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Where Do All the Snowbirds Go? Top U.S. Destinations for Winter Escapees

When the temperatures start dipping, many RVers start moving toward a wintertime destination. RV snowbirds have it down to a pattern. It’s just part of their natural life cycle to head toward warmer climates for several months of the year. Many return to the same region year after year to reconnect with their snowbird community.

We all know they head south, but where exactly are these snowbird havens? Let’s find out!

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What Does It Mean to Be a Snowbird?

Many of our feathered friends fly south to escape cold temperatures, and so do their RV equivalents on the ground. RVers from many parts of the northern U.S. seek warm climates just as deliberately as those birds overhead. 

Some are full-timers, like us, but many more are seasonal RVers escaping from the cold season.

While snowbirding is an ongoing annual routine for many, their destination may vary from year to year. There are plenty of traditionalists who return, like clockwork, to their same home away from home every winter. Others are constantly on the lookout for fresh settings to take in new experiences and meet new friends.

Where Do RV Snowbirds Come From?

Many RV Snowbirds are from the northern United States, like Maine, Michigan, New York, Montana, and North Dakota. But you may also be surprised to find out that many of our Canadian neighbors also flock to southern U.S. destinations in winter.

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A Couple of Canadian Airstream RV "Snowbirds"

Where Do They Go? Top US Destinations for RV Snowbirds

Broaden your horizons from coast to coast with these top snowbird destinations while chasing that 70-degree weather. Many of these communities embrace the influx of visitors because it means business in what would otherwise be the off-season.

1. Yuma, Arizona

Yuma, Arizona is a very popular destination for snowbirds. Not only do the expect the influx every year, they depend on it. Plus, it checks all the boxes that RV snowbirds are looking for:

  • Fantastic mild/warm climate
  • Lots of RV parks and resorts, many offering long-term deals and RV lots for purchase
  • Plenty of attractions, restaurants, and entertainment
  • Proximity to Mexico for medical tourism

American Girl Mine is a nearby boondocking paradise for those looking for a more remote and free camping experience.

2. Quartzsite, Arizona

While more obsure than Yuma, Quartzsite is no less popular. In fact, some estimate that the small town’s population swells from 3,000 residents in the summer to over 100,000 people during the peak winter season! This is largely thanks to a few key factors:

  • Quartzsite hosts many gem and mineral shows
  • The Quartzsite RV Show is estimated to be the 2nd largest RV show in the country
  • BLM land surrounds the town, providing cheap long-term desert boondocking opportunities
  • Quartzsite is almost a rite of passage for full-time and seasonal RVers in the Southwest
  • Lots of RV meet-ups, and rallies are held here

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3. Palm Springs, California

We’ve actually visited Palm Springs in many winter seasons and love it! Sunshine, palm trees, and lots of RV parks. We recommend finding one that is also has a hot spring!

  • Its far enough from Los Angeles that it’s not too terribly busy.
  • Cosmopolitan, mid-century modern charm.
  • Desert Oasis: Lots of hot springs and spas, some of which are right at the campground!
  • Just 40 minutes from Joshua Tree National Park
  • Easy trip to Quartzsite for social events, rallies, and shows
  • Date shakes should be a bucket list item for everyone
  • Lovely desert climate, as long as its not too windy.
  • Views of the snow-capped San Bernadino Mountains

Keep a look out! Palm Springs was the first place we saw a upside pineapple…you’ll want to make sure you know what this means.🍍

4. Corpus Christi, Texas

If the Texas coast had a capital, it would probably be Corpus Christi. With a population of around 325,000, it’s a sizable city, and it’s a great jumping-off point for visiting neighboring communities.

  • The climate in Corpus Christi is mild enough for many RVers to settle in for the winter.
  • The proximity to the beaches and other attractions along the Gulf of Mexico
  • Go fishing or windsurfing or venture out to explore several protected areas, including a national seashore.

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Corpus Christi, Texas, USA on the seawall at dawn.
Head for the heat this winter to stay warm!

5. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas may not jump to mind as one of the most RV-friendly towns in the US. But, if you count the sprawling suburbs, nearby towns, Valley of Fire State Park, and the Lake Mead Recreation Area, you might start to see why RVers flock here.

  • Entertaiment Capital of the World – plenty to see and do between casinos, restaurants, shows, and even outdoor recreation
  • Mild climate
  • Huge international airport for meet-ups or traveling further
  • Luxurious motorcoach resorts to free boondocking on BLM land

6. Anywhere in Florida

We tried to think of the most popular areas in Florida for RV snowbirds, and its almost impossible. Practically everywhere could be considered a hotspot.

We’ve previously done research on the best long-term Florida RV parks, but as you’ll see from the list, they are all over the place. Florida has so many wonderful communities for snowbirds that offer palm trees, beaches, fishing, golfing, entertainment, and more.

  • Sarasota, FL – Classic Florida beach experience
  • Daytona, FL – Speedway and golfing galore
  • Orlando, FL – Disney & Universal parks
  • West Palm Beach & Miami Outskirts – beaches, shopping, shows, cruises
  • Crystal River, FL – Manatees, natural springs
  • Destin & Pensacola, FL – beautiful beaches, home of the Blue Angels
  • Cape Canaveral/Titusville/Cocoa Beach, FL – heart of the Space Coast
  • The Florida Keys – most expensive option, but many RVers find it’s most affordable to buy a seasonal lot.

Snowbird Tip: Florida is an awesome place to spend the entire winter, but not all RV parks are suited for long-term RV stays. Here’s a list of the best long-term Florida RV parks for settling in for a while.

Soak up the sun in Florida.

7. The Alabama and Mississippi Coast

While often forgotten about, the southern part of Mississippi has a 26-mile white-sand beach and a scenic divided highway that runs its length. Neighboring cities include Biloxi, Gulfport, Long Beach, and Bay St. Louis. Similarly, Alabama is home to some beautiful beaches like Gulfshores and Orange Beach.

  • Not quite as warm as South Florida or Yuma, AZ, but still very tolerable
  • Beautiful white sand beaches
  • Awesome Spanish moss vibes
  • Lots of fishing, golfing, and other activities
  • Mardi Gras carnival season brings many parades and events to the area

8. Phoenix, Arizona

We’d be wrong not to point out the larger Phoenix Metropolitan Area as a major hub for RV snowbirds. However, in our experience, most of the RV resorts, parks, and communities are 55+. This means that they restrict most of their customers to the older demographic. But just because we aren’t yet qualified to stay in most of the parks, we’ve spent many winter days on the outskirts of Phoenix on BLM land.

  • Great climate
  • Easy access to major city amenities, entertainment, shopping, and more
  • Major airport access
  • 55+ communities tailored to seasonal snowbirds

9. Lake Havasu City, Arizona

This city is perfect for people who want to play with their toys over the winter! There might be more ATVs on the road than cars. Lake Havasu itself is a gorgeous body of water that seems surreal in the middle of the desert. Bring your side-by-sides, kayaks, and paddleboards to this desert beach getaway for a winter of fun.

  • ATV trails for days
  • Lively waterfront area
  • Playful town culture; everyone has a toy and most have RV garages attached to their homes.
  • Awesome boondocking nearby
  • On the banks of the beautiful Colorado River
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Enjoy the Weather, Snowbirds! 

Are you looking for a warm place to spend the winter? If you want to break out of your winter routine, these are some extraordinary options.

These destinations are about more than mild 70-degree temperatures; they’re also about having a variety of indoor and outdoor activities that aren’t too expensive. 

Are you a snowbird? What destinations do you like best? Drop a comment below!

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Monday 25th of December 2023

Although we have our domicile in Central Florida we are like snowbirds as well. We hate Florida from April through October so we escape to the North as well. Whether it be Canada or up at 9000 foot elevation in Colorado in the summer. Full time RV is awesome for the chasing the tolerable weather.

Melissa Pappas

Monday 25th of December 2023

As someone who grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida, I'm well versed in "snowbird." Floridians have a true love/hate relationship with snowbirds. We love that they come to enjoy our beautiful area and weather (and spend money), but cringe at some of the crowding and lack of road manners. Obviously, not every snowbird bulls their way around on the road. (BTW...I'm now a snowbird when I go home to Florida.) If I could give snowbirds a little free advice, it would be to get an idea of where you are going and how you wish to get there prior to getting on the road. The other thing that makes southern residents really cringe is when snowbirds get angry over rain. Yes, I know you want sunshine and warm weather, but rain is essential for those palm trees, jacarandas, and beautiful flowers you come to see, and at least you don't have to shovel it.