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7 Best Folding Survival Shovels to Bring on Your Adventures

Do you have all of your outdoor gear essentials in order? A survival shovel is a key part of a hiking and camping tool kit. We personally always carry a shovel and highly recommend one. We’re here to help you choose the best folding shovel for your adventures.

Are you ready to dig in? Pun intended! Keep reading to learn more about survival shovels and the most adventure-ready ones.

The Best Survival Shovel I Have Used So Far: iunio Survival Folding Shovel with Handle Lock Design

What Is a Survival Shovel?

A survival shovel is a tactical tool that can dig holes and perform other tasks outdoors, including sawing through branches. It comes in handy when hiking, camping, and for general outdoor activities. A survival shovel can dig in mud, snow, and sand. In addition, it could be used as a weapon if needed.

For Overlanding a good shovel is the first tool we get out if we get stuck. Usually just moving some soil to the right spot can get you out of a sticky situation.

7 Folding Shovels That Are Adventure-Ready

Finding the best folding shovel can be time-consuming. So we’ve found seven of the best options on the market you can purchase online and have delivered to your doorstep. First, we look at their stand-out features and identify what they’re best for.

Man using survival shovel to camp in the snow
Whether you’re camping in the snow or the sand, a survival shovel is crucial to keep you safe!

1. Rhino USA Carbon Steel Shovel

About: The Rhino USA Carbon Steel Shovel is compact and portable. It’s 23 inches long extended and 9 inches by 6 inches when folded. The military-style tool is multifunctional and fantastic for backpacking, gardening, and more. 

RHINO USA Folding Survival Shovel w/Pick - Heavy...
  • Folding survival shovel w/ pick - heavy duty carbon steel...
  • Military style e-tool - 2lbs of powder coated carbon steel, tough...
  • Compact & portable - full 23" long extended but only 9" x 6" when...

Stand Out Feature: You can move the shovel head to 90 degrees and use it as a pick. This can be useful for cutting through branches on a trail or chopping through the ice.

Best For: Camping and Backpacking

2. SOG Entrenching Tool w/ Saw Edge

About: The SOG Entrenching Tool is lightweight and foldable. It’s multifunctional with a shovel and wood saw edge. The survival shovel is 18.25 inches long when fully extended and 10 inches folded. In addition, it’s made of high-carbon steel, making it durable and long-lasting.

SOG Entrenching Tool- 18.25 Inch Folding Survival...
  • 18.25 INCH FULL LENGTH, 24.5 OUNCES: Lightweight foldable...
  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE: The multi-use shovel folds down to be...
  • HIGH-CARBON STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Super durable to handle the long...

Stand Out Feature: The survival shovel has a three-way folding design and a carry case, making it easy to transport in your backpack. And the rotating spade blade can be used as a pick or hoe for cutting through weeds or branches. 

Best For: Camping and Backpacking

Pro Tip: Should a survival shovel be in your bug out bag? We took a closer look at what you should pack first in your survival bag.

3. Gerber E-Tool w/ Serrated Blade

About: The Gerber E-Tool is a folding spade with a serrated blade and pick. It’s made of powder-coated boron and carbon steel. It also has an aluminum shaft and a glass-filled nylon handle. The tool is 10.25 inches long and weighs 3.23 lbs. 

Gerber Gear E-Tool Folding Spade with Pick and...
  • Nato approved E tool
  • Powder coated boron serrated, carbon steel blade
  • Anodized 7075 aluminum shaft and glass filled nylon handle

Stand Out Feature: The durable handle on the spade makes it easy to hang and store, and the serrated edge helps cut campfire wood.

Best For: Camping

Man using survival shovel to dig hole
Survival tools aren’t just for digging holes, although they do make that a much easier task!

4. Military Entrenching Shovel

About: The Military Entrenching Shovel has two serrated edges making it ideal for cutting through snow and ice. It has a steel blade and aluminum handle with a black powder-coat finish and is 23 inches long when fully extended. In addition, it’s a genuine US military issue.

US GI Military Original Issue E-Tool Entrenching...
  • Steel Blade with Aluminum handle
  • Genuine US Military Issue
  • Black powder-coat finish

Stand Out Feature: The tri-fold design on this survival shovel makes it easy to carry in a backpack and store when not in use. Having two serrated edges can help you in sticky situations when a simple saw isn’t enough.

Best For: Camping and Backpacking

5. Iunio Portable Folding Shovel

About: The Iunio Portable Folding Shovel is a multi-tool that is 17 inches long. It includes a shovel, saw, bottle opener, emergency whistle, fire bar, hammer, nail extractor, hoe, compass, and fish scaler tool. The tool is durable and made of high-carbon steel with a rubber grip handle.

iunio Folding Survival Shovel, Camping Shovel...
  • Portable Folding Shovel w/pick (18.3in): Designed and produced by...
  • Versatile Military Shovel: Features a regular survival shovel...
  • Sturdy & Built to Last: iunio camping folding shovel blade and...

Stand Out Feature: The handle is interchangeable with the various functions of the tool. Its multifunctions make it a must-have gear in any outdoor enthusiast’s toolkit.

Best For: Camping, Backpacking, and Fishing

Survival shovel upright at campsite.
Come prepared for your camping trip by packing a survival shovel!

6.  Glock Entrenching Tool Folding Shovel

About: The Glock Entrenching Tool Folding Shovel is lightweight and 14 inches long. It can serve as a spade and shovel. And it has a telescoping handle made of high-impact resistant polymer materials to keep it rugged and durable. In addition, the folding blade locks into four positions.

Glock Entrenching Tool with Saw and Pouch, Black,
  • Versatile tool features number of multifunctional properties
  • Half the weight of a conventional E-tool
  • Entrenching tool has no welding or rivets for enhanced endurance

Stand Out Feature: The telescoping handle makes the survival shovel convenient for various uses and small spaces. Because sometimes, you need a short handle for chopping through thick brush or rugged terrain.

Best For: Camping and Backpacking

Pro Tip: Can you use your survival shovel to open a can while camping? Check out these Camping Hacks to Open a Can Without a Can Opener.

Person holding shovel next to campfire.
Make camping easier by having a survival shovel on hand.

7.  Coleman Folding Shovel & Pick

About: The Coleman Folding Shovel and Pick can dig out roots and cut small tree branches. It’s made of durable steel and has a serrated edge for sawing. The tool comes with a carrying case and folds down to 7 inches. 

Coleman Folding Shovel and Pick

Stand Out Feature: The firm grip on the handle helps you keep control of the tool in any condition. And when using it as a pick, the grip is particularly useful, so the handle doesn’t slip out of your hands.

Best For: Camping and Backpacking

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Keep a Survival Shovel in Your Toolkit

We highly recommend keeping a survival shovel in your toolkit. It’s likely to come in handy more than you think. From cutting away branches at a campsite to digging snow away from your tires, there are multiple uses. And folding shovels help keep things compact for fitting the tool in your backpack, trunk, or other small storage areas.

Do you own a survival shovel? If not, would you buy one? Tell us in the comments below!

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