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Why Do RVs Have Sink Covers?

Why Do RVs Have Sink Covers?

Have you ever wished your RV had more room? RV manufacturers often have to get creative when it comes to maximizing space. An RV sink cover can serve many purposes and may just be what you need for your RV. Let’s learn more about this handy addition.

What Is the Purpose of an RV Sink Cover?

You can use your RV sink cover in many ways. Let’s look and see if you could benefit from one in your RV.

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More Counter Space

Most RVs don’t have much countertop space. Using a sink cover in your RV can create more room for food prep. 

This is helpful when using coffee makers, instant pots, and air fryers in your RV. You may only take out these items temporarily as they require too much space to just sit out on a countertop.

It may not seem like a sink cover would add that much more counter space. However, you’ll take every extra bit you can get.

Storage While Moving

Whether you move from one campsite to another or bring your RV from storage, you may need to get creative when it comes to storage. You can use your sink to store some small items needed in your RV.

Putting a sink cover on your stink keeps items stored inside in place, so they won’t pop out as you travel. Some items may scratch your sink, so you should only keep things that likely won’t break or ruin your sink.

Marble sink cover in RV.
Add counter space to your RV kitchen with a sink cover.

Food Prep Space

The lack of counter space in an RV can also make preparing meals difficult. Some RVs have limited food prep areas, and a sink cover can sometimes double the amount of usable space. Whether cutting vegetables or mixing ingredients, an RV sink cover can make cooking much easier.

Cover Those Dirty Dishes 

If you want to feel like a magician, get a sink cover for your RV. It can make those dirty dishes disappear into thin air. And by thin air, we mean into the sink. Out of sight, out of mind. Right? 

Seriously though, sometimes you may not have time to do dishes after breakfast before heading out for that day’s adventures. You don’t always want to come back to your RV after a long day of adventuring to see a pile of dirty dishes. So toss them in the sink, place the cover on, and cut yourself some slack. 

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Pie baked in RV.
Make baking easier in your RV with an RV sink cover.

What Are RV Sink Covers Made Out Of?

Sink covers come in a wide variety of materials. Some RVs come with sink covers that match the countertops. This provides a sleek and natural look to your RV’s kitchen. It won’t look out of place, and you likely wouldn’t even notice the sink was there if it weren’t for the faucet.

You can also find some great stainless steel options that roll out as well. Because they roll up, they stow away compactly when not in use. The materials, though lightweight, are relatively sturdy and can support a generous amount of weight.

Or you can get a standard durable wood option. You can measure and cut this yourself or purchase a pre-cut model. Many of these come with coatings to protect them from moisture. They generally don’t cost too much and can easily last for several camping seasons.

Can You Buy RV Replacement Sink Covers?

If your RV came with a sink cover and it has broken, don’t worry. You can get many options from the popular RV accessory manufacturer Camco and other lesser-known brands. You can easily find one to fit your RV with multiple styles and materials available.

If you want to find a replacement that matches your RV’s countertops, you might have to contact your manufacturer. If they still use the same pattern or material, they can help you locate an identical one.  

Metal sink cover.
Sink covers can be metal, butcher block, or stone!

Can’t Find the Size You Need? DIY It

You don’t have to be a DIY expert to create your own sink cover. Matching the angles and curves of your sink will take more time, but even with minimal DIY skills, you can create a quality sink cover for your RV. 

First, measure your sink’s length, width, and lip depth between the sink and countertop. If you don’t think you can match the angles, measure the furthest spot where you can create a 90-degree angle before the sink curves. This allows you to maximize your sink cover space without worrying about the bend in the sink or countertop.

With the measurements in hand, you can now head to your local hardware store’s lumber aisle. Look for wood with a thickness that matches the depth of the lip between the sink and countertop. 

Matching this depth will allow you to create a flush and smooth look and avoid any issues with it being unlevel. Once you find the wood you want, you can have the hardware store cut it for you to match the size you need. If they can’t, take it home and cut it yourself to fit your sink’s dimensions. 

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RV kitchen with sink cover.
Transform your kitchen countertop with an RV sink cover.

How Much Does An RV Sink Cover Cost?

The cost of an RV sink cover will often depend on the material. You can find roll-up sink covers made from stainless steel for around $20. 

However, some more luxurious-looking wooden or bamboo sink covers can cost $30 to $50. They all serve the same purpose and likely will help you achieve your goal of creating more workable counter space.

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Do You Have to Have an RV Sink Cover?

You don’t have to have an RV sink cover in your RV. However, if you want a way to maximize the space in your RV, consider this option. They can work wonders in an RV kitchen to create more space for preparing and serving food. 

Not to mention, they also work great for storing dirty dishes and items while in transit. If you happen to have large amounts of counter space, you might not find yourself needing one.

An RV sink cover can transform your kitchen countertop. These RV accessories create a more functional and usable space. After using your sink cover a handful of times, you’ll likely wonder how you ever got anything done in your RV kitchen without it. 

Do you use a sink cover in your RV? Drop a comment below!

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Nancy Watson

Friday 18th of November 2022

Yes, we use the sink cover, especially when on the move…. Just replaced it with a custom-made, cut to size bamboo cutting board❣️

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