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5 Top-Rated RV Sewer Hose Supports for Hassle-Free Dumping

5 Top-Rated RV Sewer Hose Supports for Hassle-Free Dumping

RVing provides some amazing experiences. You’ll get relaxing campsites, exciting hikes, beautiful views, and unforgettable memories with family and friends. Still, not every RV experience, like dumping your RV tanks, is fantastic. Any product that makes dumping tanks easier and mess-free is a win. Today we’re looking at how using an RV sewer hose support is a great option and which hose support might be right for you. 

RV sewer hose supports on RV hose
Make dumping your RV tank easier and mess-free with sewer hose supports.

The Benefits of RV Sewer Hose Supports

Gravity is important when it comes to dumping your RV’s tanks. Unless you invest in special equipment, your RV’s gray and black tanks depend entirely on gravity to empty. Not only do you need gravity to remove waste from your RV’s tanks, but you are dependent on it again as it flows through your sewer hose. The best way to keep things flowing well is to invest in an RV sewer hose support. 

While for many a sewer hose support is a matter of convenience, keep in mind that many RV parks require their use to keep up with local sanitation requirements. 

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The 5 Top-Rated RV Sewer Hose Supports

You don’t want to mess around when it comes to sewer products. Choosing the wrong product could turn a not so fun but simple task into a disaster. If you’ve ever seen the movie “RV,” you know that incorrect sewer hose use can lead to an unpleasant situation.

While it may seem obvious that you shouldn’t stand in as a sewer hose support like Bob Munro did, you may feel a bit lost on what the right sewer hose support is. Let’s take a look at some of our top choices to help you get started. 

sewer support under coleman camper

1. Camco 20-Ft Sidewinder Support

About: Camco is a well-known and trusted brand in the camping and RV world. They produce many RVing products, and if you spend much time in campgrounds, you likely already own some of their products.

This 20-foot sewer hose support is just over 7 inches at its highest point and around 4 inches at its lowest. It has a convenient carrying handle making storage easy. 

Camco 20-Foot Sidewinder RV Sewer Hose Support |...
  • Protects and Supports Your RV Sewer Hose: Lifts and guides your...
  • Compatibility: Fits up to a 20-foot RV sewer hose; Works with all...
  • Unique Design: A flexible design allows the support to curve...

Our Favorite Features: An RV sewer hose support shouldn’t be complicated. If it’s causing you frustration, it isn’t the right product. This sewer support requires no assembly and folds up in a small compact space. No tangles here! 

Weather won’t affect this sewer hose, either. Neither an abundance of rain nor lots of harsh sun exposure will affect its use.

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2. Camco Adjustable Drain Support Kit

About: This is another great product from Camco. This rugged sewer hose support kit is especially great for stationary RVers at their campsite.

Its kit features long stakes that anchor the supports to the ground, ensuring they aren’t going anywhere unless you want them to. The support kit can accommodate hoses up to 20 ft in length without purchasing a second set. 

Camco Adjustable Sewer Hose Drain Support Kit...
  • Adaptable support lifts and guides sewer hose to help waste move...
  • 6 independent troughs can make turns or go over curbs or...
  • Can be stacked for added stability, but doesn’t need to be...

Our Favorite Features: Not all campsites have nice straight lines that lead from where you need to place your RV to the sewer connections. The Camco Adjustable Drain Support Kit is great for getting to those hard-to-reach sewer connections. Sharp angles won’t render your hookups useless with this option.

Unfortunately, not all sewer connections are at an ideal height. Sometimes a high sewer connection is due to the drainage angle needed or an unlevel campsite. Other times it’s simply due to a lack of knowledge of the installer. Either way, it can make dumping your tanks difficult. This drain system makes high sewer connections a non-issue. 

3. Titan Green Sewer Hose Support

About: The Titan Green Sewer Hose Support features five sections, each 24” in length. The sturdy construction support is washable and will not rust.

The support system comes with a storage bag, making it easy to store away when traveling or not needed. Because there are individual support pieces, you can use as many or as few as you need to ensure you have the length you need. 

TITAN Fuel Tanks Thetford Titan RV Sewer Hose...
  • Easy Set-Up and Flexible Adjustment. Ready to use, no small parts...
  • Quick and Simple Tear-Down. Stowable in the enclosed storage bag
  • Durable Poly Contruction. Washable, with no Rusting Parts

Our Favorite Features: Having a sturdy sewer hose support that condenses to a small footprint is essential when space is at a premium. The Titan Green Sewer Hose Support stacks on top of each other, making them easy to store away without taking up too much space. 

Flimsy sewer supports don’t serve much of a purpose. The Titan Green Sewer Hose Support isn’t going to buckle under the weight of your tank’s contents. A sturdy design ensures the sewer support won’t topple over or break. 

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RV sewer hose supports on RV hose
Show off at your campsite with some sturdy RV sewer hose supports.

4. Valterra Slunky Support

About: The Valterra Slunky Support is compact yet sturdy with an accordion-style system. With size options ranging from 10 ft to 25 ft, you are sure to find a length to fit your needs.

Not only will your sewer hose fit well into the deep pockets, but straps provide the necessary support to help keep the sewer hose in place. There will be support even in adverse conditions. Metal hinges give you peace of mind when it comes to the quality and longevity of this hose. 

Valterra S1000R Slunky Hose Support - 10', Red
  • Deep pocket design provides enhanced stability
  • Allows the hose to be curved around any obstacle while...
  • Compact, light and easily stored

Our Favorite Features: The Valterra Slunky Support is designed with a deep pocket. The deep-set support allows your sewer hose to fit snugly into the support, giving users the security that the hose isn’t going to slip out. This will especially come in handy if you’re staying in a windy area where you would normally worry about your sewer hose falling out.

It can be frustrating to find out that your sewer hose support is just short of reaching the site’s hookups. Often this means you’ll have to purchase a second set of sewer hose supports. Not with the Valterra Slunky Support. When you go with this option, you’ll have your choice of a few different lengths, so you know you’ll have the perfect fit.

RV sewer hose supports on RV hose
Make emptying your dump tanks hassle-free with easy-to-use RV hose supports.

5. Valterra Easy Slider Support

About: The Valterra Easy Slider Support system is excellent for those parked relatively close to the sewer hookups. This system works great with 10-foot sewer hoses to create an ideal angle for good flow when dumping the tanks. 

Valterra (A04-0009 Easy Slider Sewer Hose Support
  • Easy Slider sewer hose support is made of tough extruded plastic...
  • Provides an even flow-no backups or overflows
  • To set up simply hook the chain to the camper and adjust slider...

Our Favorite Features: The Valterra Easy Slider connects three pieces, giving the sewer hose solid support with an ideal angle for dumping. A good downward angle when dumping your tanks is imperative for ensuring your sewer hose is freely flowing and not getting unnecessarily clogged.

The Valterra Easy Slider comes with a storage box that snuggly fits the three pieces. The storage box will easily slide into an under-storage compartment tucked away until needed. 

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Keep Dumping Hassle Free With a Sewer Hose Support

Dumping the RV’s tanks isn’t typically a camper’s favorite task, so it just makes sense to do everything you can to make it as simple as possible. Having a good set of sewer hose supports can make the process hassle-free and one less thing to worry about while camping. 

Do you have a sewer hose support that you use while RVing? Let us know what has worked for you!

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Samantha Nichols

Sunday 17th of April 2022

I really like your article. It showed all of the information on RV hose support systems and this was useful for me to choose a new one to replace my old hose support. Thanks so much for sharing!

Samantha Nichols

Thursday 7th of April 2022

There is a protracted distance between the front of our RV and also the back where the sewer connection is typical. I used to be using another sort of network which didn't work well with long distances because it wasn't possible to attach multiple units. Two of the hose support systems are connected and dealing perfectly. you'll change the inclination to betting on the terrain. I wish I had bought them sooner.

Selby Ron

Monday 28th of March 2022

I have owned a motorhome for 15 years and have never understood the need for a sewer hose support. Seems like just a waste of money and a hassle. Explain. I dump when the tank is full and flush with gray water. When I store the hose it is always clean and smelling good.