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Turn Your Motorhome RV Steering Wheel Into a Table

Turn Your Motorhome RV Steering Wheel Into a Table

When you live in a small space like a motorhome, you must take advantage of as much space as possible. Many like us want to disguise the fact that we are living in a vehicle. One way to do this is to turn your steering wheel into a table. Keep reading to learn how you can make this happen. 

This article looks at the benefits of a steering wheel table, ideas for a DIY table, and one you can purchase outright. Let’s get started.

Rostra 250-1223 Cruise Control Kit – Aftermarket Universal Kit from Redline360 on Vimeo.

Can You Turn Your RV Steering Wheel Into a Table? 

Yes, you can turn your RV steering wheel into a table. When parked, the steering wheel becomes wasted space. So why not turn it into something useful? 

You can create a steering wheel table and use it for dining, gaming, or working. Plus, you have a built-in chair — the driver’s seat.

The steering column is sturdy enough to hold a small table and lightweight items like a laptop, lamp, or decorative items. You can make a table from scratch or buy a ready-made product. 

motorhome steering wheel laptop
A motorhome’s steering wheel takes up valuable space. Turnin it into a table makes use of the lost space.

What Are the Benefits of a Steering Wheel Table for RV? 

The benefits of a steering wheel table for an RV include providing additional space. If traveling with two or more people, having another workstation in your motorhome is particularly helpful. 

It allows a private workspace in addition to the dining table or other work surfaces you might have in your RV. For example, if traveling with kids, you likely need more room for them to do schoolwork. A steering wheel table can work great. 

Another benefit of the steering wheel workstation is the natural light from the windows. And the driver’s captain chair is typically comfortable. This workspace may become the favorite, as dinettes in RVs can be uncomfortable.

Are There Any Disadvantages to an RV Steering Wheel Table?

An RV steering wheel table does have some disadvantages. First, you need to remove it every time you drive. And you’ll need to have a place to store it. 

Additionally, building the table will take some extra creativity if your steering wheel doesn’t tilt flat. You’ll likely need to create some supports to compensate for the wheel’s angle.

RV steering wheel that is flat
It is easiest to build a steering wheel table for a wheel that is or has the ability to lay flat.

Is It Safe for a Table Top to Sit on Your Steering Wheel?

Putting a table top on your steering wheel will not harm it. Just don’t put too heavy items on the table. 

You’ll need to be careful with an RV steering wheel table to avoid accidentally moving the gear shift. We recommend a table that covers the shift so you can’t drop something on it. 

Pro Tip: Get inspired to upgrade your RV work space with these 8 Great RV Desks & Ideas for Building a Mobile Workspace.

Man working in small RV workspace
Workspace in an RV is quite limited. Building a steering wheel table ensures everyone can sit and work while on the road.

DIY Ideas for a Steering Wheel Table for RV 

Building your own steering wheel table is easy. We found some DIY examples to help you create one for your motorhome. 

Build Your Own RV Steering Wheel Table for Under 20 Bucks

About: built a table for their motorhome’s steering wheel for under $20. They were short on counter space, so they added a round steering wheel table top. used a 24-by-24-inch piece of birch plywood and rounded it. They stained it and added some rubber feet to set on the steering wheel.

Materials Needed: You’ll need birch plywood, wood stain, brush, veneer edging with adhesive, polyurethane, and rubber feet.

Build Your Own RV Steering Wheel Table for Under 20 Bucks

Rv Steering Wheel Cover Desk | RV Living

About: Red White and Bethune made a square table for their steering wheel. Since they travel with homeschooled kids, it made the perfect solution for adding more desk space. They have a slightly tilted steering wheel, so they added a lip on the table, so things don’t roll off.

Materials Needed: For this table, you’ll need plywood, a saw, sander, stain, and screws.

Rv Steering Wheel Cover Desk | RV Living | Solar Panels Arrive

How to Make an RV Tilt STEERING WHEEL TABLE TOP for under $30 | DIY

About: The Hungry Cuban Adventures made a round RV steering wheel tabletop and spent under $30 at Lowes. The table fits perfectly over the angled steering wheel with hooks and a lever to make it level. And they bought a stool top, so they didn’t have to cut a circle or use a saw.

Materials Needed: You’ll need a round table top, hinges, hook, wood for a lever, and paint.

How To Make a RV Tilt STEERING WHEEL TABLE TOP for under $30 | DIY

Can You Buy a Ready-Made RV Steering Wheel Table? 

You can buy simple ready-made steering wheel tables. But most of them are designed for car steering wheels. They might work for class B vans and smaller RVs.

Vioview Double-Sided Steering Wheel Tray with...
  • 🚗【NATURAL BAMBOO STEERING WHEEL TABLE】: This car steering...
  • 🚗【PRACTICAL DOUBLE-SIDED DESIGN】The practical car table...
  • 🚗【COMFORTABLE & ERGONOMIC CAR DESK】Fully suspended...

For larger motorhomes, Wood Design RV Interiors makes two designs that should work for any RV. One of their models even has a wooden surround that completely hides the steering wheel, creating a very clean-looking table.

Pro Tip: Give yourself more space to work in your RV by installing RV Countertop Extensions.

Wood Design RV table
This table from Wood Design RV interiors is a great ready-made option you can purchase.

Is an RV Steering Wheel Table Worth It?

A steering wheel table is worth it. It’s the perfect way to expand your living space in a motorhome. Adding a desk, table, or counter space is always beneficial in a tiny house. Since you don’t use the steering wheel when not driving, putting a table on top can become a practical use of space. 

Will you DIY your own RV steering wheel table? If you create an RV steering wheel table in your RV, tag us in some photos. We would love to see what you created!

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