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Sunseeker RV Buying Guide: Finding the Right Model for Your Adventure

When choosing an RV, the task can be daunting. There are thousands of makes, models, and floorplans out there. Today, we’re here to help you find the right Sunseeker RV for your adventure. If you’ve narrowed your search to this Class C motorhome, we hope to provide insight and guidance from our years of experience in RV shopping before making your final decision. Let’s dive in!

Who Makes Sunseeker RV?

Forest River, one of the largest brands in the RV industry, makes the Sunseeker RV lineup. Like many RV manufacturers, Forest River had its headquarters and facilities in Elkhart, Indiana, the “RV Capital of the World.” Forest River makes travel trailers, destination trailers, fifth wheels, pop-up campers, toy haulers, Class A motorhomes, and Class C motorhomes.

Class C RV Sunseeker RV
For those seeking the ultimate Class C RV, look no further than a Sunseeker RV.

What Are Sunseeker RVs?

Sunseeker RVs are part of Forest River’s Class C motorhome lineup. They’re entry-level, value RVs, so they’re for weekend campers who aren’t spending months traveling across the country. They range from the smallest Sunseeker LE at 23 feet 10 inches to the largest Sunseeker Classic at 32 feet 3 inches.

The smaller units are better for solo travelers or couples because of the limited living space. Even though there’s additional sleeping above the cab, it would be uncomfortable for more than two people to move around inside. However, the larger Sunseeker Classic motorhomes with a dinette and sofa would offer more space for a family of three or four.

Pro Tip: Before you buy a Class C RV, make sure you uncover What You Need to Know About Class C RVs.

Sunseeker Classic

The largest line of Sunseeker RVs is the Classic. There are five options on a Ford chassis.

  • Largest size Sunseeker RVs
  • Gas engines
  • GVWR is 14,500lbs
  • 5 floorplans
  • The Sunseeker Classic models range from around $89,000-160,000 on dealer lots.


  • Classic 2440DA and 2500TS – Smallest models, measuring 27 feet 1 inch.
  • Classic 2860DS, 3010DS, and 3050S – All feature a booth dinette and sofa. They also have more storage in the rear bedroom.

Best for: These would be the best options for families.

Incredible Class C Motorhome! 2023 Sunseeker Classic 3010DS

Sunseeker LE

There are nine 2024 Sunseeker LE RV floorplans:

  • Second largest Sunseeker line
  • Lengths range from 23 feet 10 inches to 32 feet 3 inches
  • GVWRs range from 12,300-14,500 pounds
  • Gas engines
  • Chevy or Ford Chassis options – Three units are on a Chevrolet chassis, and the other six motorhomes are on a Ford chassis.
  • The Sunseeker LE models range from $75,000-135,000 on dealer lots.

Floorplans: Three of the nine floorplans have no slides, while the others have one or two slide-out rooms. They all have a dinette, a full kitchen, and a dry bathroom. The Sunseeker LE models that are 29 feet or longer have a dinette and sofa.

Best For: Like the larger Sunseeker Classic units, these would be best for families because of the ample living space and the extra sleeping area above the cab. The Sunseeker LE 3250DSLE has a third sleeping area next to the rear bedroom with a bunk bed and sleeper sofa.

2023 Sunseeker 2850sle | Perfect Class-C Motorhome for a Roadtrip!!

Sunseeker MBS (Mercedes Benz Series)

There are two options in the 2024 Sunseeker MBS line.

  • MBS = Mercedes Benz series; built on Mercedes-Benz chassis
  • Diesel engines
  • Length: 25 feet 5 inches
  • GVWR: 11,030 pounds.
  • They cost between $120,000-160,000 on dealer lots.


  • The 2400B features a U-shaped dinette, a full kitchen, a queen bed, and a dry bathroom.
  • The 2400T features power theater seats, a sofa with a queen Murphy bed, a dry bathroom, and a full kitchen.

Best For: The Sunseeker MBS line is an option for travelers wanting a smaller motorhome with space above the cab for storage or an extra sleeping area. Both units have a large slide-out extending the entire driver’s side length to provide more interior space. However, the diesel engine and Mercedes-Benz chassis make these units more expensive than the other Sunseeker motorhomes.

Wondering why Mercedes-Benz chassis are so much more expensive? Find out here.

Forest River RV-Sunseeker-2400MBS

Sunseeker TS

Finally, the Sunseeker TS line has two floorplans on the Ford Transit chassis. It really could be considered more of a B+ crossover option.

  • Ford Transit chassis
  • Gas or Diesel option
  • The Sunseeker TS line resembles a Class B campervan more than the other Sunseeker models.
  • Length: 25’6″ – 26’1″
  • GVWR: 10,360lbs
  • Costs $115,000-140,000 on dealer lots.

Floorplans: These two floorplans are very different.

  • The TS2370 is 26 feet 1 inch long, and the TS2380 is 25 feet 6 inches long.
  • The TS2370 has twin beds, a rear dry bathroom, and a small loveseat across from the kitchen.
  • The TS2380 has a rear double bed, a dry bathroom in the unit’s center, a corner kitchen space, and two opposing chairs with a pedestal table behind the captain’s chairs.

Best For: Due to its size, the Sunseeker TS line is great for retired couples, weekend warrior couples, or small families.

2019 Forest River RV-Sunseeker TS-2380TS

“Certified Green” Sunseeker RV Class Cs: What Does It Really Mean?

Forest River proudly displays the “Certified Green” label on every webpage, so we wanted to take a moment to address it. The Sunseeker RV only earned a silver rating. There are “emerald” and “gold” levels above the “silver” rating. According to its “green performance,” the Sunseeker RV achieved 60% on energy but 37% on resources, 47% on indoor air, and 53% on water.

So what does this mean? Kudos to Forest River for doing the certification. However, a silver rating isn’t a significant deal compared to other “green” RVs. For example, consider the Living Vehicle, which earned an emerald achievement. It scored 90% on resources and energy, 94% on indoor air, and an astounding 125% on water. 

The takeaway: The environmental “green” rating shouldn’t be the factor you hinge your Sunseeker buying decision on.

Pro Tip: Protect your Sunseeker RV with one of these 5 Best Motorhome Covers for Class A and Class C RVs.

Sunseeker RV at campsite
Sunseeker RVs have multiple unique layout options to consider.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Sunseeker RV

When looking at the Sunseeker RV line, there are a few things to consider before making your final purchase. Think about the size of your family, what type of camping you’ll be doing, and how often you’ll be camping. Just because one floorplan works for your best friend doesn’t mean it will be right for you.


The layout is critical. Is there enough space for everyone to sleep and move around during the day? If you have to convert a sofa or dinette, are you willing to do this every night? If you want to invite friends for the weekend or host a tailgating party, do you have enough kitchen and entertaining space?

For example, the Sunseeker MBS 2400T has a Murphy bed. This provides additional lounging space for entertaining or watching television. However, you’ll have to clean up the area every night to pull down the bed.

Also, look at what you can access when the slides are in. Some people prefer motorhomes with no slides to easily access the refrigerator, bathroom, or bed when traveling. For example, the Sunseeker 2250SLE  has one rear slide to provide extra room in the bedroom, but you can quickly get in and out of the kitchen to make sandwiches on a travel day.


The amenities of most of the Sunseeker RVs are the same. One notable difference is the engine. If you prefer a diesel engine, your options are more limited. You’ll have more power but at a higher price.

Also look at the tank sizes. If you plan on boondocking often, you’ll want large enough tanks that you won’t have to find a dump station every 2-3 days. For example, the Sunseeker Classic 2860DS has a 44-gallon fresh tank, but the Sunseeker 2250SLE has a 35-gallon fresh tank. Those nine gallons can make a huge difference when conserving water for a few days.

Interior of Sunseeker RV
Sunseeker RVs are spacious and cozy for epic adventures.


The Sunseeker RVs vary tremendously in size. You can go with a 24-footer or 32-footer. That’s a distinct difference. So ask yourself a few questions: How comfortable are you driving a longer rig? How much space do you need?

If you plan to camp often in national parks, you’ll want to go as small as possible since most of these campgrounds have size limits. But if you’re taking a family of four to your favorite private campground at the beach a few times a year, you’ll want an RV large enough that you don’t feel like you’re on top of one another.

The more amenities you want, the larger the RV will probably be. So you must decide what’s more essential. For example, you can have a sofa and a dinette in the Sunseeker 2950LE and 2850SLE. But the 2950LE model is about 18 inches shorter and under 30 feet. However, the 2850SLE offers more interior space to walk around with a large slide-out.


Finally, every RV purchase comes down to price. Because there are four lines among the Sunseeker RVs and so many floorplans, the price varies greatly from one to another. You may have to give up something to stay under budget. Some may like the size and style of the Sunseeker MBS 2400B but need to go with the Sunseeker 2150SLE, which is similar in length because it’s cheaper (mainly because of the chassis downgrade).

How to Find a Forest River Dealer

If you’d like to purchase a Forest River Sunseeker RV, you’ll need to find a local dealer. Use the search function on their website to type in your zip code and select the Sunseeker RV you’re interested in to find the closest location. By visiting these approved dealer lots, you can walk into several units and decide which floorplan and size you prefer.

“Do you carry Forest River?” RV DEALER FAQ
Chris from Collier RV explains how RV dealers choose brands to carry on their lots and what they can order for their customers.

Be Informed Before You Choose Your Sunseeker RV

Forest River is a well-known brand in the RV industry. However, you don’t want to purchase without being informed. If the Sunseeker RV is at the top of your wish list, carefully consider which unit is right for you so you avoid buyer’s remorse. You want to enjoy this purchase for years and not turn around to trade it in the following camping season.

Hopefully, our insight and considerations will help you make the best decision for your camping needs. Now go make those memories!

Which Sunseeker RV could you see yourself exploring in? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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