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9 RV Remodeling Companies to Avoid the DIY Renovation Headache

9 RV Remodeling Companies to Avoid the DIY Renovation Headache

Embarking on an RV renovation project can be an exhilarating yet daunting endeavor. Like a traditional home remodel, transforming an RV into your dream rig involves a significant amount of effort and expertise. Between renovating our own RVs and watching our friends undertake this task, we know firsthand the renovation headache that can result. If you’re looking for a way to make your renovations easier, we found some of the best RV renovation companies that will do the job for you.

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RV Renovation Is Seriously Hard Work

We’ve done our fair share of RV renovations. From small projects to complete overhauls, we’ve learned a lot along the way. Just like a home remodel project, an RV renovation is a lot of work. It’s a task that demands creativity, a vision, significant dedication, and effort. Whether you’re revamping the interior for improved aesthetics and functionality or addressing structural issues, the process involves countless hours of planning, design decisions, and hands-on work. 

The confined spaces and unique challenges of an RV make this undertaking particularly challenging. It requires meticulous attention to detail. From dismantling and rebuilding to selecting materials and executing precise installations, don’t underestimate the hard work in an RV renovation. Taking on a renovation is no easy feat, whether you are doing it or hiring an RV renovation company to assist you. 

What Do RV Renovation Companies Do?

RV renovation companies specialize in transforming your rig into a personalized and functional haven on wheels. These experts handle various aspects of the renovation process, from designing the layout to selecting materials and executing labor-intensive tasks. Their services typically encompass design and planning. They work closely with clients to understand their vision and needs. Overall, RV renovation companies offer comprehensive solutions for turning your RV dreams into reality. They combine expertise, craftsmanship, and design to create a mobile living space with your preferences.

Renovating an RV, no matter how small, is a lot of work.

The Benefits of Using RV Renovation Companies 

Are you deciding whether you should DIY your RV remodel or hire an RV renovation company to help you? There are a few things that make a company worth the investment. To determine what is right for you, keep the following things in mind.

Quicker Turnaround Time

With work schedules, children that need your attention, and the learning curve that comes with the research and application of a DIY renovation, it can take a long time to make your rig liveable. RV renovation companies are well-versed in the intricacies of these projects. Their experience allows them to work efficiently, often resulting in a faster project completion time than DIY endeavors. 

More Knowledgeable

From determining the amount of battery and solar power you will need, wiring and insulating your rig, and much more, there are many things to learn when remodeling an RV. RV renovation professionals understand RV structures, materials, and design principles. Their expertise ensures your renovation is aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.

Less Headache

There will always be decisions to make when communicating with an RV renovation company. However, partnering with a company significantly reduces the labor-intensive aspects of the project. You can breathe easier knowing that the heavy lifting is in capable hands. 

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How to Find RV Renovation Companies Near You

There are many ways to find RV renovation companies near you. First, a quick Google search can help find out if there are any businesses nearby. However, if you are willing to travel for your RV renovation, explore websites and social media platforms for RV renovations. You might discover companies, reviews, and examples of their previous work.

Online RV forums and communities are where fellow enthusiasts share their renovation journeys and provide valuable recommendations. This is also another way to find recommendations.

Using an RV renovation company can help eliminate the headache of getting your rig exactly as you want it to be.

9 Best RV Renovation Companies You Should Know About

If you’re ready to get your rig renovated by professionals, look no further than the following list of ten RV renovation companies. Some primarily focus on RVs while others are van-life-friendly. However, all are reliable businesses we highly recommend. 

1. Rain2shine

Rain2shine is an RV renovation, interior design, custom home decor, and small space organization company that is highly praised in the RV industry. Alice Zealy owns and operates the company. She is a full-time RVer with many years of interior design experience.

Rain2shine knows that it is important to have an aesthetically appealing RV that’s functional and fits your needs. Whether you’re a solo traveler or a family taking on life on the road, Rain2shine can customize your RV or van. If you don’t want to do a complete remodel, you can book Rain2shine’s services for an interior design flip. They also offer repair services for wear and tear.

Partial camper and van conversions start at around $2,500. However, full camper remodels start at approximately $25K and full van conversions start at about $50K, not including materials. While the cost of services may be pricey, Rain2shine makes quality builds that will last you for years. They will also quickly get you on the road. On average, their camper renovations take 8-12 weeks to complete and van conversions take around 3+ months.

2. The Flippin Nomad

Cortni, a full-time RVer for the last seven years, created The Flippin Nomad. When she started RVing in her twenties, she couldn’t find a cute model that fit her style and needs. To fill that gap, she decided to DIY a renovation on a Keystone Montana fifth wheel which led to her discovering her passion for remodeling rigs. The company offers a stock of remodeled RVs, but clients can also bring their RVs for remodeling.

From flooring, painting, redesigning countertops, sinks, faucets, light fixtures, furniture, window treatments, and more, The Flippin Nomad offers many options. Pricing for partial renovations will vary by the workload. Full renovations are generally in the range of $50,000 and include labor and materials. Additionally, The Flippin Nomad offers courses for new RVers and people interested in renovations. They offer an RV renovation course for those considering doing it themselves.

3. Darlin’ Trailers

Darlin’ Trailers has a spousal team as owners, Ron and Shayna. This company specializes in travel trailer remodels. The company offers turn-key ready resale trailers and commissioned renovations. The remodeling process starts with a discovery call with the team. If you don’t already own a rig, Ron and Shayna will guide you through the process to make purchasing easy. 

For those who have already purchased their trailer, the discovery call is a starting point for determining requirements, wants, and aesthetic style for the trailer. Most renovations will start at $40,000. However, pricing will vary depending on the size of your trailer and the design finishes.

RV renovation companies can help with aesthetic upgrades or more technical repairs.

4. Elite R&R 

An epic RV renovation requires an elite team. Elite R&R offers high-quality RV renovations and repairs and remodels rigs with defects. Erik, Marty, and Mark make up the Elite Repair and Remodel team. They are skilled and professional technicians, with deep knowledge about RV living. They cover simple repairs like toilet replacements or kitchen fixture replacements to more complex remodels like new flooring installations and electrical system builds. This company offers a wide range of services to ensure you leave with all of your RV needs met.

5. Driftless RV Renovators

Carrie and RW Hansen own Driftless RV Renovators. This duo does their RV remodels in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. The team has experience in home construction and interior design which they merged to achieve high-quality RV renovations. If you don’t own an RV, the company can help you find the perfect rig for your renovation.

Renovations typically take between three to four months to complete. A basic renovation starts at around $20,000 but will depend on the size of the rig, design requirements, and customization requests. Cost includes labor and materials, but not the cost of the RV or extra decor. Additionally, the company has a changing stock of renovated RVs for sale.

6. Quest Camper Renovations

Quest Camper Renovations specializes in designing cozy and charming homes with wheels. From installing new floors and lighting to tiling and painting, Quest Campers can customize your rig to feel like a personal sanctuary. While it is possible to remodel your existing RV with the company, they also have a stock of personal camper renovations they can tweak to meet your needs. 

They offer two primary renovation packages. First, Quest Camper offers a “camper refresh” package starting at around $800. This package focuses on the aesthetic components they can upgrade to make your rig feel warm and welcoming. Additionally, they offer a “full camper renovation” package that starts at around $5000. The company has experience working with RVers with a wide range of budgets and will work with you to finish your remodeled RV.

DIYing an RV remodel will take time, patience, and lots of research.

7. NüAbode

If you love the vintage look of Airstreams, NüAbode is the RV renovation company for you. While they primarily renovate Airstreams, they also work on travel trailers, motorhomes, buses, and more. NüAbode is a family-run business that does renovations in Canton, Georgia. Owners Mark and Sheena combine their personal RVing experience in an Airstream with decades of design and building experience to produce high-end results. The company offers renovated stock on its website, but additionally does custom remodels to update your old RV and turn it into a warm and inviting space. 

8. Our Lively Tribe

Our Lively Tribe are RV YouTubers, bloggers, and exceptional RV renovators. Travis and Eric are the married team that keeps Our Lively Tribe’s RV wheels turning. When their hands aren’t full with parenting four children and RVing, they are creating unique, customized RVs.

Our Lively Tribe offers several virtual services to help start your renovation. They offer virtual one-hour sessions to help you begin purchasing an RV or renovating an existing one. They also offer more customized RV design planning sessions. The team has a shop in Winchester, California, where they work on their RV flips.  

9. Mauka to Makai RV Renovations

Mauka to Makai started in Hawaii and has since started renovating RVs in California. In Hawaiian, Mauka to Makai means “Mountain to Ocean” and the company has an adventure-first focus when building their clients’ rigs. Whether you are a full-time, seasonal RVer, or a weekend warrior, Mauka to Makai’s goal is to ensure their clients love their RVing space.

Mauka to Makai specializes in travel trailers, Class A, B, and C RVs, 5th wheels, toy haulers, and Airstream remodels. For those wanting to purchase a new rig, the company has a customized stock. However, if you already own your rig and wish to remodel it, the team will work with your budget and needs to design the ultimate renovated RV.

Investing in your RV remodel can ensure you love your rig for many years to come.

Should You DIY Your RV Renovation?

Deciding whether to embark on a DIY RV renovation involves considering your skills, time, budget, and project complexity. If you possess relevant expertise or are willing to learn, DIY can be cost-effective. It can allow you to personalize your RV. However, it requires a substantial time commitment, and DIY projects often take longer. Carefully weigh your budget constraints and factor in materials, tools, and a slush fund for unexpected costs. 

Additionally, considering project complexity is critical. Simple cosmetic updates may be DIY-friendly, but complex structural changes may necessitate professional help. Assess your access to tools, prioritize safety, and think about your design vision and potential resale value impact. For instance, our friends’ shell-off vintage Airstream Argosy renovation was a way bigger undertaking than our own Bigfoot truck camper renovation.

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Is It Worth It to Renovate an Old RV?

Renovating an old RV can be a worthwhile endeavor. Still, it’s a decision that requires careful consideration. Renovating an old RV also allows you to customize it to your needs and style preferences. However, it’s also important to weigh the total investment against the value and lifespan of the renovated RV.

Would you use an RV renovation company or try to DIY your own remodel? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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