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What’s All the Hype About the Solo Stove?

What’s All the Hype About the Solo Stove?

The Solo Stove is all the rage. But what’s all the hype about? For starters, it’s a portable firepit. So essentially, you can take your s’more-making skills with you anywhere. 

Keep reading to learn more about the Solo Stove, its benefits, and why in the world it’s so popular. We also take a look at other products the company makes. Let’s dig in!

Solo Stove Bonfire - The World's Most Unique Fire Pit

What Is a Solo Stove? 

A Solo Stove is a stainless steel portable, above-ground wood-burning firepit. It’s designed to have efficient airflow and a smoke-free flame. The Solo Stove Signature 360 degree Airflow Design™ only requires sticks and twigs as fuel, while the lower vent holes draw in air. Then, the heated air ignites after leaving the upper vent holes. You can use the stove to keep warm or cook over the fire. 

The company, Solo Stove, also develops various products, including fire pits, grills, camp stoves, and pizza ovens. Its mission is to create products that make good memories.

They’ve been making products for the camping and backpacking market since 2011, and branched into backyard residential-sized equipment. Their designs and technology for creating efficient and long-lasting burns for small camping stoves have been supersized into a much larger Bonfire model that has now swept the country.

There is a lot of hype around Solo Stove. If you’re trying to remember where you’ve heard the name before, you’ve likely listened to a Solo Stove advertisement on your favorite podcast or in a pop-up ad. For example, Conan O’Brien raves about it in an ad on his podcast. It’s getting massive mentions in the press these days. 

Kudos to Solo Stove for the outstanding marketing campaign. They have key incentives for all the attention they’re getting, including an affiliate program and a brand ambassador program. You can gain a commission as an affiliate. Or, if you’re an influencer, you can fill out an application to be a brand ambassador and reap benefits. 

A Solo Stove is an easy product to endorse. It’s lightweight, and the small fire pits are easily portable. The only fuel it needs is sticks, pine cones, or other biomass. They are specially designed to create an efficient burn, creating less smoke (yay!) and a longer burn with the wood you have.

In addition, it has an attractive design that makes it stand out from its competitors. These factors, and its robust marketing campaign, have positioned the stove at the top end of portable fire pits and camping stoves and more into the luxury cooking and patio sector.

You can purchase a fire pit directly from the company’s website for $200-300 – a price tag to match the hype and demand for these high-tech fire canisters.

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Solo Stove with campfire in it.
Take the lightweight and easily portable Solo Stove with you on your next camping adventure.

Solo Stove Products and Models

Solo Stove sells four different types of products as well as accessories. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Fire Pits

You can choose from three different models of fire pits. The Ranger is among the smallest at 15 lbs and a 15-inch diameter. You can fuel it with logs up to 12 inches long. Next in the lineup is the Bonfire. It’s 20 lbs with a 19.5-inch diameter. The Yukon is the biggest. It’s 38 lbs with a 27-inch diameter, and it’s a great option for keeping in your backyard or on a deck. 

Solo Stove Ranger Stainless Steel Smokeless Fire...
  • PORTABLE FIRE POWER: Solo Stove Ranger is our most compact...
  • LESS SMOKE, MORE FLAME: The camping stove has double wall design...
  • A MORE EFFICIENT BURN: A more complete burn means the little...


Solo Stove also makes a grill. It has the Signature 360-degree Airflow Design, just like the fire pits. It’s fueled with charcoal briquettes or lump kiln-dried chunk wood and burns quicker and faster than other grills on the market due to the innovative design.

The grill is 29.4 inches high with the stand, and the cooktop is 22 inches high and 22 inches in diameter. It’s lightweight at 38.5 lbs. And it comes with a 13-inch portable grill stand, a spatula, tongs, meat fork, grill cover, and a carrying case. In addition, you’ll get a grill starter pack with it that includes 4 lbs of all-natural charcoal briquettes and four fire starters.

Solo Stove Modern Grill Ultimate Bundle Heavy Duty...
  • SIMPLE BY DESIGN- Easily removable ash pan, charcoal grate, and...
  • GRILL TOOLS- Grill Tools are made with 304 stainless steel and...
  • THE ULTIMATE GRILL BUNDLE- Comes with everything you need for the...
Woman camping at sunset.
From fire pits, grills, pizza ovens and more, Solo Stove makes cooking on your outdoor adventures easy and warm.

Camp Stoves

Solo Stove’s Camp Stoves are the most portable of their products and the best options to take on camping trips. There are three models. The lightest is the 9 oz Solo Stove Lite. It’s only 5.7 inches tall and 4.25 inches in diameter.

The Titan is the next size up at 16.5 oz, 7.9 inches high, and a 5.1-inch diameter. Campfire is the largest model of camp stoves but is still extremely lightweight and portable. It weighs 2.2 lbs, is 9.25 inches high, and is 7 inches in diameter.

Solo Stove Lite Portable Camping Hiking Survival...
  • GEAR OF THE YEAR WINNER: The original super-efficient, ultralight...
  • PATENTED DESIGN, LESS SMOKE: The patented design features a...
  • FUEL IS FREE: No more spending money on white gas or expensive...

Pizza Oven

The Pizza Oven is one of Solo Stove’s coolest inventions. You can make wood-fired pizzas in it or bake with propane by adding the gas burner accessory. It has the Signature Airflow and a Demi Dome construction to create convection. 

The Pizza Oven is great for backyard use or camping. It weighs 30.5 lbs and is 15.125 inches high. The oven has a diameter of 20.5 inches, and the pizza stone thickness is 0.5 inches. 

Solo Stove Pi - Key Feature Demonstration


There are multiple accessories available to trick out your Solo Stove. From gloves to an infrared thermometer and silicone mats to cleaning kits, you’re likely to have shopping the accessories. 

The Finer Points of a Solo Stove, Examined

With all of the hype about the Solo Stove, it’s only natural to wonder if it’s legit. So let’s take a closer look at some of the specifics.  

Solo Stove with campfire in it.
Keep warm by sitting around a Solo Stove campfire.

Do Solo Stoves Put Off Good Heat?

Solo Stoves do put off good heat. They can easily keep at least four people sitting around it warm. Reviewers have reported having to back away from it just like a normal campfire that gets hot. Keeping the fire fed is important, but you can stay warm with a Solo Stove.

What Is the Best Wood to Burn in a Solo Stove?

Hickory is among the best wood to burn for maximum heat and long-lasting fires. It also burns clean, which reduces smoke. You can also burn other hardwoods, including juniper and oak. And while softwoods aren’t the best, you can use some in the Solo Stove, including douglas fir, cedar, and poplar. 

Can You Grill on a Solo Stove Bonfire?

You can grill on a Solo Stove Bonfire fire pit. You can also use roasting sticks for cooking hot dogs or purchase the Bonfire Cast Iron Griddle to grill over the fire pit. The griddle is about an 8-inch lift over the hot coals. 

Can a Solo Stove Be Used on a Deck?

You can safely use a Solo Stove on a wooden deck. While there may be a chance of the heat damaging your deck when used for long periods, it doesn’t put off as much heat as other types of fire pits. You can get a stand if you want to add a heat-resistant barrier. 

Pro Tip: Unsure what type of fire pit is right for you? Check out these 5 Reasons Portable Propane Fire Pits Are Better Than Wood Campfires.

Woman drinking coffee at a campsite by kitchen set up.
Use your Solo Stove at home, at a campsite, or wherever your RV takes you.

Can You Put a Solo Stove on Grass? 

Grass could potentially burn with a Solo Stove sitting directly on it due to the heat it lets off. It’s recommended that you use one of Solo Stove’s stands to lift it off the ground. However, a stand isn’t necessary if the stove is on dirt or sand.

Will Solo Stove Rust? 

While Solo Stoves are stainless steel, they can rust. Store them in a dry and cool location. We recommend purchasing a cover to keep over your stove if you plan to keep it outdoors. 

How Do You Put Out a Fire in a Solo Stove? 

The best way to put out the fire is to let it burn out naturally and cool off. It’s not recommended that you put the lid on to snuff out the fire. Instead, wait until it’s completely died down. 

Solo Stove Bonfire Review - Is It Worth It ???

Is a Solo Stove Worth the Hype?

While not the most affordable portable fire pit on the market, the hype around Solo Stoves have made it one of those brands that you just want, like Yeti or Airstream. They look good, they work, and while you can accomplish the same thing with something that costs less, isn’t it fun to be part of a craze?

At the end of the day, if you’re happy with the product you’ve purchased, it’s worth it. If that extra satisfaction that comes from having a known brand that’s being raved about across the internet helps that happen, then by all means!

Not for you? Check out these other portable fire pit options that might be more your speed.

Are you ready to buy a Solo Stove? If you do, let us know how it works for you.

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Mike J

Sunday 3rd of April 2022

We have had a Solo Stove for about a year now, and love it. Actually we have both the Ranger (for the RV) and the Yukon for the back deck. We use the Solo Stove directly on our Trex Deck with no problems at all (it is on Solos Stand).

It does smoke while coming up to temperature but once burning with hot coals there really isn’t any smoke. You can see a little inside the heat waves coming off the fire but it is not detrimental at all. Since we live in Alaska and really have no hardwoods up here, we use Birch as our wood of choice. Don’t care for Fir or Spruce because of the sparks from all of the sap.

Highly recommended, and we would not be without one now!

Mortons on the Move

Wednesday 6th of April 2022

Thanks for sharing your personal experience with the Solo Stove. :)


Saturday 2nd of April 2022

Nope never heard of a solo stove

Steve Culbertson

Saturday 2nd of April 2022

Those things are addictive. I have a Bonfire in my RTT trailer, a Ranger in my E-Pro travel trailer, and a Campfire stored in the back of my GX. Love all three.