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7 Best Ideas for Clean and Tidy RV Sewer Hose Storage

There’s much to love about camping, but there are also some things that just aren’t fun — like figuring out your RV sewer hose storage. Thankfully, we’ve done the dirty work for you. Read on to learn about our favorite ways to store your RV sewer hose so you can get on with the more enjoyable parts of RV life. 

RV sewer hose connecting to RV

Keep Things Organized with Storage Solutions for Your RV Sewer Hose

RVs have two types of wastewater holding tanks. The black tank holds waste from your toilet, while the gray tank holds water from your shower and sink drains. You empty these tanks into either a sewer connection at a campsite or at a dump station. And to do that, you’ll need an RV sewer hose.

Because of its dirty job, an RV sewer hose can get smelly while sitting in storage. That’s why you need to keep things clean and organized when you’re storing your hose. Let’s look at how.

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7 Ideas for Clean and Tidy RV Sewer Hose Storage

Depending on your sewer hose, you might be able to compress your hose to a smaller size. The amount of sewer hose you’ll need for your RV varies depending on the length of your RV and the location and number of your sewer drain pipes. There are many ways to keep your RV sewer hose storage area organized and as hygienic as possible. 

1. Clear Plastic Storage Bins

You can use any sealed plastic tote to hold your sewer hose and accessories. This is a simple solution. And since bins come in many shapes and sizes, you can easily get one small or large enough to fit your specific sewer setup. You could even use a Christmas wreath container.

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2. Store in the RV Bumper

Did you know you might be able to store your sewer hose in your RV bumper? That’s right. Some manufacturers add a cap onto the ends of your bumper, and you can use the area as storage space. You can also buy special bumper caps for this purpose.

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Although some avoid this for fear of rusting out their bumper, this is a popular option. However, depending on the size of your bumper, you might not be able to fit your sewer connections.

3. Suspend Pipe in Storage Bays to Hold RV Sewer Hose

You can buy a PVC pipe from a local hardware store and suspend this inside your storage bay. This will keep the sewer hose up and out of the way, so you don’t take up prime real estate on the floor. Use brackets, bungee cords, or metal straps to secure it to the ceiling of your storage bay.

Best DIY RV Sewer Hose Storage

4. Store Your RV Sewer Hose in a Tool Box

If you want the versatility to change where you store your sewer hose, and you want to keep it locked up, consider using a toolbox. The toolbox approach can adjust to your needs. Store the box in your truck or a tow vehicle, or attach it to your RV bumper or trailer tongue. Then, move it as needed. Add a small plastic container inside the toolbox to hold your gloves and soap.

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5. Use a Five-Gallon Bucket for RV Sewer Hose Storage

Five-gallon buckets are easy to come by and might be one of your quickest and most cost-efficient ways to store your hose long term. Store the sewer around the inside of your bucket and add a lid for good measure. Depending on your hose size and type, you may be able to fit your connections in there as well.

5 gallon RV sewer hose storage
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6. Use a Hollow Plastic Fence Post

All you need for this is a square PVC fence post cover, a means to secure it to your RV, and some end caps. You can even add a gutter downspout on the bottom and have your sewer hose rest on top of that. That way, you have a makeshift tray that can slide out with your sewer hose. You can also drill holes into the bottom or end caps for ventilation.

RV Sewer hose storage ~ DIY

Attach this to the rear bumper or the underside of your RV. Your RV might already come with a sewer storage pipe, but adding another one will help if you have to travel with more than one sewer hose.

7. Short Term Solution: Use a Garbage Bag

If all else fails, use a garbage bag. Sure, this won’t be the tidiest or most efficient RV sewer hose storage solution. But it’ll get the job done until you’ve figured out your ideal storage tactic. Want something a little tougher to ensure the contents stay inside the bag? Use a contractor trash bag instead.

Keeping Your RV Sewer Hose and Storage Area Clean

You can do a few things to ensure your RV sewer hose and storage area stay clean. First, if you’re hooked up to a sewer connection, be sure to shut your gray tank the day before you empty it. That way, your gray water can flush out your hose after you empty the black tank.

If you’re emptying your tanks at a dump station, always empty the gray water after the black water. The gray water will clean out all of the black water residue since it has soap in there from dishes, handwashing, and showering. Also, seasonally or so, you can disconnect the connections and soak all the parts in a bleach-water solution to clean and disinfect them thoroughly.

To keep your RV sewer hose storage area clean, consider adding holes to the containers for ventilation. And try to air dry your hose after cleaning it. If you’re going to encounter freezing temperatures, consider adding pipe insulation and Reflectix around the hose. This will make sure your black and gray matter doesn’t freeze.

Storing your sewer hose can be as easy or as complex as you like. There are plenty of fail-proof, simple solutions to reduce the stench and keep your hose clean and organized. With these tips, we hope you’re feeling better about storing your hose.

There is our sewer hose bucket that we leave next to it when hooked up.

How do you handle your RV sewer hose? We’d love to hear about your storage solutions in the comments below.

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Darold K Danley

Wednesday 12th of April 2023

We store ours in a tote in the basement with all conections.


Monday 2nd of August 2021

I use the bumper to store three 10’ hoses. I mounted an old ammo box on the bumper and store the elbow, slinky and wrench in it in order to keep it all out of the RV. Found that idea on one of those idea sites (the one that starts with a ‘P’ is great for that).

Mortons on the Move

Wednesday 11th of August 2021

Thanks for sharing!


Monday 12th of July 2021

Our RV storage bay has just enough room for 3 milk crates - 1 for the sewer hose, 1 for the electric cord and adaptors, and 1 for the fresh water hose, pressure regulator and filters. So we just pull out the entire crate 1 at a time when hooking up. It's below the slide-out, so once we hook up, we can slide-out!! You have some great ideas helpful for many different scenarios and spaces!

Jimi Searle

Monday 12th of July 2021

I put end caps on both ends of my sewer hoses to seal them. I always drain the grey water last and I flush out the hose with clean water before storage.