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7 Best Options for RV Rentals in Las Vegas

As luck would have it, we may have found the best way to explore Sin City in style. Whether you want to spend your trip gambling in one of the many Vegas casinos or are looking for a way to explore the many amazing natural splendors outside of the city, renting an RV in Las Vegas is a great way to make memories. But with so many options, deciding where to rent an RV in Las Vegas can feel like a crap shoot. We found the top 7 Las Vegas RV rental options that will leave you feeling like you hit the jackpot. Let’s dive in!

How Much Does It Cost to Rent An RV in Las Vegas?

How much it costs to rent an RV in Las Vegas will vary depending on many factors, like the time of year you are planning on traveling, or what size RV you need to accommodate your travelers. On average, it costs around $200/night to rent an RV in Las Vegas. However, towable trailers are typically a bit cheaper at $120/night. Additionally, while there will be a set cost nightly to rent an RV in Las Vegas, there may be additional fees, like mileage charges or utility usage fees. 

The Benefits Of Renting An RV in Las Vegas

Renting an RV in Las Vegas comes with various benefits that add excitement and convenience to your travel experience. A Las Vegas RV rental allows you to enjoy the freedom of exploring Sin City at your pace. With a rental, there is no need to adhere to strict hotel check-in and check-out times or be bound by a fixed itinerary. When you rent an RV in Las Vegas you have the freedom to tailor your adventure to your preferences.

Additionally, a Las Vegas RV rental allows you to spend your days exploring the stunning natural landscapes surrounding the city, like the Grand Canyon, Lake Mead, and the Valley of Fire. It gives you the freedom to spend your nights playing cards or seeing a show on the Strip. From the Grand Canyon to the other nearby picturesque national parks, renting an RV in Las Vegas helps you easily access and explore these destinations.

A trip to Las Vegas can add up quickly, and that’s before you sit down at the slot machines! Save on hotel expenses and dining out by preparing meals in your Las Vegas RV rental and staying at campsites or RV parks. The all-in-one nature of an RV also eliminates the need for separate transportation, saving you money on renting cars or taking taxis around town.

Las Vegas sign at night
Viva Las Vegas in an RV rental.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Las Vegas RV Rental

Before you rent an RV in Las Vegas, we took a closer look at some of the key things to keep in mind while searching for your perfect rental. 

What Route Will You Take?

If you’re planning on taking a road trip to the Grand Canyon or will be exploring other nearby sites, you’ll want to consider your travel plans before you make your reservation. While some companies charge a base fee per day to rent an RV, others will charge extra if you travel past a certain mileage amount. Additionally, some companies may not allow you to take the RV rental out of state. Ensure you have a general idea of the route you will take before you book. 

What Amenities Do You Need?

Boondocking and camping at a full hookup campsite are distinct experiences. Before you rent an RV in Las Vegas, consider what type of camping trip you want to take and what types of amenities you need in your rig. If you’re traveling with children, you will want a Las Vegas RV rental with plenty of space and a full bathroom. However, if you plan on spending the night camping in a casino parking lot, you may want a smaller, more stealthy rig.

Pro Tip: You don’t have to be in Sin City to Hit the Jackpot With Casino RV Parking and Campgrounds.

What Insurance Offers Are There? 

When renting an RV in Las Vegas, it is crucial to have insurance in case of an emergency. Life in Sin City can get a little wild, and you want to ensure you have coverage for any collision, damage, or liability issues. Look for rental companies providing comprehensive insurance coverage to protect you and the rig in case of any accidents or damages. 

Are There Any Extra Rental Fees?

While the upfront cost to rent an RV in Las Vegas may be clear, it is vital to keep an eye out for any extra unexpected rental fees. Some rental companies may have charges for mileage, generator use, cleaning fees, or additional equipment. Please carefully review the rental agreement and ask about potential hidden fees to avoid any surprises to your budget. 

Is It Pet Friendly?

Traveling with a furry friend is always fun. For pet owners, it’s essential to check if the Las Vegas RV rental is pet-friendly. Look for rentals that explicitly state their pet policy, including any restrictions or additional fees that may apply. Also, consider the comfort and safety of your pet when choosing a Las Vegas RV rental.

Cruise America RV rental
Whether you’re looking to explore Las Vegas or nearby national parks, there is an RV rental to get you to your dream destination.

7 Best Options for RV Rentals in Las Vegas

The following 7 RV rentals in Las Vegas offer multiple types of RV rental options, from Class A motorhomes to camper vans. Whether you want to stay along the Strip or explore the surrounding areas, these Las Vegas RV rentals will take you on an epic adventure.

Escape Campervans

For those wanting to give #VanLife a try, Escape Campervans has a fleet of van rentals with a wide variety of interior setups. Choose from Mavericks, Big Sur, Jeep Camper, Santa Cruz, and Del Mar Pop Top options in their fleet. Escape Campervans rent out their vans quickly. For those wanting to rent an RV from March to October, the company recommends booking your rental a few months ahead to ensure you get the perfect van for your travels.

Escape Campervans’ number one goal is to help you explore the stunning USA. Sitting 2.5 hours from Death Valley and Zion, 3 hours from Joshua Tree, and 4 hours from the Grand Canyon, this Las Vegas RV rental company offers many unique itineraries to get you out and exploring. Additionally, the company offers one-way rentals, where you can pick up your rental in Las Vegas and deposit it at any of the other eleven depot spots across the country. However, Escape Campervans charges an additional mile charge for any rental you drive over 100 miles per day. 

Cruise America Las Vegas

Experience the glitz and the glamor of Vegas in an RV rental from Cruise America Las Vegas. Cruise America offers a wide range of RVs. From spacious RV options to compact rentals and travel trailers, Cruise America has the right rig for you. As part of your rental contract, Cruise America Las Vegas offers full insurance coverage.

Renters have two rental package options. First is a personal kit that costs $74 per person and includes bedding with the rig. The second option is a vehicle provisioning kit which costs $125 per vehicle and includes additional cookware and comforts. The company also charges a generator feed of $3.50/hour. If you’re planning on traveling with your furry friends, Cruise America Las Vegas rentals are pet-friendly. However, renters may be subject to a cleaning fee upon return of their rental.

Clint And Lisa’s RV Rentals

Lisa and Clint are experienced RVers who offer RV rentals to make your Las Vegas adventure a success. Clint and Lisa’s RV Rentals provides a wide range of RV options from economy models to luxury motorhomes. Along with the rental, they offer a $1 million insurance coverage package and roadside assistance support for extra peace of mind while you explore.

For RV renters looking to travel with extra toys to make their trip memorable, they can add gear to the rental agreement. Clint and Lisa’s RV Rentals have bike rack add-ons and an additional toy hauler trailer option to ensure you can bring all your toys on the trip.

View of Las Vegas strip
Las Vegas has all types of RVs and camper van options for those looking to rent a rig.

El Monte RV

Explore the stunning national parks, national forests, and local attractions in an El Monte RV. El Monte RV has many new RV models, including Class C and Class A options. All the company’s RVs are pet-friendly and come with standard amenities. If you need additional space, El Monte RV also has some options with slide-out features to extend your living quarters.

El Monte RV offers 24-hour toll-free roadside support. All RV rentals come with a generator. For additional comfort, customers can rent a personal convenience kit including bedding, towels, and kitchenware. 

Nevada RV Rentals

You can also visit the Silver State in a rig from Nevada RV Rentals. From truck campers and travel trailers to Class C motorhomes, Nevada RV Rentals has the perfect RV for your Las Vegas adventure. If you’re new to RVing, Nevada RV Rentals offer informative driving and operating guides. They also offer full coverage insurance to keep you safe on your road trip.

Road Bear RV Rentals

Road Bear RV Rentals has rented RVs in 7 locations for over thirty years. The company offers Class A, Class B, and Class C motorhome options. For those traveling to Las Vegas on a plane, Road Bear RV Rentals offers a complimentary airport shuttle pick-up. It can make arriving at your Las Vegas RV rental easy. Prepay your mileage before you go for 42 cents per mile. All rental RVs come with a generator and full propane tanks to make the kickoff to your road trip quick and convenient. 

Due to its multiple locations, Road Bear RV Rentals offers one-way packages if you wish to return your rig to a different location. You’ll have to say “paw-revoir” to your furry friend during your visit, though, as Road Bear RV Rentals is not pet-friendly.

Rocky Mountain Campervans

Rocky Mountain Campervans offers many manual and automatic camper vans in their fleet. Travel up to 260 miles/day during your trip while exploring the sights. However, the company does not allow travel into Death Valley from May through September for safety purposes.

Rocky Mountain Campervans don’t charge extra for added luxuries in their vans. Each van comes with bedding, kitchenware, camping chairs, coolers, and fans. Each camper van in their fleet comes with a portable tripod toilet. Bring your furry babies to your campervan for an additional fee of around $50.

Cruise America camper in parking lot
Park your Las Vegas RV rental at Circus Circus casino and RV park.

Can You Park Your RV Rental at a Las Vegas Casino?

If you want to sleep steps away from the action, you may consider parking your Las Vegas RV rental overnight in a casino parking lot. It may be convenient if you’re hoping to win big. However, most Las Vegas casinos only allow you to park your RV overnight if you are staying at their hotel.

Only one Las Vegas casino allows for overnight RV parking. Circus Circus is a casino and RV park on the strip that allows overnight stays in their RVs. This Las Vegas RV park has an onsite pool, hot tub, pet run, showers, laundry facilities, and more. If you don’t want to risk not finding a spot in a Las Vegas casino parking lot, we found the 7 best Las Vegas RV parks for visiting Sin City.

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Overnight RV Camping ON THE VEGAS STRIP!? - Sketchy Parking Lot Stay 👀

Win Big in Your Las Vegas RV Rental

When it comes to hitting the jackpot in Las Vegas, choosing the right RV rental can be your winning move. By selecting the best option for you, you can ensure a comfortable and unforgettable journey through Sin City and its surrounding areas. So, don’t leave your Las Vegas experience to chance. Win big with an exceptional RV rental and embark on an epic road trip that will create lifelong memories.

Would you rent an RV in Las Vegas? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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