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7 Best RV Wheel Chocks and When You Need Them

RV wheel chocks are essential for safety when camping for you, your loved ones, and your camper. These simple devices can save the day and help avoid a potential disaster. In all our years on the road we have always used wheel chocks and have seen disastrous consequences for some who haven’t used them.

As you might expect, there’s no shortage of options to consider for RV chocks. Unfortunately, you tend to get what you pay for when shopping for these items.

Today, we’re sharing some of the best RV wheel chocks and when and why you need to use them. So buckle up, and let’s get rolling!

The Importance of a Good Wheel Chock - Gear Up With Gregg's

What Are RV Wheel Chocks?

RV wheel chocks are wedge-like blocks that sit at the base of wheels to prevent unwanted movement or rolling. They can be rubber, wood, plastic, or metal and provide stability and safety by keeping the wheels in place. Preventing accidental shifting or rolling and removing pressure on the camper can ensure a worry-free camping experience.

They come in various sizes, shapes, and designs to accommodate different vehicles and terrain. Some have unique features like interlocking systems, built-in handles, or non-slip surfaces to enhance their effectiveness and ease of use. They’re an indispensable, must-have accessory for any RV owner.

RV wheel chocks
Prevent unwanted movement in your camper with RV wheel chocks.

Are RV Wheel Chocks Necessary?

Wheel chocks are not always necessary when parking on very flat terrain; however, we always recommend using them. In some circumstances like steep slopes, they are absolutely necessary, and detaching your trailer or parking your motorhome without them would be unwise.

Steep slopes put a lot of stress on trailer jacks if chocks are not used. We have even seen trailer jacks completely fail and fold because the owner thought they would hold the trailer on a hill. Motorhomes can suffer a similar fate on a hill. This is because the parking brake and transmission that hold the RV in place is usually on the rear wheels. If jacks lift these wheels up you can lose the holding force on the tires and significantly damage your jacks.

You should use wheel chocks whenever you park your camper, even in spots with minimal slope. Not using them could allow a parked trailer to roll, slide, or shift unexpectedly. This can lead to property damage, injuries, or even life-threatening accidents. However, there are more than just safety benefits.

Keeping your camper in place can make loading and unloading your trailer easier. Even slight movements from your trailer can cause binding in your hitching system. Keeping your trailer in place can make hitching and unhitching a trailer less frustrating. If you’re struggling during either of these processes, this could be the root of the problem.

Overall we think RV wheel chocks are essential. You’re taking an unnecessary risk any time you head out for a trip without them. If you don’t have a set, we suggest you grab some before your next trip.

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Do You Need to Chock Both Sides of an RV?

Always use chocks on both sides of your camper. Chocking both sides of an RV provides optimal safety and stability for your trailer. This helps ensure even resistance on both sides of your axles and enables you to avoid accidental movement. Chocking on one side only can allow the camper to twist if it begins to roll.

When on a steeper slope chocking the downhill side of the wheels on both sides and allowing the RV to roll against it is a good idea. If on more level ground, chocking both in front and behind the wheel is best. This can help prevent the camper from rolling in either direction if an outside force tries to move it.

RV parked with wheel chocks
This was our first camper, and we were already using wheel chocks

Types of RV Wheel Chocks

There are a few different types of wheel chocks available for campers. Let’s examine each type and learn a little about them.

Scissor Chocks

RV scissor chocks are for tandem axle trailers. These chocks work by expanding between the two wheels on a tandem axle setup, applying outward pressure to keep them from moving. Unlike traditional wedge-shaped chocks you place in front of or behind the wheel, scissor chocks go between the wheels, providing additional stability and security.

However, these are for stability and reducing tire shifting, not preventing an RV from rolling down a hill. If you use these items, it is essential also to use traditional wheel chocks.

We have used these chocks for years on trailers and find that they do a great job in reducing movement in the trailer but are not strong enough to stop it from rolling.

Close up of motorhome tires
Chocks are generally affordable and easy to use, making them well worth the investment.

Chock Blocks

Chock blocks are the standard wedges or blocks you place at the base of tires. These are typically rubber or metal, but the cheapest options are plastic. When you use them correctly, they hold back the weight to avoid movement and rolling of parked trailers. These are often for RVs, trailers, trucks, and other heavy vehicles, including airplanes.

They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. You must ensure your chocks fit the size of your wheels and can withstand the weight of the load. If not, they’ll wear down faster and lead to potentially dangerous issues.

RV using wheel chocks
RV wheel chocks are an essential piece of RV gear.

Leveling Chocks

Leveling chocks serve multiple purposes for RVs and trailers. They prevent unintentional movement or rolling and help balance the vehicle. They’re typically a crescent shape, which allows you to drive an RV or trailer onto them. This can raise the low side of your trailer several inches to maximize the comfort and functionality of the trailer.

These are excellent options because, unfortunately, some campsites are more level than others. If you use your camper often enough, you’ll use them plenty of times. They may not be cheap, but they’re worth every penny.

Wheel chocks in box
There are multiple types of chocks on the market which can work well for your rig.

7 Best RV Wheel Chocks

With many wheel chocks on the market, finding the perfect fit for your needs can be challenging. We’ve compiled a list of the seven best RV wheel chocks to help make your shopping experience easier.

1. MAXXHAUL Solid Rubber Heavy Duty Wheel Chock 2-Pack 

The MaxxHaul 70472 Solid Rubber Wheel Chock is a high-quality, durable wheel chock to keep your RV or trailer secure when you park. These heavy-duty chocks are solid rubber, ensuring excellent grip and resistance to weather elements.

They measure eight inches long, four inches wide, and six inches high. They’re compatible with various tire sizes, and the built-in handle makes positioning and removing them manageable. Their rugged design, non-slip surface, and solid performance make them a popular choice among RV enthusiasts for their reliability and effectiveness.

Eileen left five stars and said, “Got this for my RV after realizing the little yellow ones aren’t exactly “stable.” They are heavy-duty top-notch with some grip to them to make you know your rig is in place!”

MAXXHAUL 70472 Solid Rubber Heavy Duty Black Wheel...
  • Compact Size: Measuring approximately 8 inches in length, 4...
  • All-Weather Construction: Built for durability in any climate,...
  • Enhanced Traction: Equipped with a rubber traction pad, these...

2. ANDERSEN Levelers

The Anderson Camper Leveler system is helpful with trailers, motorhomes, and RVs. It comes in a pack of two levelers to make leveling your vehicle quick and straightforward. The levelers have high-quality materials and are durable, providing a safe and secure leveling solution.

Their curved design allows the leveler system to be driven onto, adjusting the height as needed. This innovative design eliminates the need for multiple leveling blocks and reduces the time you spend on leveling. They can handle up to 30,000 pounds and provide up to four inches of lift.

The Anderson Camper Leveler is a trendy choice among RV enthusiasts due to its durability, ease of use, and effectiveness in providing a level and stable surface for your vehicle. They come in handy no matter where you’re parking your rig.

ANDERSEN HITCHES | 3604-2 2-Pack Camper Leveler...
  • 🛻[MUST HAVE FOR CAMPERS OR FIFTH WHEEL]: Works great on...
  • 🛻[EASY TO USE]: Just drive on, decide how high you want it and...
  • 🛻[FAST & PRECISE LEVELING]: Avoid the hassle of setting up...
Camper Levelers by Andersen Manufacturing | Product Review | Fast easy side to side RV leveling

3. X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer

The X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer is a device designed to stabilize and prevent the movement of a trailer or RV while you park. It fits between the tires and expands to fill the space, providing a secure grip and preventing the trailer from rolling or shifting. 

Its rust-resistant steel helps ensure longevity, and the handle makes for convenient installation and removal. It is compatible with most trailers, RVs, and traditional chocks.

While the X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer receives rave reviews and is a popular choice among RV enthusiasts, they’re not for chocking. They provide stability, and it is essential that you also use traditional chocks to maximize safety.

X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer - Pair - One Handle -...
  • Provides added stabilization and prevents tire shifts by applying...
  • As opposed to other chocks, the X-Chock works with the tires’...
  • Fits even the tightest of applications retracting down to 1...

4. ROBLOCK Wheel Chocks with Nylon Rope Yellow Reflective Tape

The ROBLOCK RV Wheel Chocks are heavy-duty rubber chocks with high-quality rubber and a reinforced nylon cord. They come in a set of two and feature a reflective strip for increased visibility in low-light conditions.

They are lightweight and easy to store when not in use, and you can use them on most types of surfaces, including gravel, concrete, and asphalt. The ROBLOCK RV Wheel Chocks have received positive reviews from customers on Amazon, who praise their sturdy construction, ease of use, and ability to provide added security while parking.

Wendi said, “The rope is extremely handy! The bright color is a plus! You can’t beat the value and durability, especially at this price!”

ROBLOCK Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks, Rubber Wheel...
  • Long Nylon Rope: Our rubber wheel chocks come with a 30" long...
  • Heavy Duty: These chocks are made from durable and robust rubber,...
  • Multifunction: These chocks can be used for a wide range of...

5. Fastway ONESTEP Wheel Chock for Tandem Axle Trailers and RVs 

The Fastway ONEstep Wheel Chock provides stability and security for tandem trailers and RVs while parking. It has a unique design combining a wheel chock and stabilizing jack in one unit.

Its heavy-duty steel and aluminum construction can support up to 10,000 pounds. Once you adjust it to fit your trailer’s dimensions, installation and removal are a cinch. It only takes seconds to put them in place or pack them up.

The Fastway ONEstep Wheel Chock has received positive reviews from customers on Amazon. Kathie said, “Love these chocks! I feel my trailer is super secure, which causes me to relax and enjoy the trip.”

Fastway ONESTEP Wheel Chock for Tandem Axle...
  • The highest amount of stability and security available
  • More comfortable set-up: sets and removes from a standing...
  • Keeps your trailer firmly locked in place, reducing movement when...

6. Camco RV Wheel Chock

Camco makes various budget-friendly RV accessories, including this set of hard plastic RV wheel chocks. While you can use them with tires up to 26 inches, you’ll likely want a beefier chock for larger trailers. It features a ribbed surface for added grip and is lightweight and easy to store when not in use. Whether you’re parking on concrete, asphalt, or gravel, it can do the job. 

However, it’s crucial to remember that these are basic chocks. They’re for smaller trailers, not large, heavy fifth wheels or travel trailers. Greg loves them and said, “They’re light, effective, cheap, and easy to see and use. Much better than using a rock or piece of wood.”

Camco Camper/RV Wheel Chock | Keeps Trailer...
  • COMPATIBLE WITH VARIOUS TIRE SIZES: The camper chocks are...
  • CONSTRUCTION: This product is made of durable hard plastic for...

7. Hopkins Endurance RV Leveling System with Wheel Chock

The Hopkins Endurance RV Leveling System helps level your RV and chock your wheels. It uses wood and reinforced plastics to create a solid product. The non-skid traction mat helps when parking on loose terrain and doubles as a carrying strap.

You’ll need to cut boards to fit the wheelbase length for your trailer to use these. This feature is helpful because you can use them with single, double, or even triple-axle trailers. Hopkins also sells additional accessories like their Smart Level to help level your RV while you’re parking it. If you’re looking for a leveling and chocking system, don’t overlook this product.

Hopkins 08200 Endurance RV Leveling System with...
  • A complete RV leveling system that forms a solid structure to...
  • Combines both wood and reinforced plastics for durable...
  • Non-skid traction mat prevents slipping while in-use and...

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Are RV Wheel Chocks Worth It?

RV wheel chocks are worth it as they are essential in preventing the movement and rolling of trailers and RVs while you park. They are crucial safety devices that provide stability and security to your vehicle and avoid accidents resulting from unexpected shifting.

Wheel chocks are inexpensive and easy to use, and they can save you from costly damage to your RV or other vehicles nearby. They also provide peace of mind, knowing your RV is secure and stable when parking. Therefore, investing in RV wheel chocks is wise for anyone who owns an RV or trailer.

Which leveling systems and wheel chocks on our list would work best for your RV? Tell us in the comments!

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