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RV Port Home: The Perfect House for RVers

If you’ve ever lamented the inability to store your RV at your home safely, complained about the high costs of storage or pined for a smaller space to maintain while you spend much of your time on the road, an RV port home can offer the best of all worlds. This unique but valuable residence style might be just what you seek. Let’s take a closer look at everything they have to offer.

What Is an RV Port Home?

An RV port home is a residence that includes a large RV port (think a carport, but bigger) built directly into the home’s design. These homes are often smaller in size, reflecting the lower space needs of those who spend extensive time RVing. They can help function as a “home base” for those committed to the RV lifestyle but who also want a sticks-and-bricks home to call their own.  

Tour an RV Port-Home at Reunion Pointe

What do RV Port Homes Look Like?

These RV centric homes can vary in shapes and sizes from full size homes to RV Ports with a small living space attached. Some have fully enclosed storage while others just include a roof for the RV. Many of these homes are designed so that the RV can still be utilized when it is parked. This basically adds a bedroom or spare space to the home.

Check out some of these neat RV Port home designs:

Benefits of an RV Port Home

Living in a home specifically designed to accommodate your motorhome or RV trailer can have significant benefits compared to a traditional home. 

Protect Your RV from the Elements

Storing your RV on your driveway or another uncovered location on your property can come with some significant risks. Exposure to the elements can do severe damage to an RV that you may overlook if you’re not using it for an extended period. 

With an RV port built explicitly into your home, you’ll worry less about the impact of rain, snow, cold, sun, and wind on your precious RV. This can significantly extend the life of your RV and save you money on maintaining or replacing your RV roof, tires, mechanical systems, and more. 


Never Have to Pay a Storage Lot Again

RV storage can get expensive. Simple covered outdoor storage starts at $50 a month, while climate-controlled indoor storage can stretch to $400 a month or more! 

In the past, you may have had no choice but to pay for these places to store your RV. After all, many people simply don’t have the space to store their rig at home, or their local laws or HOA don’t allow it. With an RV port home, you can keep that money in your pocket. 

Ability to Keep Your RV Pest Free

You enjoy hanging out in your RV. Let’s face it–pests do too. If you’re a bug, rodent, bird, or other wild critter, an unused RV offers a nice place to get out of the elements. Storing your RV outdoors is an open invitation for them to set up shop, meaning a nasty surprise for you when you head out for your next trip. 


An RV port offers a secure, indoor space to keep these pests at bay.

Climate Control 

Just like people, RVs generally don’t love extreme temperatures. Very hot or cold temperatures can damage your water or electrical systems and cause mold or any number of costly and time-consuming problems. 

Unfortunately, keeping your rig at the proper temperature often involves forking over serious cash for climate-controlled storage. Not if you have an RV port home, though. You’re in control of the heating and cooling for your rig, and you can keep an eye on things whenever you choose rather than hoping your storage facility does its job. This peace of mind is a significant benefit of one of these homes.

RV Port Home Communities

RV port home communities can be excellent for your social life. After all, you now have permanent neighbors with whom you have at least one considerable interest in common – RVing!

Florida RV Community | Lake Ashton

Chances are you’ll also have plenty of other things to bond over, like sharing travel stories and taking day trips from your community. This can be an excellent bonus, especially for nearly full-time RVers who may miss a more traditional social scene during their time hopping from park to park. 

Communities designed with RVs in mind are often easier to navigate with your rig as well. Developers know many residents will be driving down community roads in vehicles 25-foot or longer, so the streets are often wider with heavier weight limits. 

Plus, like many planned communities, you might also benefit from perks or amenities like pools, sports fields or courts, or other social spaces or events. All in all, these developments feature benefits similar to an RV park with traditional home comforts. 


Where to Find RV Port Homes for Sale

Unfortunately, these types of homes aren’t the easiest to find. They’re not particularly well-known, and even dedicated RVers may not think they’re the right choice. However, there are several communities that either include RV port homes or are dedicated to them entirely. 

Some places include Reunion Pointe in Foley, Alabama, Retama Village at Bentsen Palm in Mission, Texas, or The Gardens in Crossville, Tennessee. They’re also sometimes found in 55+ communities, like Willow Lakes RV Park and Golf Resort in Titusville, Florida. 

Escapees RV Club is well known for its RV-friendly communities and campgrounds and offers a few locations with many RV Port Homes.

Rainbow Plantation Alabama
Escapees Rainbow Plantation Alabama

If you can’t find a home in an area or style you like, you might be able to build an RV port home. This is a more involved process, and it’s also subject to local laws or building regulations. 

Are RV Port Homes Worth It? 

Whether an RV port home is worth it to you depends largely on your lifestyle. If you have a large family or spend most of your time at home and not on the road, these smaller homes may not fit. 

Also, RV port homes aren’t prevalent at the moment, which limits your options for finding one of these homes. It’s also challenging to find areas that allow this kind of construction. 

Still, they’re an excellent choice for the committed RVer who wants a house to call their own while avoiding the hassle and risk of storing their rig outdoors or off-site. The security and protection can be worth it for some, both financially and otherwise. 

When it comes down to it, RV homes may not be for everyone. But if you’ve ever worried about your RV’s safety or cursed the high costs of storage or weather-related repairs, they may be a good choice for you. 

Fifth wheel covered storage home

Consider your lifestyle, travel plans, and space needs before moving forward. But before you know it, you and your rig could be settled in and saying, “there’s no place like an RV port home!”

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Mrs. Frankenheimer

Saturday 18th of December 2021

We live in an RV port home near Orlando. We stumbled upon our neighborhood quite by accident when full-time RVers. As soon as we saw them I immediately thought , “I think we need that!” A week later we were under contract for our 4 bedroom 2 1/2 bathroom 2800 sq. ft. house, with RV port and 2-car garage! The RV port is has full hookups, a 15 foot ceiling and can accommodate any size RV. We love it! No worries about our motorhome since it’s directly outside our side door. Bonus: our living room/dining room is 40+ feet long with a stunning 20 foot high ceiling! Full sized home with a large enclosed lanai overlooking a large pond. Friendly neighbors in our approx. 100 house community with various sizes and floor plans. Community pool and clubhouse is a plus. Highly recommended!

Bree Collier

Sunday 19th of June 2022

Hello Mrs. Frankenheimer. I currently live in the Villages in central Florida. My RV is small but since I am a single senior woman I don't need much. I have stored my 25' Winnebago View with Secure Covered RV Storage in Wildwood, Fl. for several years. Recently there has been a dispute regarding the break-in and use of my RV without my knowledge or consent from the storage property grounds. This has been quite frustrating as the management does not keep photo records more than 30 days. Without photo records there is not much the authorities can do to prove who, besides myself, took RV off storage property for almost 2 months. I am now searching for secure storage facilities offering better surveillance facilities or a home where I can store my RV on my home property. So, having shared my story, I would appreciate you sending more info about your RV community and why you like it. I appreciate your time. Bree Collier

Taylor Hicken

Wednesday 26th of May 2021

You made a good point when you shared that it is great to have a port to keep your RV since exposure to the elements can do severe damage to your motorhome. My uncle just mentioned the other day that he just bought a used RV from a friend as he plans to take his family on road trips during the school holidays. I will suggest to him looking for a reliable service that can transport the RV to his home safely.

Arthur Sloate

Monday 24th of May 2021

Have you researched the building permit issues with building an RV port home? At what point does it shift from a storage facility to a dwelling?