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Starlink Officially Releases Satellite Internet for RVs And Is Cleared To Offer Internet In Motion By FCC

Starlink Officially Releases Satellite Internet for RVs And Is Cleared To Offer Internet In Motion By FCC

High-speed reliable satellite internet for RVs is finally here! Many in the RVing community have been impatiently waiting for years for this very moment. This satellite internet service answers the prayers of those wanting to stay connected or work on the road. We have been using Starlink since its beta period and are very excited to see this offering.

But does Starlink for RVs live up to its hype? Let’s look and see!

Starlink is a satellite internet service from Elon Musk’s company SpaceX. They began launching low-earth orbiting satellites in 2019 and started accepting residential customers a short time later. After many more launches and the service coming out of beta testing, Starlink has created a specific plan for RVers.

Unfortunately, Starlink was not allowed to be used while in motion until a recent FCC ruling changed to allow it. This is very exciting as satellite internet now should work anywhere anytime!

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Previously, Starlink users required a home address to serve as their service address. Starlink divided the globe into cells and only allowed a certain number of users in each cell to maximize the user experience.

Because many RVers don’t stay put for very long, they found it very difficult to find open cells to use their service. However, the new plan from Starlink changes the game for RV internet.

While many residential customers must pay a deposit for the equipment and wait an unspecified amount of time, possibly months, Starlink for RVs is immediately available. However, RVers must pay a $25 premium fee each month for portability and are also subject to slower speeds in areas with network congestion.

Still, for those RVers who enjoy boondocking and getting away from it all, it’s the perfect internet solution.

You can signup for this internet option at Starlink’s website.

The installation of Starlink is so easy that most Starlink users install the equipment themselves for free. The equipment arrives with everything you need to get the service up and running. Since most Starlink for RVs users move from place to place, they’ll need to set up and install the equipment at each campsite.

Starlink box
Starlink is the perfect RV internet option for quick and reliable service.

Many opt to mount the dish on a flagpole or other mount to get it off the ground at their campsite. This can help avoid trees and other obstacles that might interfere with the service. You can have your service up and running in a matter of minutes.

Much like any other internet service, the speeds will vary. However, many Starlink for RV users experience download speeds between 50 Mbps and 250 Mbps, and 5 Mbps and 15 Mbps when uploading.

These broadband-like speeds are more than enough for streaming, online gaming, and video conferencing. However, speeds will vary based on network congestion and if obstructions interfere with the dish’s ability to connect to the satellites orbiting in space.

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There’s a lot to love about Starlink for RVs. It’s changing the way many RVers travel. Let’s look at a handful of things users of Starlink for RVs love about the service.


Because the Starlink service connects to thousands of low-earth orbiting satellites in space, you can connect to the network practically anywhere.

This means those RVers who love to spend time boondocking on public lands no longer have to worry about finding spots near cell towers to stay connected. They can set up their Starlink service in extremely remote campsites in the desert or up in the mountains.

starlink dish next to RV
Installing Starlink is quick and easy to do by yourself.

Broadband Speeds

One of the biggest frustrations for RVers who need to stay connected is battling slow data speeds. However, Starlink’s 50 Mbps to 250 Mbps speeds are more than sufficient for most users.

These speeds make it very easy for multiple users to connect to the same connection without interruption. RVers can say goodbye to waiting for a video to buffer or choppy video conferences. Starlink can handle almost anything users need to do on the internet.

Unlimited Data

Managing data usage has been another challenge for those who need to stay connected while RVing. Most RVers used cellular data plans with data caps, and they’d have multiple accounts to get sufficient data. Even those who could secure “unlimited” data plans would experience reduced speeds during peak times or after using their allotted data.

Starlink is unlimited, and RVers can stream HD content without fear of blowing their data allowance. However, whether the service will continue to provide unlimited data forever is completely unknown.

Easy to Install

The installation of Starlink for RVs is incredibly easy. Simply connect the cable to the dish and router, plug it in, and power up the antenna. The dish can automatically adjust for the optimal angle to connect to the satellites in space. It really can’t get any easier!

Starlink satellite product inside of box
A premium product comes with premium prices. Be prepared to pay a little extra for Starlink satellite internet.

Users love that there’s a tremendous amount of flexibility when installing the equipment. How users set up their equipment will vary based on their unique needs. However, many choose to mount their dish on a flagpole to help avoid obstructions and keep it out of the way.

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While there’s so much to love about Starlink for RVs, we’d be lying if we said it was perfect. You need to keep a handful of negatives in mind before signing up for service.

Not Available Everywhere (Yet)

Not all shipping addresses are available at this time to register for Starlink internet. You may be able to use a different address than your home address to ship the hardware for this service because it is mobile. However, for stationary applications, you may not be eligible to sign up until the program expands further with more satellite launches.

Along similar lines, while coverage is expansive, you may run into pockets that do not have coverage yet. Check their coverage map for the latest updates.

It’s Not Cheap

You can’t expect premium results without paying a premium price. Expect to pay $599 for the equipment and $135 per month for the service.

The Starlink for RV service requires users to pay a $25 premium fee for portability. This allows them to change their “service address” whenever they travel to a new destination.

However, the upfront cost is likely less than what you could pay for a new phone, and some unlimited cell phone plans can cost just as much.

Service Degradation

While Starlink limits the number of users in a particular area to avoid congestion, users of Starlink for RVs can still get connected. While they can connect, they’re not likely going to receive the same speeds they’re used to getting.

Like cellular data providers, these users will receive deprioritized service to ensure other users receive a premium experience. This will most likely occur the closer users get to larger, more populated areas.

Starlink dish installed on top of RV
You will not be able to use your Starlink satellite while your RV is in motion.

Can’t Use in Motion

One of the major disadvantages of Starlink for RVs is that it is not designed to be used while you’re in motion. Starlink has been cleared by the FCC for internet in motion, so Starlink is hopeful that its service will have complete mobility in the future.

But for now, it’s not designed for this. This means while RVers travel down the highway, they’ll still need to rely on their cellular data plans to stay connected. However, we expect to see this in a future product update.

Obstructions Are Everywhere

Starlink is fantastic for those who spend most of their time in wide-open spaces. However, trees, mountains, and buildings that obstruct the view of the sky will greatly interfere with the Starlink service.

While this might not be a problem for those out west, many campgrounds and the best camping spots on the eastern portion of the country often have thick tree coverage. These obstructions could render the Starlink service useless.

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Starlink For RV Is Here! This Will Change The Way We Travel

Stay Connected While on the Road

Starlink is a game-changing technology that we think will revolutionize the way RVers travel and use their RVs. However, it’s not right for everybody, and those who use it will likely still require some sort of backup plan for internet when on a campsite with obstructions.

The service will likely only improve as SpaceX launches more Starlink satellites into space. We look forward to being able to stay connected in remote places and watching how Starlink impacts the RV community.

Will you sign up for Starlink for RVs? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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Tuesday 5th of July 2022

Had my Starlink RV for about 3 weeks now. Our first trip we went to Joe's Valley Reservoir (UT). Unboxed, and within 1/2hr had everything working ! We had 100mbps for almost all the time. Everyone at camp wanted to use my wifi, and at times we had 12 people using it, and I was still able to stream Prime Video shows. I had the router plugged into my Yeti 1500 as I didn't want to use the RV inverter, and the Yeti said it had over 30 hrs of use left. All in all it was a great move for me! Come winter I will just postpone the service until spring again. Another nice thing is when my DSL goes down at home, I can just get out my Starlink and use it while I wait for my DSL to get fixed.

Dana D

Tuesday 5th of July 2022

Will not sign up for StarLink. Too expensive.