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7 Easy Things to Do to Quickly Sell Your RV

While there are many searching for new RVs, a lot of people are looking for used ones too. However, depending on the condition of your RV, it could take some time to sell it. We have bought and sold lots of used RVs over the years so if you’re wondering, “What can I do to sell my RV quickly?” today’s blog is for you!

We’re sharing seven easy things you can do to quickly sell yours. Let’s get started!

Person Selling Pace Arrow Class A RV
If you’re ready to sell your RV and you’ve taken good care of it, you likely won’t have a hard time finding a buyer.

What Is the Best Place to Sell My RV?

There are several options to choose from when selling an RV. However, RV Trader is the best. It’s an excellent option because it puts your RV directly in front of buyers looking to purchase an RV. 

Listing packages start at $69.95 and go up to $249.95. How many pictures you need and how long you anticipate needing the listing will determine which package you select.

If you’re not interested in paying to list your RV, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are other popular options. These sites allow you to create a listing with multiple pictures and information regarding your RV. The effectiveness of listing an RV on these sites can be hit or miss, but many RVers have sold their rigs there.

Never underestimate the power of an old-fashioned “for sale” sign either, especially if you can park the camper in a high-traffic location. You may have hundreds or even thousands of potential buyers drive by your RV every single day. It might surprise you how quick and effective this method can be.


Pro Tip: Buying or selling an overland rig is a whole other story. You’ll often find these rigs listed on niche off-road and expedition sites. Learn more here: How to Find Used Overland Vehicles for Sale (And Where We Found Ours)

How Do I Protect Myself When Selling an RV?

Scammers don’t only target buyers, but sellers too. When you’re selling your RV, you want to protect yourself from getting ripped off by a scammer. It can be tempting to get overly excited when you’ve got an interested buyer. However, you must proceed with caution.

When finalizing the transaction, you should create a bill of sale and have both parties sign it. This will list all the transaction details and release you from future liability. If possible, having this document signed in the presence of a notary can offer even more protection.

In terms of funding, you should always make sure to verify funds. Speaking directly with the bank to give them details regarding the transaction can give you some assurance. If possible have the buyer cut a cashier’s check in your presence or do not release the RV until you have received funds if by wire transfer.

bill of sale
Always create a bill of sale when selling an RV to release yourself from future liability.

Not verifying the funds can result in discovering the check is fake or that the buyer doesn’t have the available funds to complete the transaction. If they’ve already towed your RV away, you’ll have to get law enforcement involved.

What Do I Need to Know About Selling My RV?

When you’re selling your RV, you must put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. What information would you like to know if you were the buyer? What would you expect from a seller if you were purchasing the RV?

You must treat any interested party with respect and decency as you don’t want to run off a potential deal. Be generous with information and truthful with the condition of maintenance and any issues. You don’t want to misrepresent the RV and string someone along based on false information.

You should also remember that you’re under no obligation to complete a sale if you’re uncomfortable with the buyer. It’s your RV, and you are in control of the situation.

looking at RV for sale
Feeling unsure about a sale? It’s ok to hold off to see if you get an offer you’re more comfortable with.

If a buyer is trying to make a low-ball offer, simply decline and move along. Don’t feel pressured to lower your price or make any concessions, especially if you have a tremendous amount of interested buyers.

7 Easy Things to Do to Quickly Sell Your RV

It’s not difficult to attract attention to your RV listing. If you want to sell your rig quickly, here are seven easy things you can do!

1. Write a Descriptive Ad and Include Good Photos

Take your time when creating the listing for your rig. Be as descriptive as possible with all upgrades, features, options, packages, conditions, and any warranties that come with the rig. Be honest and forthcoming with any issues if you have to sell your RV.

Class A motorhome kitchen
Try to capture the true condition of your used RV with quality photos of both the inside and outside of your camper.

People are very visual, and having high-quality pictures of the inside and outside of your rig is essential. Make sure you take the time to clean your RV and reduce the clutter. You don’t want a mess to distract from your rig’s beauty. Also clean all the closets and drawers for the photos. Buyers need to see what these spaces look like empty.

Pro Tip: Consider having your RV professionally cleaned inside and out before listing it for sale. Learn more here: What Is RV Detailing?

2. Price It at Fair Market Value

A major mistake many sellers make is overpricing their RVs. We often think our belongings are worth way more than what they are in reality. You want to price your RV at a fair market value. If the buyer wanted to pay a premium price, they would shop at an RV dealership.

Research and see what similar RVs are going for in your area. Keep in mind your specific RV’s age and condition compared to others. If you’re pricing your rig thousands of dollars more than others, you’re likely not going to get much attention.

Class A motorhome priced to sell
There’s a reason it’s called “fair” market value. Don’t make the mistake of pricing your RV too high if you want to sell it quickly.

3. Clean Your RV Inside and Out

Once you list the RV to sell it, you’ll want to be ready to show it at a moment’s notice. Buyers don’t want to see your clutter or try to look past a mess to see your rig’s potential.

You should clean everything out of your RV that isn’t staying. You want buyers to see what they’re considering and make it easy for them to fall in love with your RV. A clean RV is also a sign that you’re taking good care of it.

Pro Tip: Timing matters when selling your rig. This is Why Fall Is a Terrible Time to Sell Your RV.

4. Honesty Is the Best Policy

As with any large transaction, honesty is the best policy. Dishonesty at any point will send potential buyers running and possibly even get your listing reported. If a seller was dishonest with you, you wouldn’t appreciate it and would have difficulty trusting them with the rest of the deal.

Be honest through the entire process. Don’t answer questions or give information you’re not sure is accurate. If you’re unsure, say you don’t know or research the information before providing an answer.

used pop-up truck camper
Pictures don’t always capture the true quality of an RV. Make sure you are being honest about the condition of your rig when communicating with potential buyers..

5. Share Maintenance Records

Maintenance records are major signs that an RV was well-loved by its owners. Potential buyers will want to see that you have been taking care of the rig and doing what is necessary to keep it in optimal condition.

If you did any major work on the camper, they’d likely want to see it was completed by a professional. Make sure you keep all receipts and invoices in case there’s an issue down the road.

We recommend creating an online document like a google sheet listing the work so the buyers have some history. You can easily share these documents with buyers. This is one thing that can make your personal sale stand out from a dealer. Many times buying from a dealer you get no history. Share as much as you have to instill confidence in your buyer.

maintained records
A google sheet is a great place to put maintenance records to share online

6. Don’t Overshare, Remember It’s a Business Transaction

Many sellers talk potential buyers out of a deal by oversharing. There’s a fine line between being dishonest and highlighting every small or insignificant negative feature about your rig. Your goal is to sell the rig, and it’s the buyer’s responsibility to research what they’re looking for in an RV and if it’s suitable for their particular style.

RV buyer talking to seller
Be smart about what you share with potential buyers.

Pro Tip: Help a buyer out! Make sure they know your RV doesn’t have these Top 10 Easily Missed Things to Look for When Buying an RV.

7. Trade It In or Consider RV Consignment

Many RV dealers sell used RVs. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling your rig, you can trade it in at a local dealer. Whether you’re looking to upgrade or simply get the cash, they’ll happily complete a transaction for you if your rig is in decent condition. 

An RV dealer will likely offer significantly less for your rig as a trade than if you were to sell it yourself. You might also consider selling your camper via RV consignment, which might get you a little more money than a trade-in.

The good news is, depending on the situation, there’s a chance you could have a check in your hand that day or within a few days.

How Can I Find Out How Much My RV Is Worth?

One of the best ways to find out how much your RV is worth is to do some research. Look around on popular websites like RV Trader to find listings similar to your unit. Don’t forget to consider any warranties or upgrades that will go with the rig once you complete the transaction.

Cait doing RV research
A little bit of online research will help you determine the value of your used camper.

The age and condition of your RV will play a major factor in determining its value. It will depreciate even if you’ve kept up on the maintenance and treated it well. Don’t take it personally that it may not be worth as much as you think. 

When Is the Best Time to Sell My RV?

Honestly, the best time to sell your RV is now. There’s a massive demand for new and used RVs, especially if they’re in good condition. Dealerships are experiencing a lack of inventory across the country, and people want to get out and do some camping.

You also want to consider the season. More people will be looking to purchase RVs in the spring as the summer camping season approaches. You may be able to charge a bit more with the increased demand during warmer months. However, closing a deal in the fall or winter can be difficult as buyers will have to wait several months to use their new rig.

Winnebago motorhome for sale

Whether you choose to sell your camper now or later, online or with a “For Sale” sign, following the tips we’ve outlined above will help you get a fair deal quickly.

Have you sold an RV recently? What tips would you give to others looking to sell theirs? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

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Whenever selling any motor vehicle - car, truck, RV, motorcycle, etc - after satisfactorily completing the financial payment you should go directly to your local DMV with the buyer to ensure the ownership of the unit is fully legally transferred. This is because until the DMV recognizes new ownership (issuing new title, registration and plates, ensuring all new taxes and fees paid, and accepting proof of new insurance coverage) you are still the legal owner and liable for any injuries or damage inflicted by the buyer when they drive it. There have been horror stories of private sales where the new buyer did Not transfer title, etc, driving for up to several months on the sellers plates and registration and getting into a serious accident- with the liability placed on the seller since it was still legally in their name.