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5 Best RV Spare Tire Covers and How to Properly Measure Them

A spare tire spends most of its life waiting to come to the rescue and help out in a time of need. So, you want your RV’s spare tire to be in the best possible condition when you put it on your rig. Having an RV spare tire cover helps ensure your spare tire stays in “like-new condition” for as long as possible.

Today, we’re sharing the five best RV spare tire covers and a few tips for measuring to get a proper fit.

spare tire cover on rv driving down the road
Don’t leave your spare tire exposed to the elements – invest in an RV spare tire cover.

What Is an RV Spare Tire Cover?

An RV spare tire cover is typically made from vinyl or molded plastic. Both types of covers protect spare tires from UV rays and other weather elements to extend the life of a tire. These covers not only provide protection but can also show off your personality. 

Many RVers use their spare tire cover as an opportunity to showcase their favorite sports team, promote their social media accounts, or share an inspiring word with fellow travelers. The possibilities of what you can get on your RV spare tire cover are practically endless.

What Size Are RV Tire Covers?

Because RVs use different sizes of tires, there are plenty of options when it comes to sizes for spare tire covers. The most common sizes range from 14 inches to 17 inches. You’ll want to make sure you measure your RV tires to avoid purchasing the wrong size tire cover.

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How Do I Measure My RV Spare Tire Cover? 

One of the easiest ways to measure your RV spare tire is to look at the size label on the side of the tire. You’ll often see tire codes like 205/70R15 or 255/55R17. Many of the best spare tire covers will provide a sizing chart to help match your RV’s tires with the correctly sized cover.

Make sure your cover is the correct size. If the cover is too big, it could come loose while traveling. Too small, and the cover may not provide the proper protection to your spare tire.

RV with two spare tires with covers
Your spare tire is crucial while on the road, keep it protected with a tire cover.

5 Best RV Spare Tire Covers 

We’ve found a handful of the best RV spare tire covers you can find.

1. Moonet PVC Thickening Leather Spare Tire Wheel Cover 

About: Moonet’s spare tire wheel cover comes in 12-inch to 18-inch tires sizes. The cover comes with a waterproof and non-scratch backing.

This helps keep your tire safe from rain, snow, and whatever else mother nature tries to throw your way. The tire is artificial leather but is tough enough to last for years to come and is incredibly easy to wash.

Moonet PVC Leather Spare Tire Wheel Cover for Car...
  • Moonet spare tire cover fits full tire diameter from 27" to 29"....
  • Size: R15. Fits wheel overall diameter between 27"- 29". (Refer...
  • Thickening PU Leather. Waterproof, non-scratch backing.

Standout Feature: This is for you if you’re looking for a basic RV spare tire cover that gets the job done. It’s a solid black design that provides a classy look no matter the color scheme on your RV. 

2. Explore Land 26 – 27.75 Inch Spare Tire Cover

About: Explore Land makes this 26-inch to 27.75-inch spare tire cover. The tire cover has multiple locking systems and an elastic cord to provide an optimal fit.

This helps reduce the risk of damage to the cover from the wind while driving. The vinyl material has a UV stabilized treatment to protect from harmful UV rays but is also soft and has non-scratch backing.

Explore Land 26-27.75 inch Spare Tire Cover Fit...
  • Fits full tire diameter from 26" to 27.75", 26“-27.75” IS NOT...
  • It's great to storage or keep tires and wheels from sun damage,...
  • Ideal for use on Jeep, Trailer, RV, SUV, Truck, or any other tire...

Standout Feature: While this RV spare tire cover secures snuggly to the tire, the quick-clip connection allows quick and easy installation. Most covers can be installed in seconds and still get a proper fit.

Jayco spare tire cover
Use your spare tire cover to make a statement about your favorite sports team or hobbies.

3. Amfor Spare Tire Cover, Wheel Diameter 28″ – 29″, Weatherproof Tire Protectors

About: The Amfor spare tire cover fits 13-inch to 17-inch spare tires. This cover requires no tools and is incredibly easy to install.

The elastic band helps to create a secure connection between the cover and the spare tire. You won’t have to worry about losing your cover or your spare tire corroding when you choose to use this cover.

AmFor 28-29 inch Spare Tire Cover, Universal Fit...
  • SIZE: Universal fit for Jeep, Trailer, RV, SUV, Truck and many...
  • DURABLE: RV spare tire cover made of high quality thick leather,...
  • CONVENIENT: Jeep wheel cover easy to install and remove, no tools...

Standout Feature: While many RV spare tire covers are black, the AmFor covers are white. Using white helps reflect the heat away from the tire, avoiding damage.

4. TCP Global Brand 27″ – 30″ Spare Tire Cover

About: The TCP Global Brand spare is for 27-inch to 30-inch spare tires. This cover has a waterproof vinyl material that’s easy to clean and has non-scratch backing.

When using this spare tire cover, your tire has protection from sun, dirt, corrosion, and whatever weather you encounter during your adventures. The elasticized back hem provides a fast and snug fit that makes installing and removing incredibly easy.

TCP Global Brand 27"-30" Spare Tire Cover for...
  • Protect the tires and wheels from sun, dirt, corrosion and all...
  • Fits 27"-30" Tire diameter from edge to edge
  • Waterproof, wipe-clean vinyl with soft, non-scratch backing

Standout Feature: With over 200 ratings, this product averages 4.5 stars on Amazon. Many reviewers share how they’re impressed by its ability to stay in place.

Some even claim it withstands winds while driving over 90 mph on toll roads in Texas. If it can handle those circumstances, there’s a good chance it can handle whatever you throw at it.

Forest River spare tire with cover
Prevent exposure from UV rays with a tire cover.

5. AHOBAGGA Happy Camper Spare Tire Cover

About: The AHOBAGGA Happy Camper spare tire cover helps communicate your passion for RVing to fellow drivers. This polyester tire cover fits tires from 14 inches to 17 inches and is waterproof, dustproof, and extremely durable.

Keep your tires safe from the environment and ensure your spare tire gets the job done when you need it.

Standout Feature: Communicating your personality is a great way to customize your RV or vehicle. There’s nothing wrong with loving camping in your RV so much that you want to communicate your love with others on the road.

Close up of spare tire cover.
Protect your tires from road debris and weather conditions with a spare tire cover.

Do Tire Covers Prevent Dry Rot? 

One of the leading causes of dry rot is extended exposure to harmful UV rays from the sun. Most spare tire covers have UV protection treatments that help the cover protect tires from long-term exposure to sunlight. This can help your tires last for years to come and minimize the risks of dry rot.

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hard spare tire cover on class c rv
If you’re lucky, your RV may come with a special spare tire cover already!

Are RV Spare Tire Covers Worth It?

It doesn’t hurt to have a spare tire cover, no matter where your spare tire sits on your RV. These covers can help protect your tires from road debris and weather conditions from increasing the wear and tear on your spare tire.

You don’t want to discover in your time of need that your spare tire is useless because you didn’t put in the effort ahead of time to protect your spare tire.

Do you have a spare tire cover on your RV’s spare tire? Tell us in the comments!

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