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7 Best RV Propane Tank Covers

Propane tanks are an indispensable part of RV life. Yet, without proper care, they’re easily damaged and become a potential fire hazard. An RV propane tank cover serves as a shield, protecting your propane tank from anything the road or Mother Nature throws at it. 

For the best protection, you want the best cover. Let’s explore your options.

black heavy-duty RV cover on travel trailer
Even RVers who remain stationary for long periods should use covers to protect their LP tanks from the elements.

What Is an RV Propane Tank Cover?

Your RV propane tank (LP tank) performs an essential function while camping. It provides the gas needed to run appliances like your furnace, fridge, and stove. Because your LP tank likely sits on the tongue of your RV trailer, it’s exposed to all kinds of road and weather conditions. 

An RV propane tank cover extends the life of your tank by wrapping it in protective material, preventing damage to the tank’s exterior.

Check out our other tips for keeping your propane tanks in good working condition: The Complete RV Propane Tank Guide

Why Do You Need an RV Propane Tank Cover?

Sun, rain, snow, and road debris cause an uncovered propane tank to wear. Your tanks can even start to rust when exposed to moisture. An RV propane tank cover provides a protective barrier between your tank and these elements.

rusted LP tanks
Uncovered propane tanks are subject to wear and tear from weather and road debris.

Because RV propane tanks contain flammable gas, you must keep them in good condition with a high-quality cover. A damaged LP tank can leak gas, which could cause a fire or explosion. If your tank is damaged or corroded, don’t throw it in a trash bin. It’s best to dispose of your propane tank at your local hazardous waste collection site. 

What Can You Cover Your RV Propane Tank With?

You want to cover your LP tank with durable, weatherproof material. Most quality covers are either soft vinyl or rigid polypropylene. 

Consider your travel style when choosing a cover among the many types, materials, and styles. Those who RV full-time may benefit from a hard shell, while weekend warriors or summer campers who store their RVs in the winter might prefer a soft shell.

white hard shell propane tank cover on pop-up camper
The more frequently you use your RV the more necessary it is to invest in a quality propane tank cover.

Pro Tip: If you store your camper during the winter, consider investing in an RV cover and tire covers as well.

Key Features of RV Propane Tank Covers

The best propane tank covers are well-ventilated, made from durable materials, and can be fastened down for safety. Let’s take a closer look at these features.


RV propane tank covers should always be well-ventilated. If your propane tank leaks, you don’t want the flammable gas to build up under the surface. Look for breathable materials or covers with vents for airflow.


Your LP tank comes in contact with a lot of debris–think flying rocks, dirt, bits of wood, plastic, glass, and even hail during a storm. When you’re driving 55 mph down a highway, a flying rock could easily rip a hole in cheap material. The durability of your tank cover should always match its intended use.

RV Dual propane tank cover install and review Camco 40523


Whether you’re hauling down the interstate or camping in a windy area, you want to know that your cover won’t fly off. When choosing a cover, make sure it fits snuggly and can be secured.

Soft shells will have elastic bands that wrap around the bottom of the propane tank, so they’ll stay put. Hard shells will include hardware for bolting the unit to the trailer tongue.

7 Best RV Propane Tank Covers

Now that you understand the importance of covering your propane tank, it’s time to choose the best cover for your situation. Below you’ll find a variety of hard and soft-shell options for single and double tanks.

1. Weber 7137 Tank Cover

About: Weber is a leader in the BBQ grill industry, but did you know they also make RV propane tank covers? The Weber 7137 has a breathable fabric that’s both weather and UV resistant.

This tank cover will fit any standard 20 lb propane tank, and it has a drawstring to keep it secured. The best part: You get Weber quality at an incredibly reasonable price of about $12.

Weber Tank Cover, 20 Lb, Multicolor
  • UV inhibitors in fabric resists fading
  • Breathable, weather resistant fabric
  • Protects cylinder from the elements

2. Camco 40559 Polar White Heavy Duty Dual Propane Tank Cover

About: Camco’s RV propane tank cover can protect two 20 lb or 30 lb cylinders. Made of heavy-duty polypropylene, it can withstand flying road debris and severe weather.

The Camco 40559 has a molded fit, keeping it in place while you’re driving. And with a lid, you can easily access the valves whenever you need.

Camco Dual RV Propane Tank Cover | Fits 20lb or 30...
  • Protects Your RV's Propane Tank: Protects your propane gas tank...
  • Compatibility: Fits 20 lb. or 30 lb. steel double tanks
  • Provides Easy Access: Cover provides easy access to gas valves...

3. ADCO 2111 White RV Propane Tank Cover

About: The ADCO 2111 fits one 20 lb propane tank. However, the company also offers a double cover, the ADCO 2112, if you have two tanks.

This cover protects your propane tank from UV rays and harsh weather with its heavy-duty waterproof vinyl construction. An elastic cord secures it in place for a tailored fit. Plus, ADCO has a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

ADCO 2111 White RV Propane Tank Cover, Single 20
  • ADCO Propane Tank Cover; Fits Single 20 lb. ( 5 Gallon Tank )
  • Protect propane bottles while in storage with this deluxe...
  • Velcro closure at top, elasticized bottom for a neat tailored fit

4. Classic Accessories Over Drive Double RV Tank Cover

About: The Classic Accessories Over Drive cover comes in gray vinyl that’s UV and water-resistant. It fits double 20 lb propane tanks and has a zip-open front for easy access to them. This cover is for RV storage only, so you shouldn’t use it while towing.

Classic Accessories Over Drive RV Tank Cover,...
  • Fits double 20/5 gallon tanks (Model 2)
  • Three-year limited warranty
  • Water-resistant vinyl fabrics and a soft, non-scratch backing...

5. Camco 40578 Black Heavy Duty Single Propane Tank Cover

About: The Camco 40578 black RV propane tank cover fits one 20 lb tank. Like other heavy-duty Camco covers, it’s durable polypropylene.

Whether you’re worried about sun rays or road debris, your propane tank will be safe under this custom-molded unit. It also has a removable top for valve access.

Camco Single RV Propane Tank Cover | Features a...
  • Protects Your RV's Propane Tank: Protects your propane gas tank...
  • Compatibility: Fits 20 lb. steel single tanks; Dimensions: 19...
  • Provides Easy Access: Cover provides easy access to gas valves...
TAXA Cricket
Your RV may have come with a propane cover from the dealer, but they’re also a relatively inexpensive aftermarket add-on if yours didn’t.

6. Classic Accessories Veranda Water-Resistant Propane Tank Cover

About: The Classic Accessories Veranda is the most classy-looking RV propane tank cover on our list. It comes in a two-toned tan and brown color and fits standard 20 lb tanks.

This model is made of water-resistant polyester and has air vents to prevent problems from condensation and wind. While the Veranda does have an elastic hem cord to secure it, you’ll only want to use this cover when your RV is parked. 

Classic Accessories Veranda Water-Resistant 7 Inch...
  • Fits 20lb. propane tanks 7”DIA (Top) x 13”DIA (Bottom) x...
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Gardelle Fabric System features an elegant fabric top with a...

7. BroilPro Accessories Propane Tank Cover

About: The BroilPro Accessories propane tank cover fits one 20 lb tank and comes in two colors/patterns: black and a green, camo-like leaf pattern. This heavy-duty vinyl cover has a polyester lining for extra durability. Still, you’ll likely want to use it for RV storage only.

Additionally, a velcro flap at the top gives you access to the tank’s valve. BroilPro Accessories offers a 90-day money-back guarantee and a 24-month warranty on this product. 

BroilPro Accessories Propane Tank Cover Fits...
  • Material:Heavy Duty Vinyl With 300D Polyester lining.
  • Dimensions:Dia13"x17.5"H, Fits 20-Pound Steel Propane...
  • This propane tank cover is prevent your cover from experiencing...

Is Buying an RV Propane Tank Cover Worth It?

Ultimately, propane tank covers are an RV safety accessory. And when you consider that even the best RV propane tank covers cost around $40 or less, it’s hard to argue against their value. Could you get by without one? Sure you could, but is it worth the risk? 

Investing in a quality cover can prevent a dangerous situation, and for that reason, we say they’re worth it. 

RV propane tank
Don’t leave your RV propane tank exposed to the elements!

Propane leaks can be a silent killer. One spark and your RV could go up in flames. Here’s how you can Avoid Disaster With an RV Propane Detector.

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