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5 Best RV Step Covers and How to Measure For Them

RV step covers are a simple yet necessary piece of RV gear. Whether you’re looking for a safer and cleaner front step entryway or need to replace old, worn-out step covers, we’ve got you covered. Find out how to measure properly to get the right size fit amongst the best options available.

What Are RV Step Covers?

Most RV steps are made of slippery metal and can become hazardous, especially if they become wet with rain or covered in ice. RV step covers were created to give RVers traction as they enter or leave their rig.

Many covers use heavy-duty outdoor carpet or artificial turf, and some have ridges or deep treads in them, offering more traction. You can use them on almost any type of step, whether manual or automatic, but make sure to measure the stairs before purchasing covers. 

RV Step Cover Rug Replacement

Benefits of RV Step Covers

It’s no wonder you can see RV step covers on most recreational vehicles. They not only provide traction for travelers as they step into or out of their camper but in dusty or sandy environments step covers act as doormats, keeping some of the grime out of the rig. 

You can clean them easily with a dust-off broom or a hose. And pets are less tentative about entering the RV when they have more traction under their paws. They also make it more comfortable to walk on hot metal stairs! Both barefooted campers and dogs will benefit from them.

rv step covers make metal stairs safe
Slippery metal in rain or ice can make entering and exiting your RV dangerous.

How to Measure Your RV Steps for Step Covers

When selecting the proper RV step covers, you will need to know two things. Firstly, the width of your steps. Secondly, if you have radius steps (curved front edges) or straight ones.

Most step covers come in three different widths, from 18 to 23 inches. Virtually all step covers attach using grommets and springs or zip ties, making installation simple and fast. Just lay a cover over your step with the grommets underneath. Attach springs or ties and pull tight underneath the step. Then cut off the excess length of the zip ties, if necessary. 

Be aware of the different levels of quality when purchasing step covers. The longer-lasting covers have olefin carpet. They collect more dirt and depending upon the amount of traffic in and out of your rig, they may last up to five years or more.

Pro Tip: Before finding the perfect step covers, you need the perfect stairs. We found the 8 Best RV Steps for Easy Camper Entry.

rv step covers protecting steps
RV step covers fit over metal stairs to protect you and your stairs.

5 of the Best RV Step Covers on the Market

You can find a number of options when it comes to RV step covers, but we’ve pared it down to five of the best selections. Listed below, you will find some models that fit radius stairs and a few that work only on straight steps:

1. Prest-O-Fit Ruggids Step Covers

These long-lasting, tough Ruggids have sturdy construction from olefin carpet. Measuring 23 inches in width, they attach with heavy-duty zip ties and come in a pack of three.

With a deep tread, the covers will keep sand and dirt out of your rig. They will fit any stair between 8 and 11 inches in depth and cost $50 for the three-pack. These RV stair covers may be a bit expensive, but they should last you for years.

Prest-O-Fit 3-Pack 2-4122 Ruggids RV Step Rug...
  • Designed for manual or electric multi-step RV entrances
  • Each pack contains three (3) 23 inch wide rugs that fit straight...
  • Made of heavy-duty olefin carpet, UV-protected against sun damage...

2. RVMATE 3-Pack RV Step Covers

Created to fit radius steps, the RVMATE 3-Pack will work on stairs 20 to 22 inches wide and 8 to 10 inches deep, using springs and grommets. It has a double layer of thick polyester carpet with extra grommet holes to pull them tightly around curved steps. They cost $39, and you can easily clean them with a hose.

RVMATE RV Step Rugs 22 Inch RV Step Covers Wrap...
  • Size - each carpet is 20 inches long and 22 inches wide, Each...
  • Material - 100% polyester, Double layer protection, Easy to clean...
  • Protect Your Feet- when RV explodes in the sun for a long time,...
rv step covers on rv
Make sure to measure your stairs to determine what RV step covers will work best for your RV.

3. RVGUARD RV Step Covers

These radius step covers come in black and can fit stairs measuring up to 22 inches wide. They’ll fit snugly around curved steps 8 to 10 inches deep and have extra springs and grommet holes to keep them tight.

Made from polyester carpet for manual and electric steps, the RVGUARD 3-Pack costs $39.

RVGUARD 3 Pack RV Step Rugs 22 Inch RV Step Covers...
  • 【KEEP YOUR RV CLEAN】The RV step rugs are made of sturdy...
  • 【MAKE YOUR STEP SAFER】With the RV step covers wrapped around...
  • 【SIZE GUIDE】Overall size 22”(L) x 20"(W), fits for 22-inch...

4. Kohree RV Step Covers

You can use the Kohree covers on radius stairs. Made from 100% polyester carpet, these covers will fit stairs up to 20 inches wide, using a spring and grommet system with extra holes to pull them tight. They come in a three-pack and cost $49. You can order them in black or brown.

Kohree RV Steps Cover 3 Pack Camper Step Covers...
  • FLEXIBLE SPRING HOOK--Offer added traction and prevent slips. Can...
  • MATRAIL-- 100% Polyester, washable and easy to clean. Nice finish...
  • DIMENSIONS-- Each rug measures 22” long x 20" wide,...
rv step covers. woman sitting on RV stairs.
One of the first purchases for many RV owners are RV step covers.

5. Camco Wrap-Around RV Step Covers

Camco has the least expensive option for step covers. These wraparound step covers will fit steps up to 23 inches wide and any width from 8 to 10 inches. They also use springs and grommets to hold the covers tightly around the stairs.

They come in four colors: black, gray, brown, and blue. These carpet covers sell individually at $15.00.

Camco Wrap Around Step Rug- Protects Your RV From...
  • Keeps Your RV Clean: Cuts down on tracked-in dirt.
  • Fit: Fits 23-inch wide steps.
  • Adjustable: Adjusts to fit RV steps with a depth of 8-inches to...

Pro Tip: Step covers are one small thing that can make a huge difference for your RV. Beginning RV life requires a lot to learn so make sure to avoid these 17 Beginner Full-Time RV Mistakes.

Top 5 Best RV Step Covers Review In 2024

Needed Equipment for Camping

RV step covers provide a secure and cool way to enter a camper and keep most of nature outside. This relatively inexpensive product ensures family, friends, and pets can come and go safely from a fifth wheel, trailer, or motorcoach.

Need more than the RV step covers? Maybe it’s time for a whole new set of RV steps. Check out the 8 Best RV Steps for Easy Camper Entry.

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Bruno John

Sunday 27th of March 2022

we bought three RV step covers from Camco for our 5th wheel because the three steps have no coating on them. We usually track in the mud and wet, muddy feet. These rugs effectively prevent that. They attach using coil springs that fit into one of two "groomed" holes (for different width steps) at the bottom of the step. Installation is pretty easy and these mats are actually pretty sturdy and won't move much, even in heavy traffic. The options for colors are nice. We ordered 18" long rugs and they were perfect for our RV.