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The 6 Smallest Toy Haulers for Action-Packed Camping

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a trailer designed to haul your small toys, but had some extra living space for camping once you unload? There is! These small toy haulers are RVs designed to bring your toys along but double as a living space while you recreate. You can actually tow some of them by most midsize pickups and standard SUVs on the market. 

Let’s take a closer look at four of the best and smallest toy haulers for sale and what they’re capable of. 

What Is a Toy Hauler RV?

A toy hauler is an RV with a garage area for hauling “toys,” such as ATVs, motorcycles, bikes, watercraft, etc. 

They come in many forms. You’ll find Class A, fifth wheel, and even travel trailers with a toy hauler space. Having a camper that doubles as a trailer for bringing your favorite adventure gear has a ton of benefits.

Learn more about Toy Hauler RVs in our detailed guide.

RV Buying Guide: Finding The Right Toy Hauler

Are There Small Toy Haulers?

Yes, you can get a small toy hauler. If you want one that you can tow with a standard SUV or small truck, you have a couple of options. But be aware that you can’t bring too big or heavy of toys. These RVs work best for things like e-bikes, dirtbikes, or kayaks and canoes. 

What Are the Benefits of a Small Toy Hauler?

Small toy haulers have many benefits. You can bring your favorite recreational toys along and have a trailer that doubles as a camper. Many have things that make camping a lot more comfortable, like DC power, a sink, a sleeping area, and some even have a bathroom. 

Additionally, they can typically be towed by a vehicle that you already have in your driveway. As long as they have towing capacities of around 3,000lbs, most towing SUVs and light-duty trucks can handle these little campers.

inTech Flyer Discover Kitchen
Small toy haulers are perfect for those seeking a modern yet minimalist design without all the frills of a luxury rig.

What Are the Disadvantages of a Small Toy Hauler?

Small toy haulers have some disadvantages, too. Some don’t have enough space to bring anything other than small or lightweight toys like bikes or kayaks. Other disadvantages include the fact that they don’t come with as many amenities as larger ones do.

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Will a Side-by-Side Fit in a Small Toy Hauler?

A side-by-side might fit in a small toy hauler, depending on which one you choose, the size and weight of your side-by-side, and the towing and hitch weight capacity of your tow vehicle. 

Flyer Explore product shot.
Small toy haulers are perfect towing options for both truck and SUV owners.

If you already have a side-by-side, determine its dimensions and weight to ensure you buy a toy hauler that can handle it. Look at the specs of the RV, including the cargo carrying capacity and the hitch weight, and make sure all numbers stay within the ability of your tow vehicle. 

Things to Look For in Small Toy Haulers

As you go through lists and listings of toy haulers, keep in mind some very key measurements. First, you’ll want to look at the length and width of the cargo area, less any furniture or cabinetry. Also consider the height of the opening of the garage door, represented in the dimensions of the ramp door.

Remember to also think about how you’ll be able to use the space after you remove your toys and vice versa. Consider the most important activities you want to do while the trailer is loaded and unloaded, and make sure the layout and floorplan work with those. Tip-outs or canvas bump-outs help add extra space to the small living areas and are nice additions.

Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC) is a very important number to know, as well as the weight of everything you want to bring with you, including fresh water, partially filled holding tanks, food, and other gear besides the toys.

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The 6 Smallest Toy Haulers

Finding small toy haulers to bring your toys with you and meet your camping requirements can be tricky. If you’re on the hunt for the smallest toy haulers on the market, you’re in luck. Here are the top four that come in under 20 feet in length while still full of amenities and versatility.

inTech Flyer Explore Toy Hauler
The inTech Flyer Explore is one of the smallest toy haulers on the market.

1. inTech Flyer Explore

The inTech Flyer Explore is the smallest toy hauler available on the market that isn’t custom-built. It has a dry weight of 1,450 to 2,020 lbs, a cargo-carrying capacity of 970 to 1,540 lbs, and it’s just under 14’ long at 13’9″.

The inTech Flyer Explore works great for off-roading and comes standard with a roadside tip-out tent for sleeping. You can also customize it with an additional curbside tip-out for more sleeping space. This camper can comfortably sleep four to six adults depending on tent space.

You can choose to have a kitchen added or just cabinets for storage, too. This camper is customizable and made for adventure. 

MSRP: Starts at $20,230

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2. inTech Flyer Discover

The Flyer Discover is another small toy hauler RV from inTech. It’s a bit larger than the last one but still lightweight. This camper has a spacious interior big enough for hauling a side-by-side. 

It has a dry weight between 2,475 and 2,750 lbs, an overall length of 18′ (216”), and a cargo carrying capacity between 2,450 and 2,725 lbs. 

The Discover comes with a standard roadside tip-out for sleeping and a second, optional tip-out on the curbside. This camper can also sleep four to six adults, depending on the configuration. It has a versatile interior that you can customize. It comes with a front kitchen with a refrigerator, sink, cooktop, and an 8.5-gallon freshwater tank. 

MSRP: Starts at $28,056

The 2021 Discover by InTech RV - Flyer Series - Walkthrough Tour

3. Forest River No Boundaries NB10.6

The Forest River NoBo10.6 is one of the smallest yet most talked-about toy haulers on the market. 

This tiny but ultra-capable camper has a dry weight of 2,255 lbs, an overall length of 13’ 10”, and a cargo carrying capacity of 1,533 lbs. 

Instead of tip-outs, it has a convertible sofa bed that splits in half so you can use it as a full queen-sized bed or half bed and half couch. 

Additional options include a NoBo Nest rooftop tent, which can extend the living space. It also has an optional low-profile AC unit, a kayak holder, and much more. This camper has a two-burner cooktop and a cold-weather package standard. 

MSRP: Around $18,000-20,000

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4. Dune Sport Firestorm Toy Haulers

Dune Sport is a custom RV manufacturer headquartered in Mesa, AZ that builds custom toy haulers. They offer bumper pull models as small as just 10 feet long but can build to whatever requirements you have. This is the absolute smallest toy hauler that we’ve ever heard of!

Prices start at around $20,000 and go up depending on features and amenities added by the buyer. If you can’t find what you are looking for in the standard small toy hauler offerings, check out these guys to see if they can meet your needs.

5. ATC Plā 350

The ATC Plā 350 travel trailer is available in two sizes. The shortest length is 16’2″ which features a 12-ft box, but they also offer a 14-ft box version that measures 18’2″. Its GVWR is 3,500-5,000lbs depending on your model with an estimated carrying capacity of 2,450lbs. The Pla 350 has an interior height of 6’6,” and the ramp door measures 76” x 75”.

In ATC fashion, it has a modern black-and-white interior throughout. Other interior features include a sofa sleeper, a stainless steel sink, and solid surface countertops. You can choose to add an air conditioner, dinette, or other custom upgrades.

MSRP: Around $30,000-33,000 starting price.

6. Rockwood Geo Pro G19FBTH

The Rockwood Geo Pro G19FBTH toy hauler is the smallest toy hauler in the Geo Pro camper line. At 20′ 2″ it rounds out our list as the longest small toy hauler. Unlike some of the other toy haulers on this list, it has a dry bathroom, a full kitchen, and a full front bed. It has an unloaded vehicle weight of 3,433 lbs and a cargo-carrying capacity of 1,498 lbs.

The cargo length capacity is 6’ 11”, however, you have to account for the width of the kitchen counter and flip bed sofa to make sure your toys fit. The ramp door is 60” by 68”.

MSRP: About $30,000.

Is a Small Toy Hauler Worth It?

If you want a toy hauler and camper that you can tow with your SUV or midsize pickup, consider one of these. These lightweight and compact rigs have more amenities and features than you might expect. 

Not what you’re looking for? Then you should check out pop-up toy haulers that offer a bit more living space (when popped up) than these little trailers without too much extra weight.

However, if you need a more robust toy hauler with extra features and amenities like a full kitchen, bathroom, or sleeping area, you might want to look at larger toy haulers, travel trailers, or fifth wheels. 

Do you want a small toy hauler for your next adventures? Drop a comment below!

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