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How to Upgrade Your RV Shower Head (and Why)

It can be tricky trying to take a long hot shower in your RV. They simply aren’t built to accommodate it. However, upgrading your RV shower head can mean longer and more luxurious showers. Let’s take a look at your shower head options and how to install them.

Types of RV Shower Heads

RV shower heads come in a wide array of designs with single or multiple sprayer functions. When it comes right down to it, all shower heads fall into one of three types.

Handheld Shower Heads

A handheld shower head is just that: one held in your hand. Without a mount, it’s limited in its versatility. However, some do come with a mount. Some RVers also put handhelds in wet baths by using a second mount on the sink.

RV handheld showerhead
Our Shower Head

Rain Shower heads

This shower head replicates rainfall and is usually a ceiling mount. It may come with several different spray settings. Large systems can include an entire board mounted in the shower with water jets aimed in different directions. Although most rain shower heads are permanently mounted, you can move some of them up and down on a rod system.

Fixed Shower heads

This showerhead is permanently mounted to the wall or ceiling so that anyone can use it hands-free. The head also usually swivels from side to side, and the shower head may have different water spray settings.

Benefits of Upgrading Your RV Showerhead

Let’s face it, showering in an RV can be a very different experience than in your home. Most RVs come with a standard shower head and a six- or 10-gallon water heater. When you put those two things together, the outcome is usually a substandard shower experience. Just look at what you might be able to accomplish with a new RV shower head.

RV Showerhead

Longer Showers

It’s possible to increase how long you can luxuriate in the shower. Just add a new low-pressure RV shower head to your system. It will make those six or ten gallons feel like fifteen.

Efficient Hot Water Usage

Because most RV water heaters only hold six or ten gallons, you need to shower efficiently. With a new RV shower head, you may have more control and conserve hot water better. We recommend looking for shower heads with and easy on/off valve on the shower faucet or sprayer.

Waste Less Water

The water shut-off valve, or “flow stopper,” lets users control the flow of water. Upgrading to a showerhead with this feature will let you waste less water every time you shower. This is particularly important if you are dry camping, also known as boondocking, and need to conserve water to stay out camping longer.

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Better Water Pressure

Some older showerheads are created for high-pressure systems, which can mean you use up your hot water rapidly. With a new low-pressure showerhead, the water exits with less velocity, lengthening your shower time while providing the right amount of pressure.

How to Install a New RV Shower Head

Exchanging your old shower head for a new one is a simple task that anyone can complete. Just follow the steps below.

Remove the Existing RV Shower Head

Most RVs come with inexpensive plastic showerheads and hoses installed. Removing them is as simple as unscrewing the hose from the water source (near the faucet handles). Then take the head mount out of the wall with a screwdriver. 

Did you know? You can clean your showerhead without removing it. Here’s how.

RV Shower Faucet and Shower Head Replacement

Determine Placement for New Shower Head

You may not be able to use the old screw holes for the new showerhead if they don’t match up. Or you may choose to mount your new purchase higher. Allow enough clearance for the spray head by stretching the new hose from the water source to your desired showerhead location.

Use a Sealant

Use caulk to seal any holes or gaps around the faucet handles and the shower mount attachment. This should keep water from getting behind the shower and into the wall or insulation.

Mount New RV Showerhead on the Wall

After removing the old showerhead mount and filling any holes with caulk, you’re ready to attach the new mount to the wall with a screwdriver. You may not need to predrill holes, as the wall may be soft enough for you to screw directly into it.

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Hook the Showerhead up to the Water Hose

Attach the new hose ends to the water source at one end and the new showerhead at the other end. Ensure existing washers remain in place when attaching the hose so that it won’t leak. Put the new RV showerhead in the mount, turn on the water, and watch it go. Test the stop flow valve on the showerhead. Then you’re ready to enjoy a nice long shower.

Can You Use Any Shower Head in Your RV?

While most residential showerheads will work in an RV, there are two important things you need to consider before choosing to install one.

non rv shower head in RV
Our RV Shower Head

For starters, most showerheads are designed for an unlimited, high-pressure residential water supply. They aren’t designed for limited, low-pressure RV water supplies. So, even though you can use one in your RV shower, you might find yourself disappointed when your fresh water tank runs out faster. If water conservation is your goal, choosing an RV showerhead is the better choice.

The second thing you want to consider is the size of the showerhead. RV showers are often smaller than residential showers, so you may not have the headroom for a bulky showerhead.

Our personal favorite showerhead we use in our RV is not an RV unit but a simple handheld shower head that still works with our RV wall holders. It has 6 great spray functions that can either conserve water or give us a luxurious amount of water.

RV Shower Head: Small Upgrade, Big Benefits

If you’re tired of shorter, colder showers, a new RV showerhead may be just what you need. It can give you several more uninterrupted minutes in the shower, complete with hot water. And you might be more efficient in the process.

One of the easiest upgrades for any RV is a showerhead replacement. It’ll make you feel like you completely remodeled your bathroom. Is a new showerhead on your To-Do list?

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Saturday 13th of November 2021

My new RV came with the basic shower head, and that barely had any pressure when completely on. This often left me feeling like I still had soap on me after I rinsed off and was very annoying. I started looking for an RV shower head to replace while on my most recent trip and came across this item from Oxygenics and decided to give it a shot. Its handheld design is enough to let me enjoy jet engine power once I am showering. It can deliver really good pressure even if the water pump used in my RV is powered by a battery. In addition, it has most of the features necessary to make it work the way I want, including the wand, wand holder, 60-inch hose, washers, and comfort regulator.

Mortons on the Move

Monday 15th of November 2021

The Oxygenics shower head is a great choice. Many RVers love it!

Ronal Owens

Monday 12th of July 2021

Thank you for writing this, I think I can replace it myself after reading your post without a mechanic it will help me some money.

Ronal Owens

Saturday 31st of July 2021

It worked, I did what you said and it worked fine. Easy to follow, will continue to monitor your site.

Robert Colley

Monday 7th of June 2021

I have a Waterpik original massage shower 1.8 gpm. I like this shower head because it matches a spray style to what ever water pressure you have. Then when I'm dry camping I use a smaller high pressure spray I use less water than stock and with the high pressure spray I'm not in the shower as long. Not to mention it was under 25 dollars.

Mortons on the Move

Wednesday 9th of June 2021

That's a great feature, especially at that price! :)