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Sunray Campers: Tiny Travel Trailers for Big Adventures

If you like the vintage look of some campers, you’ll love the Sunray Camper lineup. You can even customize the inside with vintage decor. But unlike other brands that may price their trailers over $50,000 for a retro look, you may find Sunray Campers are more affordable. They come with the essentials but trade the bells and whistles of other campers for a lightweight design.

Let’s check out the Sunray Camper lineup and learn more about what these small trailers offer big adventurers!

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What Is a Sunray Camper?

A Sunray Camper is a lightweight, easy-to-tow travel trailer. They come in white, red, black, yellow, blue, and orange, with five floorplans. They all feature a single-axle, aluminum siding, a one-piece PVC roof membrane, a diamond plate rock guard, and a powder-coated steel chassis.

The Sunray Campers have a full kitchen with a 2-burner stove, refrigerator, and microwave. A 20-pound propane tank also comes standard. They range from 12 feet to 16 feet, 8 inches long, and a 4 feet, 6 inches to 6-foot, 2-inch interior height.

Blue and White Sunray Campers
Sunray Campers make the high-quality, lightweight, easy-to-tow travel trailers.

Who Makes Sunray Campers?

Merle Schmucker started a construction company in 2005 in Florida. He returned to Shipshewana, Indiana, to begin his RV company a few years later. Partnering with his brother, Marlin Schmucker, and industry veteran, Jonathan Yoder, this team of three built Sunset Park RV.

The lightweight, budget-friendly travel trailers by Sunset Park RV include Sunray Campers, the larger Sun Lite Campers, Rush entry-level toy haulers, and the off-grid Volt travel trailers. The unique colors, various options, and entry-level pricing of these tiny trailers have put Sunset Park RV in the top 11 most prominent manufacturers of travel trailers in North America.

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What Makes Sunray Campers Unique?

One of the best-selling features of a Sunray Camper is its lightweight design. All Sunray Campers weigh less than 4,000 pounds fully loaded. You don’t have to own a heavy-duty truck, which saves money. Owners can tow a Sunray Camper with an SUV or light-duty truck.

But even as a lightweight trailer, a Sunray Camper has a suitable cargo-carrying capacity. There’s ample room to bring your outdoor gear. Four of the five floorplans have more than 1,500 pounds of the cargo-carrying capacity, which is spacious for campers of their size.

The Classic and Sport packages are upgraded features that owners can add to their Sunray Camper. The Classic Package includes upgrades like 14-inch off-road tires, color-matching rims with moon caps, and retro decor, including a diner-style countertop. The Sport Package includes upgrades like a 6-inch lift with heavy-duty tires, a roof rack, a 100W solar kit and controller, and an upgraded axle with electric brakes.

Sunray Camper interior
A Sunray travel trailer may be small, but the interior is surprisingly spacious.

The Sunray Travel Trailer Lineup

Sunray Campers range from the 12-foot-long Sunray 109 Sport to the 16-foot, 8-inch Sunray 149 model. Depending on the size you’re looking for, five floorplans offer very different amenities.

Sunray 109 Sport

The shortest Sunray Camper, the 109 Sport, is 12 feet long and 7 feet, 6 inches high. It has a 1,320-pound dry weight with 1,3000 pounds of cargo-carrying capacity. The hitch weighs 120 pounds, and there’s a 16-gallon freshwater tank.

The rear hatch kitchen has a 2-burner stove, refrigerator, microwave, sink, and overhead cabinetry. Inside, the Sunray 109 Sport is almost a blank slate. There’s an air conditioning unit and furnace and a lounge/sleeping space along the wall that converts into a 54″ x 74″ bed. 

Sunray 109 Sport | Overland Vehicle Systems | Malone MegaWing | Trek Bikes

Sunray 109E

The Sunray 109E is the same as the 109 Sport except longer due to the substantial front cargo rack. It measures 16 feet, 6 inches long, with a 7-foot, 6-inch height. The cargo rack adds about 340 pounds to the dry weight for a 1,660-pound total. But the cargo-carrying capacity also increases to 2,000 pounds. The hitch weight is 160 pounds, and there’s a 16-gallon freshwater tank on this model.

Since the interior is the same as the Sunray 109 Sport, you’ll find the rear hatch kitchen with the same appliances. Inside is the air conditioning unit, furnace, and lounge/sleeping space. Outside, you can haul a golf cart, dirt bike, or ATV on the front cargo rack.

2023 Sunset Park RV SunRay 109E Single Axle Toy Hauler

Sunray 129

Measuring 15 feet and 5 inches long, the Sunray 129 has a larger interior height at 8 feet, 9 inches, and a larger dry weight at 1,930 pounds. The cargo carrying capacity is 1,790 pounds, and the hitch weight is 220 pounds. This unit has a larger fresh tank with a 22-gallon capacity.

Like the other models, the Sunray 129 features a rear hatch kitchen with the same appliances. But inside, the space has more definition with a U-shaped lounger and table. You can add storage cabinets above the dinette or a bunk bed for more sleeping space. This unit also has a toilet, a sink, and a 28-gallon black tank.

Why the 2022 Sunset Park SunRay 129 is Perfect for Your Next Trip

Sunray 139T

The Sunray 139T is very different from the other Sunray Campers. It measures 15 feet, 5 inches long, with an 8-foot, 9-inch height like the Sunray 129. It has a slightly heavier dry weight of 1,980 pounds and a smaller cargo-carrying capacity of 1,725 pounds. The hitch’s weight is 205 pounds. There’s a much larger fresh tank in the Sunray 139T with a 36-gallon capacity.

Instead of a rear hatch kitchen, this unit has a side hatch kitchen. The kitchen has the same features, but it’s along the side next to the entry door. This unit also features a separate room with a toilet and a sink inside near the front of the trailer. The interior lounge/sleeping space is smaller in this unit at 112 by 52 inches because of the position of the outdoor kitchen.

However, the rear opens to provide a ramp for storing outdoor toys like kayaks or bikes. Like a toy hauler model, the Sunray 139T has a bed that will raise or lower in this garage space.

2022 Sunset Park RV 139 T Sunray Sport

Sunray 149

The largest Sunray Camper is the Sunray 149. Measuring 16 feet, 8 inches in length, and 9 feet high, this unit is also the heaviest with a 2,260-pound dry weight. The cargo-carrying capacity is 1,520 pounds, and the hitch weight is 280 pounds. There’s a 27-gallon freshwater tank, a 28-gallon gray tank, and a 28-gallon black tank. This is the only Sunray trailer with a gray tank.

Unlike other models, the kitchen is inside this unit. There’s also a toilet with a private door like in the Sunray 139T. The front of the camper has a booth dinette, and the rear of the unit has a large bed. Like all Sunray Campers, the 149 model has an air conditioning unit and furnace.

The Unbelievable Features of the 2023 Sunset Park RV Sunray 149 Sport​

How Much Does a Sunray Camper Cost?

A new Sunray Camper will cost anywhere from $13,000-30,000. Because there are five floorplans with different amenities, you’ll find that the price fluctuates among the trailer lineup. On RV Trader, we found a 2023 Sunray 109 Sport with a lift kit, off-road tires, a 100W solar kit, and a roof rack for under $14,000. On the other hand, we found a 2023 Sunray 149 for over $27,000.

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Sunray Camper travel trailer
Sunray Camper travel trailer with rear kitchen hatch.

Who Is a Sunray Camper Good for?

If you want to camp on the weekends, the Sunray Campers are suitable options. They’re easy to tow, compact, and lightweight. You won’t have any problems getting to and from the campground, even if you’ve never towed anything before.

If you want to explore national parks, the Sunray Campers are also helpful because of their small size. With many national parks having limits of less than 25 feet in length, you’ll easily fit into a campsite at almost any location.

Finally, Sunray Campers are suitable for solo travelers. If you have a family of four, it will be cramped, but if you’re traveling alone, a Sunray Camper will have everything you need and just enough space for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Blue and White Sunray Campers
Head out on your next big adventure in a Sunray Campers travel trailer.

Are Sunray Campers Good Campers?

Most owners are happy with their trailers from Sunset Park RV because of their affordability and quality. The designs are simple. The units are small. But they serve a particular demographic who appreciates what these travel trailers provide.

One happy customer wrote, “I purchased an 18’ after searching and researching for nearly two years. This was a small company I had come across but knew nothing about. The price was great, and the quality of the unit I received was great. Over the last year I’ve had absolutely no complaints with my travel trailer. The support I received from my local dealership was great even though I haven’t really had any issues. The manufacturer is small, but they’ve got a great affordable product. Would definitely recommend giving them a look.”

Another customer wrote, “Great price for a trailer that had everything I was looking for!  I was able to add all the options, then installed solar panels, an inverter, lithium batteries and ended up a lot less than other manufacturers basic models! I can now camp anywhere!”

It’s crucial to note that there will always be problems with campers. You’ll have things to fix along the way and perhaps even have problems to solve with new units. But in general, the ownership experience has been positive from customers who have dealt with Sunset Park RV and its camper lineup.

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Plan Your Big Adventure With a Sunray Travel Trailer

If you want to explore, a Sunray travel trailer may be a fit if you don’t mind traveling in a small space. If you expect luxurious amenities, reclining theater seats, or a kitchen island, then Sunray Campers aren’t for you. But if you want to hit the trails, paddle the rivers, and get out into nature without worrying about whether you’ll fit in a campsite or how easy a trailer will tow, you might have found your next travel trailer!

Is a Sunray Camper in the future for you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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