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7 Best RV Water Bladders for Carrying More Fresh Water

When you’re boondocking, you typically have a plan to keep water in your freshwater tanks. However, many campgrounds and campsites across the country don’t have easy access to fresh water. Using an RV water bladder can be an extremely convenient and effective way to ensure you don’t run out of water while RVing.

Today we’re looking at seven of the best RV water bladders we think you should consider. Let’s get started!

300 gallon rv water bladder filling an inflatable hot tub
This 300 gallon RV water bladder holds enough water to fill 3+ RV freshwater tanks or an inflatable hot tub!

What Is an RV Water Bladder? 

An RV water bladder is a collapsible bag for storing water. These come in varying sizes and materials but are great options for RVers who frequently find themselves RVing in locations without a water connection at their campsite.

Whether you’re boondocking or camping in a more primitive campground, a water bladder can help avoid multiple trips or having to pack up your entire RV to take it to a water source.

While water bladders can be rather compact while in storage, they take up a generous amount of space when in use (some of the largest collapsible bags can hold upwards of over 250 gallons!). You’ll need a good amount of room in the bed of your truck to hold the bladder as you transport it from the water source to your RV.

Pro Tip: New to RVing? Learn the ins and outs of your RV water system with our guide on How Does an RV Water System Work?

Pouring water from RV water tap.
Water is crucial to survival, so stay well stocked with a water bladder!

The Best RV Water Bladders for Carrying More Fresh Water

Access to water is necessary, especially if you’re camping during warmer weather. You don’t want to waste your money or have a water bladder fail you when you need it to work. Here are seven of the best RV water bladders you can trust to get the job done!

☝️Remember: Make sure you have a drinking-safe RV water hose to transfer water to and from the water bladder.

1. AQUATANK2 Water Storage Tank

About: The AQUATANK2 is a lightweight and portable water container safe for storing potable water. It contains no BPA and comes in four different options (15, 60, 150, and 300 gallons). The bladder uses a state-of-the-art material that is incredibly thin, light, and tough. It’s resistant to pokes, stretching, and rips.

No matter which size RV water bladder you select, you can easily pair it with an external water pump to fill your RV’s tanks as effortlessly and efficiently as possible. When not in use, even the largest of water bladders weigh less than 5 lbs and come with a compact storage container for convenient storage.

We used the 300-gallon version of this RV water bladder to supply water for 3 RVs boondocking all summer. We also used it to fill an inflatable hot tub when boondocking in the middle of the Arizona desert!

How Many Gallons Does It Hold? The AQUATANK2 is available in 15, 60, 150, and 300-gallon options.

Price: Prices for the AQUATANK2 vary based on the size of the bladder. Prices typically range from $109 to $300.

Water Storage Tank - Bladder - Bag - AQUATANK2...
  • DECEPTIVELY TOUGH!" Our AQUATANK-2 systems have state-of-the-art...
  • NO WEIRD TASTE" BPA's are not good... they can interfere with...
RV parked in front of ocean.
Portable water bladders ensure you will have fresh water to drink even at the most remote of campgrounds.

2. IVy Bag Portable Water Bladder – Collapsible and Durable Water Tank

About: If you’re looking to carry an additional 10 to 100 gallons of water, the IVy Bag is a great option to consider. These portable, durable water bladders have a Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) nylon coating for increased strength. IVy bags are so strong that they come with a two-year warranty against defects.

There are grommet holes around the edges to help transport the IVy bag as safely and easily as possible. These grommets allow you to attach the bag to your vehicle to prevent it from rolling around or out of your truck on the way to your campsite.

You can easily fill this bladder by connecting a water hose to the 3/4” female connection at the top of the bladder. Connect your siphon hose or external water pump to the 3/4” male connection at the base of the bladder, and you can fill your tank in a matter of minutes.

How Many Gallons Does It Hold? The Ivy Bag comes in 10, 25, 50, and 100-gallon capacities.

Price: IVy bags range in price from $100 to $169, depending on the required capacity.

Jenlis Ivy Bag Large Drinking Water Bladder, Food...
  • Collapsible & Foldable Design – Designed for drinking water...
  • Heavy-Duty, BPA-Free Material – Constructed with durable...
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3. Banks Outdoors 100 Gallon Heavy Duty Water Bladder

About: Some RVs are capable of holding over 100 gallons of water. The Banks Outdoor heavy-duty RV water bladder can help avoid making multiple trips if your tanks are this large.

This 100-gallon water bladder has a durable frame, D-rings to prevent movement during transport, and includes a hose and shut-off valve. When not in use, the Banks Outdoor water bladder can fold up to minimize the space needed for storage.

How Many Gallons Does It Hold?  The Banks Outdoors heavy-duty water bladder has a maximum capacity of 100 gallons.

Price: You can expect to pay $190 to $210 for the Banks Outdoors heavy-duty water bladder.

Banks Outdoors 100 Gallon Heavy Duty Truck Bed...
  • HOLDS UP TO 100 GALLONS: Easily transport up to 100 gallons of...
  • FITS IN YOUR TRUCK BED: Durable water bladder sized to fit in...
  • DURABLE FRAME: Tough, flexible material stands up to handling and...
Banks water bag product shot from website
Keep your water tanks full with a water storage bag.

4. Large-Capacity Water Storage Bag, Foldable Light Water Tank with Faucet

About: These massive water storage bags are great if you need non-potable water. While these storage bags are typically used for agricultural or firefighting purposes, RVers also use them.

They can hold a tremendous amount of non-potable water you can use for showering, flushing toilets, or washing clothes. This can help you extend the life of the potable water you’re storing in your RV’s freshwater tank.

How Many Gallons Does It Hold? These water storage bags have several large options, including 63, 87, 132, 264, 528, and 792 gallons.

Price: These water storage bags range from $130 to $536, depending on the capacity required.

Large-Capacity Water Storage Bag, Foldable Light...
  • #Excellent quality and durability: The water carrier/bag is made...
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5. IVy Bag Portable Water Reservoir, 100 Gallon Storage Capacity

About: The IVy Bag portable reservoir can hold 100 gallons of non-potable water. It is constructed using a single-layer PVC. The shape of this container easily fits inside truck beds and UTVs.

An RV water bladder like this allows you to transport water to remote locations and avoid spills. The 1.5” outlet ball valve will likely require additional attachments to connect an external water pump or siphon hose to your RV’s water system. However, it’s an excellent resource for extending your ability to camp and enjoy your RV in remote locations.

How Many Gallons Does It Hold?  This IVy bag has a 100-gallon maximum capacity.

Price: Expect to pay $160 to $175 if you’re looking to purchase it.

Jenlis IVy Bag, Large Collapsible Water Storage...
  • Collapsible & Foldable Design - The IVy Bag's collapsible design...
  • Heavy-Duty PVC Construction – Flexible, durable,...
  • Easily Loads in Trucks, Trailers & ATVs – Hauling water to your...
Woman drinking water in front of her RV.
No water hookups? No problem! Water bladders ensure you have fresh water to drink no matter where you are camping.

6. 264 Gallons Water Tank Collapsible Water Bladder

About: If you need a tremendous amount of water, this is the water bladder for you. This standard water bladder can hold over 250 gallons of non-potable water.

It’s typically used for fire fighting and agricultural purposes but can be a great resource for RVers too. The bladder is made of durable and corrosion-resistant material to help it last for years to come.

How Many Gallons Does It Hold?  This massive collapsible water bladder can hold 264 gallons of non-potable water.

Price: You can expect to pay $315 to $330 for this collapsible water bladder.

WANLIAN Water Bladder Storage...
  • The water storage box is a high-quality water container,Portable...
  • The water storage box is a high-quality water container,Portable...
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Pro Tip: Keep your water clean with these 7 Easy Steps to Sanitize Your RV Water Tank.

7. Nautos Flexible Fresh Water Tank – 9.25, 13, 26, 33, 40 and 52 GALLONS

About: The Nautos Flexible freshwater tank is an extremely cost-effective tank to bring water to your RV in a location without water. The bags are BPA-free and have large valves that make it easy to transfer water into your RV’s freshwater tank.

As they are not large, they’re great options for those looking to transfer smaller amounts of water to top off their tanks and avoid multiple trips.

How Many Gallons Does It Hold? Nautos has freshwater tanks in 9.25, 13, 26, 33, 40, and 52-gallon options. 

Price: Depending on the size of the bladder, costs range from $90 to $200.

Nautos Flexible Fresh Water Tank – 13, 26, 33,...

How Do I Refill My Boondocking Water From a Bladder? 

There are a couple of options for refilling your RV’s water tank from a bladder while boondocking. Depending on your RV, you can use gravity or a water pump to get the job done.

Some RVs come with water systems that allow you to use the onboard water pump to siphon water into the fresh water tank. You can connect the water bladder to the RV using a siphoning hose, and the water pump will do all of the work for you.

Depending on your water pump and how much water you’re pumping, this can take some time and may require you to give your water pump a break. If your RV doesn’t have this feature, you can also achieve the same results from an external water pump.

Where can you fill up your water bladder? Check out our favorite RV watering holes.

Simple Trick for Filling your Freshwater tank when Boondocking - Tips from Tom

This electric drill pump is a handy tool we like to use for refilling our RV water tank. (see video above)

Another method is to use gravity to do the work for you. Because gravity forces things down, this will only work if the water is higher than the water connection. This isn’t an excellent option for water bladders as they can be cumbersome. This is a great option if you’re only adding a few gallons at a time to top off your water tanks.

Want a few more RV Water Tricks? Check out these 5 Simple Hacks for Your RV Water Hose

Other Ways to Carry More Water in an RV

There are a few simple solutions for carrying more water in an RV. One relatively inexpensive option is to stock up on water jugs. You can typically find drinking water-safe jugs ranging in one to five gallons online or at your local big-box retailer.

These are great options as they’re small, and you can easily store them until you find a filling station. However, because these are often one to five gallons, you’ll need to make quite a few trips or have several to fill up a large RV water tank.

WaterStorageCube BPA-Free Collapsible Water...
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If you have the space, a water tank is a great option. These tanks are typically over 35 gallons and sit in the bed of your truck. While you’re losing bed space, you’re gaining the ability to transport a large amount of water to your camper.

You won’t have to pack up camp and tow your RV to a water source. You can use an onboard or external water pump to siphon water from the portable water tank into your RV’s water tank.

Losing bed space and the premium price of these water tanks often prevent many RVers from pulling the trigger on this method.

We also recommend practicing water-saving boondocking methods for cooking, cleaning, and more when camping without hookups to reduce the risk of running out unexpectedly.

Water Bladder VS Water Jugs

Is an RV Water Bladder Worth It?

Using an RV water bladder is most definitely worth it. The more trips you have to take back and forth to a water source, the longer it will take for you to fill up your tanks. Being able to quickly and efficiently fill up your fresh water tank means you’ll have more time for adventuring and enjoying the RV lifestyle.

If you’re planning to use your RV in remote locations or campsites without easy access to water, we highly recommend being proactive and having a water bladder on hand.

Do you camp in campsites or enjoy boondocking without a water connection? Drop a comment below!

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Ken Larson

Saturday 12th of February 2022

Bladders are OK I guess but they expand and collapse which makes packing the truck bed difficult, as they collapse thing can start to move around. I installed a 46 gal rigid tank in my truck bed which along with the 55 gal in the trailer provide me with ample water for the usual 14 day stay while boondocking; since, we have to move after 14 days I just than refill the two tanks, empty the waste tanks and I'm all set for the next location.