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What Is the Fastest Way to Sell an RV?

You may have realized, “I need to sell my RV, and fast.” No matter the reason, it’s certainly attainable for most rigs. So what do you need to know to ensure a quick sale for a fair price? Who buys RVs outright? Read on as we explore!

How To Sell Your RV - Tips and Tricks to get the most Money

Is It Hard to Resell an RV?

RVs are generally easy to resell as long as they are priced right. They’re often more complicated to dispose of than an average car or truck but more straightforward than a house or other piece of real estate. 

Selling your RV comes with a few caveats. Naturally, your rig will be challenging to sell if it looks terrible or doesn’t run well. Similarly, certain RV styles may be more tricky to sell than others, like RVs without bathrooms, large or expensive rigs, or ones with unusual floorplans. 

Man inspecting RV that is for sale.
If you are looking to sell your RV, there are a few simple things you can do to sell quickly.

Who Buys RVs Outright?

The answer to who buys RVs outright isn’t simple. Many folks may look to purchase a rig, from retirees cashing out their nest egg to people who may suddenly need a place to live due to fire, eviction, or other issues. The type of customers will depend on the price of the RV. 

On the other hand, one of the most significant answers to who buys RVs outright is dealerships. Dealers can often take rigs off your hands quickly due to their larger budgets. They can safely pay you for your rig now, knowing they’ll make their profit when they sell it soon after. 

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Is It a Good Time to Sell My RV?

Ever since the COVID-19 shutdowns of 2020, RVing has seen an explosion in popularity. Those who’d never considered RV travel before were suddenly snapping up every available rig at higher than expected prices. While this surge of demand has eased, it remains a difficult time to buy a new RV due to supply chain issues. 

All these factors combine to make it an excellent time to sell an RV. You’ll likely receive more interest and a higher final price than a few years ago. This could change in the future as society and manufacturing return to pre-pandemic rhythms. However, this may be months or even years away in some cases. 

Older man moving out of RV after selling it
Now more than ever before is the time to sell your RV.

What Is the Fastest Way to Sell My RV?

While there’s no one definitive strategy to sell an RV quickly, there are a few things that tend to speed up the process. Here are your best bets. 

Get a For Sale Sign

Create mobile advertising with a simple sign in the window of your RV. Wherever you go, people will instantly know your rig is for sale, alerting hundreds of potential buyers every time you take it out for a spin. You don’t need much other than a contact phone number or email, but you may want to add information like price or other factors if space allows. 

If possible, you should also get a sign for your home. That way, anyone who drives by will also see your rig is for sale. Please don’t violate any local laws or HOA rules about advertising. 

Online Listings

The internet dramatically changed the market for almost everything by expanding potential buyers worldwide. RVs have been a significant beneficiary of this trend, with online listings allowing buyers in California to shop for rigs in Florida and vice versa. After all, many folks don’t mind doing a bit of traveling to pick up an RV. 

Online listings also help educate potential buyers about the rig you’re selling. The people who come to see it in person often already have a good sense of the RV and won’t waste your time peeking at a rig that wouldn’t suit them. 

Pro Tip: If you are considering buying from an online listing, make sure to Beware of Craigslist RVs.

RV Dealers

If you’re sitting there thinking, “I need a nearly guaranteed way to sell my RV as fast as possible,” you may want to go directly to a dealer. 

In exchange for this convenience, you will probably need to accept a lower price than a private sale. This makes sense when you consider the dealer will need to sell the rig at that price while making money, so you’ll need to take a price cut. However, this may be less crucial for those who prioritize selling their rig quickly. 

RV for sale parked in dealership
From RV dealerships to online listings, there are lots of options to make selling your RV easy.

Tips for Selling My RV

Ensuring a smooth RV sale is about more than good advertising. There are many things you can do to improve your chances of finding a buyer quickly. 

Do Necessary Repairs and Maintenance

Few people love the idea of buying an RV and immediately taking it to the mechanic or spending hours working on it. Even if the repair costs only $100, you’ll likely need to discount the price beyond that for the hassle of making the buyer manage the repair.

Sure, some people love a fixer-upper. However, delivering a turnkey, ready-to-use RV can ensure the maximum pool of buyers will consider it.

Clean the Inside and Outside of Your RV

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and the first impression of your RV is the exterior.

No matter how impressive the features or fascinating the paint job, if it’s dirty, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Please spend a few minutes washing and polishing it, or head to a truck wash for a professional cleaning. 

Any potential buyer will naturally want to see the inside, which should also be spotless. Dust, clear away clutter, clean the floor or carpets, and wash windows.

You know your rig best, so don’t neglect any spot your potential buyers may encounter, including the inside cabinets, ceilings, and more. 

Take Plenty of High-Quality Pictures

Pictures may be the single most crucial part of selling your RV. Whether they’re calling from a sign or checking out your rig online, pictures are critical. Plentiful pictures allow buyers to see every inch of your rig, including how spaces relate.

They also allow you to show off features like awnings, slides, storage space, and more. Good pictures help those who aren’t interested learn this quickly to avoid wasting your time with questions or visits. 

Tom Morton posing in front of photo of RV
If you’re looking for someone to buy your RV outright, take high-quality pictures of both the inside and outside of your RV.

Create a Great Listing

As the RV market increasingly moves online, an excellent listing is essential to a quick sale. Good online listings include detailed, engaging descriptions, many pictures, and even videos.

Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. What would you need to see and know to be confident making a significant purchase like this from a stranger? 

Communicate with Prospective Buyers

By this point, if you’ve followed these steps and priced your RV correctly, you likely have at least a few potential buyers. Naturally, many will have questions, and many may not be serious.

Still, it’s vital to respond to any calls, texts, emails, or other communications quickly. Not only will it keep potential buyers interested by answering their questions, but it’ll also show you’re courteous and responsive. This can inspire trust in a buyer. 

When communicating with those who reach out, be polite and open about the process. Let them know your potential timeline, if others are seriously interested, and other relevant information. 

Seal the Deal

Once you have a seriously interested buyer, it’s time to close the deal. They’ll likely want to see the rig in person at least once and often bring an inspector to check for potential issues. Be accommodating, but also be wary of buyers stringing you along. 

Once they’ve decided, come to an agreement on price and payment terms. This is up to you, but it’s crucial to ensure all factors are clear to all parties, preferably in writing. Finally, make the sale!

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Sell My RV Fast

Since the invention of the RV, there have been few better times to sell your used rig, especially if you’re looking to unload it fast. With the power of your advertising, the internet, and the country’s vast dealership network, it’s never been easier.

Remember these tips, and you may be days away from cashing in.

Why are you selling your RV? Do you plan to purchase a new one in the future? Tell us in the comments!

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Friday 6th of October 2023

As one who has been lurking at used Class A for sale sites, two of the biggest turnoffs are these:

1. Poorly covered or peeling-flaking seating, and 2. Storage areas cluttered with "stuff".

These are both no or low cost fixes

If you expect more than $20 or $30K for your rig, get your seating professionally reupholstered. Heck, you wouldn't want crappy seating on a $15K auto.

And clear out all your basement and cabinet areas. Add a separate line or two to state all the extra goodies that go with the RV if you also want to get rid of that stuff - without featuring the clutter in your rig.