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RV Wet Bath vs Dry Bath Comparison: Which Is Better?

RV Wet Bath vs Dry Bath Comparison: Which Is Better?

When you’re comparing an RV wet bath and dry bath, you may not know what to look for. As your travel needs change, your opinions may change as well. So how do you choose? Let’s take a look at the differences between the two.

What Is An RV Wet Bath? 

An RV wet bath is a compact all-in-one bathroom where the toilet, shower, and sink all share one space. Meaning, the toilet and sink reside within the shower

RV Wet Baths What You Should Know

Unlike a dry bath, everything in a wet bath can handle moisture.

What Is An RV Dry Bath? 

Each component — toilet, sink, and shower — has its own space in a dry bath. This allows only the shower area to get wet. Therefore, there’s no need to dry off the entire bathroom when you finish showering. 

Generally, you’ll find more space in an RV dry bath and even storage space around the sink.

Benefits of an RV Wet Bath

A wet bath can save RVers a ton of space. Usually, they’re also easier to clean. Plus, they can help fit an entire bathroom into a smaller rig.

Wet Baths Save Space

Due to its compact design, you can fit more bathroom into less space. With the shower using the entire bathroom, you can maximize the space available in your RV. You may find yourself with more space throughout the rest of your rig as well.

Wet Bath in a Little Guy Mini Max
Wet Bath in a Little Guy Mini Max

Easy to Keep Clean

Wet baths often require less dusting and cleaning than dry baths. Because everything gets wet, you can clean the space simply by wiping it dry after a shower.

Full Bathroom in Smaller Rigs

For some rigs, an RV wet bath is the only way you’ll be able to have a full bathroom in your RV. This tiny bathroom has enough space for a shower that might not otherwise fit alongside a dry bath. Plus, it may serve as storage space as well.

Benefits of an RV Dry Bath

A dry bath offers the convenience of a residential-style bathroom. It also contains ample storage space. Plus, you don’t have to dry the entire bathroom after taking a shower.

More Like a Residential Bathroom

If you enjoy the comforts of home, then an RV dry bath may be more your style. With space enough to spare, most dry baths will have a toilet, sink, and shower, plus storage space. And like any other bathroom, mobile or not, the water from the shower will stay in the shower.

Dry Baths Offer More Storage Space

An RV dry bath will offer a lot more storage than a wet bathroom. Your shower can remain a shower without sacrificing storage space. 

Dry Bath in a Bigfoot Truck Camper
Dry Bath in a Bigfoot Truck Camper

Many dry baths have storage above the sink and elsewhere in the bathroom. This gives you plenty of space for towels, toilet paper, toiletries, and other supplies.

Don’t Have to Protect Everything from Water

One of the biggest benefits of a dry bath is the simple fact that it stays dry. Everything needs to get stowed away before showering in a wet bath, including toilet paper, towels, and makeup. However, when you step out of a dry bath shower, you’ll only need to dry off yourself.

Wet Bath vs Dry Bath: Which Is Better? 

Which bath is better all depends on your needs and preferences. If you’re more apt to shower at an RV park or gym, a wet bath can maximize your RV space. If you want to shower more in your RV, having a dry bath might be your best option. 

dry bath in rv

A solo traveler with a small rig may also benefit from the simple convenience of a wet bath. However, a family of five living full-time on the road could benefit more from a dry bath. You need to choose based on you and your family’s needs and lifestyle.

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