on before coming in. Be it wood, concrete or brick anything is much better than dirt.

Woman playing guitar while sitting on RV porch
Extend your living space by building your own RV porch.

More Usable Space 

RVs don’t have much space. Think about how much roomier things may feel with what’s essentially an extra room. 

You’ll no longer need to feel on top of your family. And they can even use the newly-claimed space for additional pursuits like work, hobbies, or cooking. 

They’re Great for Sightseeing 

Sure, you can sit outside your RV on your own. But RV porches provide a much more comfortable way to take in the gorgeous natural scenery of your current location. 

A better outdoor area can encourage people to spend more time outside enjoying the scenery. And some can keep you off the dirty ground.

RV porch with handicap access ramp
An RV Porch can also include a ramp for handicap access or just better rolling access

There are a few specific types of RV porches that you’ll see more often for reasons ranging from cost to versatility to portability. Some may be as simple as 2-by-6 boards joined together, set on concrete blocks. 

These may run the length of the rig or just occupy a small area around the door. Additionally, the design can use standard wood pallets to save material costs and assembly time. 

Other more involved designs may use pre-assembled sections that you can rearrange as your space and needs require. Some may even use interlocking rubber tiles that are relatively lightweight and portable. 

For those with a more permanent setup, you can build a more substantial porch like a deck of a traditional home. These can include pergolas, roofs for shade, or screens to keep out bugs. Some may even feature electrical outlets or outdoor kitchens. 

As you can see, you can find an RV porch style for just about everyone’s needs.

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Mom and son sitting together laughing on RV porch
Invest in a portable RV porch option to bring your patio along on all of your adventures.

Are RV Porches Portable?

Portability will depend on the style of RV porch you choose to build or buy. Some stay in place permanently, while others can pick up and move with you. Permanently installed RV porches are typically more substantial, made of wood or other materials anchored to the ground or a foundation. 

However, you can construct other styles out of modular parts that easily assemble and disassemble. These RV porches can generally go anywhere your rig can, provided you have the space and weight allowance.

Still yet there are some small RV porches that are portable that can help you access your RV. One such product is called the Port-A-Deck

We Built a Porch for Our RV for Stationary Rv Living

Upgrade Your RV With the Right RV Patio 

Have you ached for more space to enjoy the outdoors without being exposed to bugs, sun, and rain? Well, an RV porch may make the perfect upgrade for your rig. 

You may travel frequently or have a more permanent setup. However, with so many different styles, you can get one that meets your needs.

No matter which you choose, you may end up the envy of other RVers nearby. They may even stop by more frequently.

Will an RV porch be your next upgrade? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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