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7 Best Small Truck Campers with Bathrooms

7 Best Small Truck Campers with Bathrooms

Imagine traveling in a small truck camper and being self-sufficient. You can park almost anywhere and have your amenities. It’s the kind of convenient road trip that makes memories. The best type, in our opinion! 

This article explores what it’s like to have a small truck camper with a bathroom. They can be game-changers for off-grid camping, trips to places like Alaska, and more. Let’s dig in.

Benefits of Small Truck Campers

A small truck camper gives you the ability to park anywhere you normally would with the size of truck you own. You just have to compensate for the extra height when going under bridges. So stopping for groceries or navigating in a campground shouldn’t pose a problem. You can also go off the beaten path more than you can in a motorhome or towing an RV. You can do all this with everything you need right in the bed of your truck.

Having a refrigerator, sink, and bed in the truck camper is one thing. But having a bathroom adds convenience. You can pull over at any point and have your facilities steps away. 

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Do They Make Truck Campers Without Bathrooms?

Not all small truck campers have bathrooms. In the pursuit of minimalism, some manufacturers have removed a separate bathroom space in favor of being lighter and more agile.

These campers usually have a portable toilet that is pulled out, used in the greater living area, and stowed again. Some have flip-up cabinets or counters that easily expose the toilet. Instead of the bathroom taking up any room in the camper, these campers treat the commode as a no-frills necessity. Showers can usually be found only as an option outside the camper.

small truck camper. kimbo truck camper.
When researching small truck campers make sure to consider whether you want a wet bath, a dry bath, or can live with no bathroom. The Kimbo is a small truck camper without a bathroom.

RV Wet Bath vs. RV Dry Bath 

Larger truck campers will have dry baths or wet baths. An RV dry bath compares to a full-size bathroom in a house. It has an enclosed toilet and a shower with a curtain or glass door. RV dry bathrooms usually have a sink, but some leave the sink out to save space.

An RV wet bath has a toilet and a sink in the shower. So the entire room has a shower wall and floor. When you shower, the toilet and sink get wet but are constructed of materials to accommodate. Wiping down the bath after taking a shower adds an extra step but limits mold and mildew build-up. Campers incorporate wet baths to save room, meaning they work well in a truck camper. 

Most small truck campers with bathrooms incorporate wet bath styles to safe space inside the RV. They also use smaller-capacity toilets like cassette toilets which reduce tank capacity and weight.

7 Best Small Truck Campers with Bathrooms

While there are many small truck campers out there, not all of them excel in the bathroom department. Here we’ve spotlighted 7 of our favorite models to help you in your search.

1. Lance 650

The Lance 650 can fit on a half-ton truck with a 5 ft or 6 ft bed, making it an ideal small truck camper. It has a dry weight of 1,700 lbs and a cargo-carrying capacity of 203 lbs. 

It has a queen mattress, u-shaped dinette, and kitchenette. There’s ample interior storage, including a shelf with netting above the dinette. It comes with a side awning and an optional rear door awning.

The camper has a wet bath with a plastic marine toilet with a black tank flush. A dual-pane skylight gives it natural light, and it has ducted heat in the bathroom. It also has a sink and mirror. The freshwater tank on the Lance 650 is 22 gallons, the grey tank is 15 gallons, and the black tank holds 16 gallons. 

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Lance 650 truck camper
A well-known and respected brand, Lance offers excellent small truck campers.

2. Lance 825

The Lance 825 can fit on a short bed truck such as a Toyota Tundra, Nissan Titan, or Ford-150/1500 series. It has a dry weight of 1,837 lbs and a cargo-carrying capacity of 318 lbs. 

It has frameless tinted dual pane windows, a queen mattress, a dinette, and a kitchenette in true Lance quality. Plus, it has a stereo system and USB chargers conveniently placed in the cab next to the bed.

The Lance 825 truck camper features a wet bath. It has a plastic marine toilet with a black tank flush. There it has a dual-pane skylight in the bath and ducted heat. It also has a removable towel rod and a sliding bath door. This model does not have a sink in the bath. The freshwater tank holds 30 gallons, the grey tank holds 13 gallons, and the black tank holds 14 gallons. 

3. Northstar Liberty

Northstar’s Liberty fits ultra-short bed trucks, 5 ft 6 inches to 5 ft 10 inches long, and standard short beds, 6 ft 4 inches to 6 ft 10 inches long. The small truck camper has a dry weight of 1,775 lbs.

The Liberty has a queen mattress, dinette, and kitchen. There’s also a surprising amount of storage in this small truck camper. In addition, it has an exterior USB port and a Maxxfan inside. 

It has a wet bath with a cassette toilet. The bathroom does not have a sink. The Liberty features an auto-ignition water heater. The freshwater tank contains 20 gallons, and the cassette freshwater tank holds 4 gallons. The grey tank for the shower and kitchen sink holds 13 gallons. And the cassette’s black tank holds 5 gallons.

northstar truck camper
Take your camping and road trips to the next level with a small truck camper.

4. Adventurer 80RB

The Adventurer 80RB can fit on light-duty super short to long truck beds from 5.5 ft to 8 ft long. The truck camper has a dry weight of 1,762 lbs.

The interior features a queen bed over the cab, and a 72-inch sofa that converts into a 40 by 72-inch bed. There features a wardrobe and nightstand with a drawer next to the queen bed. It also has a small galley kitchen with a refrigerator on the opposite wall. 

The Adventurer 80RB has a wet bath and a one-piece fiberglass pan shower. There is a dual-layer skylight and 12V power exhaust fan in the bathroom. It has a Dometic toilet with a freshwater foot flush. The freshwater tank is 15 gallons, and it has a 4-gallon water heater. Both the grey and black water tanks can hold 6 gallons.

travel lite truck camper
A small truck camper with a bathroom is a game-changer for ease of use on the road.

5. Travel Lite Super Lite

Travel Lite’s Super Lite camper is compatible with half-ton trucks. It fits on a 5. ft to 8 ft long truck bed with the option of closing the tailgate. The Super Lite has six floorplans ranging from 1,398 lbs to 1,785 lbs dry weight. 

The interiors feature modern finishings and solid wood construction. Each floorplan has a kitchenette, a full bed over the cab, and a dinette or couch. They also have an outdoor shower.

Super Lite’s 610RSL and 770RSL are the only floor plans with a bathroom inside the truck camper. The 610RSL only has a shower with a 6-gallon water heater capacity, while the 770RSL has a wet bath with a shower and standard flush toilet. The 770RSL has 9-gallon fresh water and 5-gallon grey water capacity. A porta-potty is available for the 626XSL model.

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6. Northwood Wolf Creek 840

Northwood’s Wolf Creek 840 fits on a truck bed 8.5 ft long with an overall length of 16 ft. It has a dry weight of 1,992 lbs. 

The interior includes a queen bed over the cab and a u-shaped dinette that converts into an additional bed. In addition, it has a galley kitchen with ample counter space. Numerous optional features include a 100-watt or 170-watt solar panel.

The Wolf Creek 840 has a wet bath with a shower, toilet, and sink. It has a porcelain foot-pedal toilet, a skylight, and an exhaust fan. It also includes a shower curtain with a curved track if you want to keep the door open. The truck camper has a freshwater capacity of 35 gallons, the grey water tank holds 27 gallons, and the black tank holds 20 gallons.

Northwood Wolf Creek 840 Floorplan. Source:

7. Northstar 650SC

The Northstar 650SC fits ultra-short bed trucks or standard short beds. So it can fit on a 5 ft 6 inch to 6 ft 10 inch-long truck bed. It has a dry weight of 1,610 lbs.

This model has a pop-up top, providing lower clearance when compact. It has a queen bed over the cab with storage on both sides. It also has a couch dinette and a corner galley kitchen. And it has a Maxxfan Plus with a rain cover for good ventilation in most weather conditions.

The Northstar 650SC has a wet bath with a cassette toilet and shower. Its freshwater capacity is 20 gallons, and the cassette freshwater tank is 4 gallons. The gray water holding for the shower and kitchen sink is 13 gallons. And the cassette black water tank holds 5 gallons.

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Next Level Road Trips

Are you ready to travel in one of these small truck campers? We hope you get to a dealer and walk through them. A truck camper can take your camping and road trips to the next level. Having all you need, including a bathroom, makes for a stellar journey.

Are you packed yet? Safe and happy travels!

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Friday 19th of November 2021

I wish you would state the fact that most 1/2 ton pick ups are overloaded with any these campers . The one at 1400 lbs by the time you put you say ave 150 lbs x2 people that’s 300 lbs + 1400 =1700 plus all the stuff you have to have & want to bring , food water extra shoes boots cloths jackets cameras binoculars hats gloves rain coats phones other beverages goodies , just figure what you carry yourself , & then unless you special order a Ford had f 150 which is rated I believe @ 3300 lbs carrying capacity , I’m been camping since the 60s, 3 different truck campers couple trailers ,I had a lance 815 on a f 250 w a v10max load was 8800 , after I loaded it up ready to go over 9100 with 2 people an all our stuff I mentioned above . I had to extra over load springs to rear & special rubber suppendion helper w 10 ply tires it still leaned but not as scary!Clayton I also had an 1172 w/ diesel & duallies , that’s what most truck campers need , no scary leans with that

Yves Soucy

Friday 5th of November 2021

Great article. These are all nice small truck campers. I noticed you didn't mention the palomino 750s yet it was pictured at the front of this article. Oversight? I have the palomino on my half ton titan. My truck carries it easily and I love it.

Clayton Vedder

Thursday 12th of August 2021

My only comment is most 1/2 ton pickups un less special ordered can not carry 1300 lbs , just add up the additional of two people & all there stuff food clothing water extra this & that you’re way over the vehicles weight load not counting the tire over load! Even the lightest pop up truck camper is to heavy , you really need 3/4 ton just for tire load!

Mortons on the Move

Sunday 15th of August 2021

We always encourage buyers to know the specs of their camper and vehicle before making any buying decisions. In fact, we wrote a whole article about finding the right truck for a truck camper: We hope it helps anyone who might be unsure about their trucks' capabilities.

Marty Main

Tuesday 10th of August 2021

I am waiting and watching for the details of overlander 4x4 truck cabover camper build. Even though we have a heavy duty truck carrying my Jeep and pulling my 5th wheel RV trailer, I have some interest in something smaller and more agile that can carry us into more remote boondocking locations. Loved your north pole adventures and technical explanations. I too, had JC Refrigeration (Dutch Aire) convert our Dometic fridge to 12vdc. Works great. See our remodel at

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