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Who Is Storyteller Overland?

Off-grid camping and overlanding have become buzzy topics over the past few years. Particularly during times of stress, people look for more ways to get away from it all and explore the great outdoors. Unfortunately, some of the best off-grid locations aren’t easily accessible in a traditional RV or camper van. That is very much why Storyteller Overland came into existence.

But who exactly is Storyteller Overland, what do they build, and why should you care? These are all great questions that we’re going to answer right now. Let’s hit the road!

The History of Storyteller Overland

Storyteller Overland is a company of outdoor enthusiasts that wanted to create a better way for folks to get off-grid, explore, and tell better stories with their lives.

Jeffrey Hunter started the company in 2018. He was previously the head of McSweeney Designs which built luxury vehicles, including armored vehicles, luxury aircraft and marine interiors, and luxury vans. He started Storyteller Overland in Birmingham, AL, with $3 million in capital. The main goal of his venture was to help people get more out of life.

The company says its prime directive and reason for being is to constantly inspire and equip its growing community of road trippers, van lifers, and overlanders with the proper gear, resources, and mindset to “Live Free. Explore Endlessly. Tell Better Stories.”

In April 2024, Storyteller Overland announced its acquisition of TAXA Outdoors.

What Type of Vehicles Does Storyteller Overland Sell?

Storyteller Overland is hyper-focused on Class B adventure vans suited for everything from typical travel to going a little further off-road. They call them MODE vans.

Storyteller’s three 4×4 MODE vans are built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis with robust suspension that allows them to be true adventure vans. These have off-road capabilities that are an overlander’s dream. They also come with a 3.0L Turbo Diesel engine.

Though not quite as robust as the 4×4 MODE vans, the MODE LT is built on a Ford Transit all-wheel drive chassis. This build still allows for adventurous travel, but with a bit more accessibility and serviceability.

Storyteller Overland van
Storyteller Overland vans are equipped for off-grid adventure.

Storyteller Overland Van Models

While Storyteller Overland vans are all called MODE vans, there are still four specific models. Each one comes with swiveling driver and co-driver seats, satellite radio, enhanced driving light systems, and extra driving safety systems. 

The interior has a two-seater convertible sofa bed, plus a bed in the garage area that converts to a workspace with storage underneath. MODE vans also have a roof rack for hauling extra gear.

Additionally, they have a 21-gallon fresh water tank, a 24-gallon gray water tank, a portable toilet (so no black tank), a 30A shore power cord, and a city water connection. 

Storyteller Overland rear bed
You’ll enjoy being able to stretch out on the rear bed.
garage gear storage space under bed
Plus, you’ll have plenty of space for storing gear underneath.

Energy capabilities include an M-Power 12kWh energy storage system, a 3200W inverter, a 90W solar panel, a secondary alternator for battery charging, and a powered awning with dimmable LED lighting.


The MODE LT is Storyteller’s first Ford Transit-based adventure van. It comes with light off-road capable all-wheel drive and a 3.5L EcoBoost V6 gasoline engine. It offers the serviceability and accessibility that Ford is known for, while maintaining the ability to go off-grid.

Storyteller’s MODE LT is available in arctic white with bronze transition wheels and all-terrain tires. It also has a MODE COM 11-inch full-color touchscreen control system, removable upper cabinetry, a fold-out shower, and a portable cassette toilet.

It’s 19′ 4″ long and 10′ 3″ tall. It has a kitchen, fold-up bed, air conditioner, heating system, and sleeps two to three adults. 

Storyteller Overland MODE LT Ford Transit AWD Camper Van Tour

Price: $153,748

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Classic MODE

The Classic MODE is one of three models built on the Mercedes-Benz chassis and powered by a 3.0L Turbo Diesel V6 engine. It has a full 4×4 package that includes a low and high range. This combination makes it adept at getting to some truly remote locations that most other RVs and vans can’t even begin to dream about.

Color options for the Classic MODE are arctic white or pebble gray with Contrast Cut Storyteller wheels and all-terrain tires. It also has removable upper cabinetry for increased storage, a full-color touchscreen control system, and a diesel-powered heating system

Moreover, the Classic has a portable Bluetooth speaker, a fold-out shower, a portable cassette toilet, and LED high-performance headlamps.

The Classic MODE is 20′ long and 10′ tall. It has a galley kitchen, fold-up bed, air conditioner, heating system, and sleeps two to three adults. 

Storyteller Overland Mode 4x4 Walk-Through | Mercedes Sprinter Class B RV

Price: $157,747

Stealth MODE

The Stealth MODE takes what the Classic MODE started with, but adds a few additional special features. It has the same chassis, engine, and 4×4 package.

It comes in blue-gray or selenite gray metallic with the stealth graphics package, custom emblems, a hood spoiler, and matte black Storyteller wheels with all-terrain tires. The Stealth MODE also features an M-PowerStation 27-amp output, JBL premium co-axial door speakers, a Storyteller Updog rear step, and the NVADER rear doors storage solution.

It’s 20′ long and 10′ tall. Like the other MODE vans, the Stealth has a kitchen, fold-up bed, air conditioner, heating system, and sleeps two to three adults. 


Price: $169,454

Beast MODE

The Storyteller Overland Beast MODE is the final build on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis and lives up to its name. Take everything we told you about the Classic MODE and the Stealth MODE and notch them up tenfold. That is the Beast.

It comes in arctic white or pebble gray with the Beast graphics package, a hood spoiler, and matte black Beast wheels with all-terrain tires. The Beast MODE also features an M-PowerStation 27-amp output, JBL premium co-axial door speakers, and a Storyteller Updog rear step.

However, some of the features that truly set the Beast MODE apart are the Storyteller Tenzing Trailhead brush guard, a KC HiLiTES 360° lighting package, and the M-Power extender system. Other things that stand out are the no-rub fender kit, fender flares, an onboard air compressor with front and rear air chucks, and an Owl Vans Sherpa cargo carrier.

The Beast MODE is 21′ long and 10′ 3″ tall. It has a kitchen, fold-up bed, 13.5k BTU air conditioner, diesel heating system, and sleeps two to three adults. 

Nomad Tours // Inside the Storyteller Overland Beast Model

Price: $198,746

How Much Does a Storyteller Overland Van Cost vs. Other Camper Vans?

There are many RVs and vans in the overland vehicle category. But most don’t have the Storyteller Overland MODE vans’ capabilities, particularly the Beast MODE. It’s the ideal overland adventure vehicle.

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But, as with most things, price is typically a primary consideration. So how does Storyteller Overland stack up to other adventure vehicles when it comes to price?

Well, as you saw above, MODE vans start at $153,748 for the MODE LT with its light off-road capabilities. The price climbs to $198,746 for the Beast.

By comparison, other similar vehicles in this category cover quite a range. Somewhat similar to the MODE LT is the Winnebago Solis 59P, which starts at $115,497. 

On the other end of the price spectrum, Winnebago’s 4×4 Revel is most similar to Storyteller Overland’s Mercedes-Benz chassis MODE vans. It starts at $202,401. 

Winnebago Revel
The Winnebago Revel off-road camper van’s starting price is about $4,000 more than Storyteller Overland’s Beast MODE van.

Another popular overland van option is the Sportsmobile Classic 4×4. It ranges from $175,000 to $225,000, depending on the design and options selected.

In reality, however, there aren’t a lot of off-the-lot builds that match the capabilities of the MODE vans. Many comparable options are custom built with a price tag to match. And even the companies that offer similar builds typically have a starting price that climbs considerably with added options and upgrades. For example, a 4×4 package is often considered an upgrade.

The nice thing about Storyteller Overland vans is they are price-locked nationwide. That means, no matter where you purchase a new MODE van, you’ll pay the same price. This doesn’t include taxes and the like, but Storyteller locks in the price of the van itself.

Beast MODE 4x4 van
Unlike other brands, Storyteller Overland locks in the price of their camper vans.

Where to Rent, Buy, and Service Storyteller Overland Vans

If you want to try a Storyteller Overland MODE van before you buy one or you simply don’t have a desire to own one, there are options for renting.

You can use all the optional third-party services, such as Outdoorsy or RVShare. Storyteller, however, acquired GoCamp, a camper van-specific rental service, in 2021. The company intends to continue GoCamp’s mission of a highly curated peer-to-peer fleet of camping vans, including several MODE vans.

If you want to purchase a Storyteller Overland vehicle, the company has a hand-picked network of dealers across the United States. They are easily searchable from the company’s website. Similarly, Storyteller has also built a network of service dealers across the county.

Beast MODE 4x4 van
Want to give these vans a test drive? Consider renting one for a weekend getaway.

Are Storyteller Overland Vans Worth It?

If you truly want to get out and explore the outdoors, Storyteller Overland vans have everything you’ll need to go where you want to go. The line-up is small, just four models, but each model is perfectly designed for a specific type of travel. 

All four models are built to take you off-grid. The MODE LT design is for general travel or light off-road excursions. Storyteller Overland then steps things up, adding more extensive off-road capabilities as you work your way up in features and price. But wherever you want to go, they likely have an option to get you there.

One of the more refreshing things about Storyteller’s approach is that their pricing is what it is. The MODE LT includes everything listed on the spec sheet. The same goes for the Classic MODE, Stealth MODE, and Beast MODE vans. You don’t have to worry about the “but what if I want this” or “why wasn’t that included” questions. You get everything that Storyteller Overland built into those models for the price that they say.

rear garage door and spare tire on Storyteller Overland van
No matter which MODE van you choose, you’ll get a rugged, fairly priced adventure rig.

If you want to travel further and longer, Storyteller Overland has a MODE van that will meet your needs. And you won’t have to haggle over the price. Just climb in and go!

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