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Scout Campers: Where Minimalism Meets Maximum Adventure

Introducing Scout Campers – a brand that understands that minimalism isn’t for everyone, and sometimes, neither is maximalism. In a truck camper industry where many are maximizing features and amenities in heavier luxury rigs, Scout Campers takes a different approach. They focus on stripping things down to the essentials, making it possible for practically any truck to carry a habitat for explorers who spend more time outside the camper than in it.

Today, we’re shining a spotlight on these eye-catching, lightweight, and affordable truck campers and what you can expect from their mobile adventure basecamps.

What Is a Scout Camper?

Scout Campers are versatile truck campers that are lightweight, durable, and customizable. Scout offers four different models that are modular, sustainable, and minimalist: the Yoho, the Olympic, the Kenai, and the Tuktut.

These campers can fit anywhere from mid-sized trucks up to full-sized and one-ton trucks with short or long boxes. This means they’ll likely be compatible with something you already have in your garage. Scout campers are also minimal and low-priced. They’re great truck campers for entry-level shoppers who want a lot of bang for their buck but not a lot of weight.

A Scout has all the essentials you need, yet can still fit on a mid-sized or full-sized truck.

Who Makes Scout Campers?

Adventurer Manufacturing makes Scout Campers in their factory in Yakima, Washington. Adventurer Manufacturing is known for making popular truck camper brands such as Adventurer, Eagle Cap, and Overlander.

Founded in 1959 in western Canada, they moved to Yakima in 2008 to expand production and focus on sustainability. Adventurer Manufacturing launched the Scout Camper line in April 2020, making it a fairly new product on the truck camper market.

Scout Campers are made with reinforced aluminum, wood-free composite hard walls, and fortified high-density polyurethane foam for long-lasting and lightweight construction.

What’s So Special About a Scout Camper?

Many features make the Scout Camper truck campers a worthwhile consideration. With this line, Adventurer Manufacturing intended to build campers with “components that are completely detachable and can be used independently from the unit.”

Rather than deal with often complexly integrated and heavy systems, Scout campers aimed to simplify and expand camping abilities by rethinking how people use truck campers. Their goal centers around customization and options to fit the user’s needs.

These manifest in a couple of obviously different features. These include:

  • an add-on rooftop tent to expand sleeping capacity
  • furniture and utilities that can be used inside or outside of the camper
  • propane real flame 4.5K BTU fireplace to warm the camper instead of a furnace
  • outdoor prep and cooking station
  • portable water jug instead of an RV freshwater tank

We see many inspirations taken from methods used in van and overland builds for managing water, sewer, sleeping, and more. Plus, they’re very lightweight for a hard-sided camper. Each base model weighs below 1,400 pounds, with the smallest model weighing just 638 pounds. 

This Scout comfortably fits on a Ford F-150.

How Much Do Scout Truck Campers Cost?

The affordable price and versatility of Scout campers also make them truly stand out against other truck camper brands. There’s a model for almost every truck, and the base price of the most expensive option is under $27,000.

Do Scout Campers Have Air Conditioning?

Scout campers don’t typically offer air conditioning, which makes sense for the brand. They are catering to people who want a vehicle for the necessities of camping and exploring nature, not sitting around inside. However, each unit comes standard with a solar intake and exhaust vent in the galley. You can open windows on both sides for a cross breeze. The skylight and rooftop tent opening near the bunk area also provide airflow pathways.

The camper comes with solar reflector shades to keep those hot UV rays out. These features help keep you feeling cool without the weight or additional cost of an air conditioner, and you can always bring along a USB fan or two.

If air conditioning is a deal-breaker for you, Scout encourages you to contact them to discuss possible retrofits and solutions they could help with.

Pro Tip: Is air conditioning a must-have for you? Take a look at these small portable units that won’t take up much space but will still keep you cool.

Camper Skylight
The skylight in the Scout opens up to bring more fresh air into the camper.

Do Scout Campers Have Bathrooms?

Most Scout campers do not have bathrooms. Scout Campers recognize that a bathroom area (or toilet) is considered a non-negotiable by some and a luxury or non-necessity for others. This goes for both the toilet and the shower area.

One model, the Kenai Scout camper, has a designated bathroom area with a swivel-out cassette toilet. It also has a specific drain pan for interior body cleansing using the pressurized wand attached to the water storage container, or you can use it outside as an outdoor shower.

The Olympic and Yoho models both have a portable toilet as an optional upgrade. Fortunately, they’ve specifically designed storage in the galley to fit these portable loos. Showering in these models is mostly designed for being performed outside of the camper, but you could theoretically rinse off at the sink indoors.

Scout Camper Models

Each Scout camper model is unique and made to fit a different style or size truck. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between the models. 


The Yoho Scout camper fits mid-sized trucks and weighs in at 934 pounds. It can sleep up to four people. It was designed to fit narrower beds on both long and short-bed trucks like the Ford Ranger or Toyota Tacoma.

The Yoho starts at $22,495. This camper comes standard with solar power, a portable power station, LED lights, portable water filtration and storage, a convertible dinette lounge, a Lagun table base, and much more.

Optional upgrades include a Dometic CFX3 45L fridge/freezer, a gas fireplace, a portable toilet, an indoor/outdoor gas cooktop, removable jacks, a gear rack, an awning, and more.


The Olympic Scout camper can sleep up to six and has a base weight of 1,091 pounds. It fits on 1500-level trucks and above with either short or long beds. This camper starts at $23,990 and will fit full-sized import and domestic trucks. 

The Olympic comes standard with a 175W monocrystalline solar panel and a Yeti 1500X power station, a four-person convertible dinette, dual propane tanks, portable water storage and filtration, and more.

Optional upgrades include a Dometic CFX3 75L fridge/freezer, a 4.5BTU gas fireplace, a rooftop tent, a portable toilet, a diesel heater, bed rail runners, and much more. 

Weekend Camping Trip | Scout Olympic


The Kenai camper requires larger, 2500-sized trucks and one-ton pickups with both short and long beds. This camper weighs 1,265 pounds and can sleep four to six people.

The starting price for the Kenai is $26,990. This camper is the biggest and most option-capable Scout camper. However, it’s still minimalist and lightweight, making it an incredibly practical truck camper option. 

The Kenai comes standard with solar panels and a power station, a built-in inverter, a mudroom entrance and interior wardrobe, a designated bathroom area, Lagun table base, a moon roof, convertible dinette, and so much more.

Optional upgrades include a RinseKit portable shower, a cassette toilet, a Dometic fridge/freezer, a cooktop, a gas fireplace, and other awesome upgrades. 


The newest addition to the Scout camper lineup is the Tuktut, the smallest and most lightweight option to date weighing in at just 638 pounds. It fits compact to mid-sized trucks like the Ford Maverick, Jeep Gladiator, Ford Ranger 5-foot bed, and Toyota Tacoma 5-foot bed.

Because of its smaller size, the Tuktut Scout camper is designed for two people, but with customizations, you could include sleeping accommodations for children.

For the Tuktut camper, Scout has partnered with Goose Gear to create a fully customizable truck camper. The starting price is $16,500, but all of the options and upgrades will increase the overall cost.

This blank canvas allows minimalists to get only what they need for a weekend camping trip and DIYers to have a project with which to get their hands dirty. If you choose to allow Goose Gear to outfit your Tuktut Scout truck camper, the team will build drawers and modules to suit your camping needs upon order.

Standard features include a ratchet tie-down system, full composite substrate construction, and outdoor performance fabric cushions. Factory options include removable camper jacks, bilateral bedrail runners, a Dometic CFX3 45L fridge/freezer, a rear-mounted diesel heater, and an all-new powder-coated portaledge bunk extension system.

NEW Off Road Camper For Small Trucks! Scout Campers Tuktut
This video also includes a tour of the manufacturing process in their Yakima, WA factory.

What Kind of Truck Do You Need?

Scout has a truck camper great for almost any kind of truck from mid-sized and above. The Yoho model can fit mid-sized trucks like the Ford Ranger, Toyota Tacoma, and more. This camper has a base weight of 958 pounds and floor dimensions of 69.75 by 41.5 inches. 

The Olympic Scout camper fits full-sized import and domestic trucks with payloads capable of more than 1,091 pounds. The floor size of this model is 74.25 by 47.5 inches. The Kenai model works for 2500 level and one-ton pickup trucks with short or long beds. The base weight of this camper is 1,265 pounds. The Kenai is 92.25 by 47.5 inches.

Lastly, the Tuktut Scout camper is ideal for compact to mid-sized trucks because of its super lightweight design. It weighs only 638 pounds, which i suitable for smaller trucks like the Ford Maverick and Jeep Gladiator.

Pro Tip: Choosing the right truck for your camper is essential for a safe towing experience. Learn how to find the right truck for your Scout here: What Is the Best Truck for a Truck Camper?

Is a Scout Camper Good for Overlanding?

Scout campers can be great options for overlanding when paired with the right vehicle and off-road truck mods. Scout campers combine everything you need to live off the grid into a lightweight and hard-sided camper.

Not all truck campers are great options for overlanding due to their height and making the vehicle top-heavy. Also, if you’re maxing out suspension and weight ratings, you can’t expect great off-road performance. But while the Scout campers are higher than pop-top truck campers, their low weight makes them desirable for an overland setup. 

The rugged and minimalistic Scout is an excellent choice for overlanding adventures. Source:

Is a Scout Camper Worth It?

If you’re in the market for a no-frills, lightweight yet highly capable truck camper that’s ready to go off the grid, there’s no better choice than a Scout camper.

However, if you want a truck camper with more creature comforts designed for RV parks, this camper might not be the best choice. Scout truck campers are affordable, lightweight, and versatile, making them a top pick for off-road and camping enthusiasts everywhere.

The Kimbo is another modular truck camper with a minimalistic design. But does it stack up to the Scout? Find out here: What’s So Special About a Kimbo Camper?

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