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5 Best RV Windshield Covers to Protect You and Your RV From the Sun

5 Best RV Windshield Covers to Protect You and Your RV From the Sun

An RV windshield usually affords us the first view of our camping destination. But once you set up camp in that picture-perfect location, the windshield can make your stay less enjoyable. Sun pouring in through those big windows can refract, increasing the heat buildup inside. The best way to keep your vehicle’s interior cooler and protect its windshield at the same time is to use an RV windshield cover. Let’s look at the five best options available.

Why Are Windshield Covers So Useful for Sunny Days?

Glass is a terrific conductor of heat. That’s great on a cold winter’s day, but for all of those hot summer camping trips, most RVers will do just about anything to keep their rigs cool. That should start with an RV windshield cover. The heat factor significantly lessens when sunlight can’t get to the glass.

Class B+ RV With Windshield Cover
RV windshield covers also help protect the glass.

If your windshield has a small crack from rocks thrown up while moving down the road, an RV windshield cover can help by keeping the harsh UV rays at bay. Otherwise, that slight indentation may grow and become a large crack as the heat expands it. Keeping the glass covered might help you avoid replacing an expensive windshield.

Pro Tip: Installing tinted vent lids will also prevent sunlight from pouring into your rooftop vents and heating up your RV.

The 5 Best RV Windshield Covers

Because windshields vary significantly in size and shape, we’ve found five of the best RV windshield covers that fit different models. Select the one that best fits your rig.

1. Magne Shade

About the Magne Shade Covers:  For motorhome shades, including Class A, B, C, and Super Cs, Magne Shades can handle them all. Made from a marine-grade thread with PVC coating and UV-rated binding, these shades protect your RV from the sun’s harsh rays.

Prices range from $450 to $625, depending on window size.

Magne Shade Motorhome Windshield Shades and Tire Shades

Best Features:  Magne Shades have a unique attachment system. These durable shades fit onto your windshield and stay in place by powerful rare-earth magnets. You won’t need to mar the exterior of your vehicle by attaching snaps or other paraphernalia.

Customers can also order them in various colors or have their favorite photo image printed on them. They offer privacy from the inside, as RVers can see out of them, but others cannot see in during the day.

Drawbacks:  RVers can’t fold these shades when taking them down. Because of their material, you must roll up the Magne Shade to avoid creating a weak point from a fold.

2. Classic Accessories RV Cover

About the Classic Accessories RV Cover:  Created for diesel Mercedes Sprinter and Dodge Promaster vans, the Classic Accessories RV Cover will fit Class B windshields tightly. It is made of soft vinyl with a non-scratch backing and attaches to your vehicle with straps and magnets.

Classic Accessories Over Drive RV Windshield...
  • Fits Dodge and Mercedes Sprinter '06 - '15.Fit Type: Vehicle...
  • Water-resistant vinyl fabrics and a soft, non-scratch backing...
  • Straps and magnets secure the cover

Best Features:  This RV windshield cover is very easy to install and simple to stow away when not in use. Because its corners secure inside the doors, it isn’t a candidate for easy theft, and it fits nicely around exterior mirrors. The Classic Accessories RV Cover costs $57, so it’s extremely affordable.

Drawbacks:  Because it is made from vinyl, the cover can stretch and not fit as tightly over time.

3. ADCO Clear Windshield Cover

About the ADCO Clear Windshield Cover:  Class C RVs on a Ford truck chassis can use the ADCO Clear Windshield Cover. It covers the front and side windows with soft vinyl material and flaps that fit inside the doors. Easy to clean and install, the ADCO cover also has Velcro attached sections that you can pull off to allow those inside the RV to see out.

ADCO 2507 Clear RV Windshield Cover
  • ADCO See Through Deluxe Windshield Cover provides privacy and...
  • Extra heavy-duty automotive quality white vinyl will match most...
  • Sewn-in door pockets and extra strength magnets hold cover...

Best Features:  ADCO has designed screens over the side window portions of the windshield cover so you can open the windows for airflow. This cover also comes with a bag for storage and costs $71. It fits most Ford 350 and 450 models.

Drawbacks:  The Velcro used to hold the shield on the corners does not do a good job. The corners roll down, meaning you’ll need to replace the Velcro frequently. Because this is a three-piece setup, the screened window portions don’t stay secure at the bottom with the windows down. This allows bugs to enter.

4. ShadeMaster Windshield Cover

About the ShadeMaster Windshield Cover:  Made from heavy-duty sun shade fabric, the ShadeMaster Windshield Cover helps to reduce interior heat by up to 25%. It comes in three pieces: one for the windshield and separate side window coverings.

This particular windshield cover is made for Class A recreational vehicles. You can order this cover for your specific RV model, so it will fit snuggly.

ShadePro - ShadeMaster RV Windshield Sunshade -...
  • RV sun shade for windshield: ShadePro's ShadeMaster windshield...
  • Class A windshield cover: Each front sunshade is built custom for...
  • RV windshield sunshade kit: ShadePro's ShadeMaster front...

Best Features:  The ShadeMaster attaches with fasteners permanently affixed to the exterior of your vehicle. This makes installation very quick after the initial setup. The solar shade material keeps heat out but allows those inside the RV to see out, providing natural light.

Drawbacks:  If you don’t like putting screws into the skin of your vehicle, this is probably not the RV windshield cover for you.

5. Sunguard Windshield Cover

About the Sunguard Windshield Cover:  Sungard has created custom-made RV windshield covers that will keep out 94% of the UV rays and reduce interior heat up to 40%, making any Class A motorhome much more comfortable in the summer sun.

 You can see through the material from the inside, but it provides daytime privacy from the exterior of your rig. The windshield and two side covers are $397, and sometimes Sunguard offers free windshield wiper covers with each order. 

Sunguard Windshield Covers SG100 (Black)
  • BLOCK THE SUN AND KEEP YOUR VIEW! You can see out, but they can't...
  • BLOCK OUT 94% OF THE HARMFUL & DAMAGING UV RAYS. Cools interior...
  • CUSTOM MADE & TAILORED FIT - for your particular year, make &...

Best Features:  The company manufactures these custom-made covers to the specific measurements you provide, so they will fit like a glove. You can choose from black, grey, white, tan or dark brown.

Drawbacks:  The Sunguard cover affixes to your windshield by permanently attached fasteners, which you will install before fitting the cover. It requires drilling into the exterior of your RV, so you’ll need to use caution and attention to detail (along with some good silicone caulk).

What Features Are Most Important?

Decide what type of RV windshield cover best fits your needs. Start with the type of motorhome you have. For instance, shop from those companies that specialize in Class A windshield covers if that’s what you own.

Windshield Cover on Prevost Motorhome
Privacy is a priority for most RVers, whether they own a massive Class A or a nimble Class B.

Then select the features that you find most important. What level of heat reduction do you need? Do you want a cover that provides natural light during the daytime but you can’t see through from the exterior?

What form of attachment do you like best? Do you mind attaching fasteners to your rig? Do you prefer magnets that leave no lasting effect on the outside of your vehicle but might not deter theft? Is the ability to open the door windows important to you? 

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, you will have no problem finding the RV windshield cover that fits your motorhome. You can spend tens of dollars with vinyl covers or hundreds of dollars on custom-fitted solar material covers. The choice is up to you.

Privacy and Protection for Pleasant Summer Camping

You can find so many options when it comes to preventing the sun from heating up or damaging your recreational vehicle. An RV windshield cover seems to be one of the top ways to keep your camper cool and give you privacy and protection. Purchasing one now will make future summer camping trips a breeze!

Class B+ Motorhome Summer Camping
RV windshield covers can help seasonal campers stay cool all summer long.

Of course, an RV windshield cover is just the start! If you really want to level up your summer camping while keeping the temperatures in your RV down, you might need a new air conditioner.

Check out these awesome 12V units: Is There Such a Thing as a 12V RV Air Conditioner?

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Saturday 30th of October 2021

Thanks so much for sharing! Your article is helpful and very interesting for me.

Samantha Nichols

Monday 25th of October 2021

I recently purchased an ADCO cover item for my RV. It fit my 1996 Jayco Eagle, Class C just great. Each end fits over the top corner of the passenger and driver door and has a magnet on the bottom edge for each door. It comes with a storage bag also. Very pleased so far and will update if any quality issues. Since the wipers aren't covered another reviewer suggested cutting a pool noodle to keep the wipers from sticking to the cover.

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