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SylvanSport Go: The Transformer Tent Camper Pop-Up Trailer Combo

The Pisgah National Forest surrounds Asheville, NC, and hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, camping, hunting, and fishing are popular here. So it’s no wonder that the SylvanSport mobile adventure company was inspired by and born in this outdoor paradise. Today we’ll look closer at this brand and the SylvanSport GO camper, its best-selling flagship product.

If you enjoy tent camping but long to haul your gear on your weekend adventures, this may be for you. Let’s dive in!

Sylvan Sport Go Camper Setup and Tour

What Is SylvanSport?

SylvanSport is an independent outdoor gear company that manufactures pop-up campers, trailers, tents, and gear run by CEO and founder Tom Dempsey. These lightweight, versatile campers provide plenty of room to haul outdoor gear like kayaks or fishing poles.

There are five campers in the SylvanSport lineup. The LOFT rooftop tent fits on most vehicles and packs quickly for convenient transport. The GO EASY trailer can haul up to four kayaks or bikes and has an optional storage box and deck. The TrailLOFT micro camper combines the rooftop tent with the GO EASY trailer. It sets up in about one minute and sleeps two people.

The VAST travel trailer is the largest model in the SylvanSport lineup. The rear includes a garage like a toy hauler where you can transport and store all your gear. At night, it transforms into a bedroom with two queen beds. The SylvanSport VAST also includes an inside and outside kitchen.

However, the model we’ll focus on today is the SylvanSport GO camper. This trailer is between the TrailLOFT micro camper and the VAST travel trailer. The versatility of this camper means it can act like a toy hauler, transporting dirt bikes, kayaks, or an ATV. It sleeps up to four people and has standing room for up to 6 feet, 5 inches inside.

inside a sylvansport go camping trailer
SylvanSport makes lightweight, versatile campers perfect for outdoor adventures.

Where Are SylvanSport Campers Made?

The company’s name comes from its home in the North Carolina mountains. SylvanSport originated in Transylvania County. Sylvan means “of the forest.” The nearby Pisgah National Forest stretches over 500,000 miles and has hundreds of miles of trails, whitewater rapids, and waterfalls.

SylvanSport attempts to source parts and materials from as close to home as possible, thus supporting local businesses in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. The factory is in Brevard, NC, and about 75% of the SylvanSport GO camper parts come from within 100 miles.

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What Makes SylvanSport Different?

In 2004, SylvanSport sought to make outdoor adventure accessible. CEO Tom Dempsey wanted to create products that would allow outdoor enthusiasts to bring their toys with them. That usefulness is SylvanSport‘s philosophy.

But what makes SylvanSport different is its engineering. Dempsey has been an industrial engineer for over 30 years. Since 2004, the team has earned multiple IDSA Gold awards, an Edison award, National Geographic Adventure’s Best of Adventure Gear award, Gear Junkie’s Gear of the Year award, and Red Dot Design’s Best of the Best award.

An example of this engineering talent is the outdoor racks they install on the VAST travel trailer. Instead of occupying space inside the trailer, kayaks mount on the exterior, making them easy to reach. That leaves more room inside for bikes, fishing poles, or other gear.

SylvanSport’s Flagship Camper: The SylvanSport GO Camper

SylvanSport began with its GO camper, a transforming trailer that serves as a platform for an integrated tent as well as a toy hauler for a variety of camping adventures. Trailer tents like this are a hybrid between tent camping and pop-up campers. Starting at roughly $14,495, the SylvanSport GO is affordable, lightweight, and towable by most cars, SUVs, and trucks. An electric vehicle can even tow the GO camper without decreasing its range too much.


The SylvanSport GO camper can travel once you close it entirely. In this format, it’s 52 inches tall and 140 inches long. There are 39 cubic feet of storage to store coolers or storage totes. You can also raise the legs to a 4 by 4 by 7-foot utility trailer. The carrying capacity is 810 pounds, and the height extends from 52 to 80 inches. The storage space increases from 39 to 114 cubic feet.

There are 13 inches of ground clearance, the dry tongue weight is 85 pounds, and the GVWR is 1,650 pounds. The SylvanSport GO camper has two Kenda Loadstar 205/65-10 tires for speeds up to 81 MPH. Once you’re at the campsite, the tent opens to 124 inches from side to side to sleep up to four people.

sylvansport go with kayak mounted on top
The GO can carry toys like kayaks on its outdoor roof rack.


As mentioned, the GO camper’s versatility is one of its best features. You can tow with the trailer extended like a utility trailer to transport dirt bikes or an ATV or close the trailer if you don’t need the added height. The equipment rack on top provides another storage space where you can attach bikes, kayaks, or another cargo carrier. It has a cargo-carrying capacity of 165 pounds.

SylvanSport advertises this versatility as “One Camper. Countless Uses.” You can carry, haul, and camp in the same trailer without spending 30 minutes setting up. From unhitching to deploying the tent, you can be set up in about 10-15 minutes.


You won’t get amenities like air conditioning or electricity with the SylvanSport GO camper. However, that’s not the design. The GO is a tent and not an RV. Various points allow for airflow.

Some outdoor enthusiasts might prefer the convenience of the GO camper. A weekend trip to the mountains is easier when you can store your bikes, kayaks, clothes, chairs, and cooking gear in a small unit. But the GO still offers a comfortable place to sleep with its two XL twin beds on the sides. If you want a larger sleeping space, you can make the entire area one large sleeping platform bigger than a king bed.

Two table panels fold down to provide a place to eat inside. If you want any other accessories, SylvanSport has a line of GO gear. Extend the outdoor living space with the GOzeebo, create an outdoor cooking space with the Dine O Max, and keep the interior clutter-free with nets and hanging organizers. You can add a solar kit, a Thule bike rack, or LED lights to make your camping adventures more comfortable and enjoyable.

Table panels can fold down to provide eat space inside, then get stowed when not in use.


Many owners love their SylvanSport GO campers. In fact, as of early 2023, 100% of customers give the company four or five stars on Google. One customer wrote, “The quality of the welds, the fitment of all the parts, the design, and utility all appear to be top-notch.” Another person said, “The best, most versatile camper we have ever seen! Have enjoyed every minute we have spent camping in our go.”

Customers even compliment the customer service. A Google reviewer shared, “We were rear-ended in Brevard by a hit-and-run driver while in town for a cycling event. The impact destroyed our GO. We had it towed to the SylvanSport facility, and by some wonderful luck, despite the fact that it was after hours, there was someone there to greet us. They took very good care of us and the GO, and I am happy to say we are back on the road again!”

How Much Is the SylvanSport GO Camper?

The SylvanSport GO camper starts at around $14,495 for the Base Package. This package includes everything you need but none of the extras. The GO Big Package is $15,495 and includes upgrades like a hitch lock, a camper cover, Cloud Layer air mattresses, and a tent awning. The GO All Out Package is the most expensive package at $17,495. You’ll get everything in the Big Package, the GO solar kit, the GOzeebo tent, the Dine O Max camp kitchen, and more.

In addition to these packages, owners can add accessories like the ones we mentioned earlier. SylvanSport also has a GO Off the Grid Package in limited quantities. This package includes the GO solar kit, GO full-sized spare tire mount, tire, wheel, Yakima RoadShower, Privy Bivy privacy tent, and Thetford portable toilet. It’s approximately $1,995.95.

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view of the GO from the front
The SylvanSport Go camper is perfect for an elevated tent camping set up.

What Kind of Vehicle Can Tow the SyvanSport Go Camper?

Please check your vehicle’s owner’s manual before towing anything. Some manufacturers rate their vehicles as “non-tow” vehicles. Even if you think it’s safe, you’ll void your warranty if you don’t heed the manufacturer’s warnings.

The dry weight of the SylvanSport GO camper is 840 pounds with the Base Package, 900 pounds with the Big Package, and 1,000 pounds with the All Out Package. GVWR is 1,650 lbs. Because of its lightweight design, you can tow the GO camper with almost any vehicle, from a Tesla to a Subaru or a Ford.

You’ll need a 2-inch ball hitch, and the height of the ball should be 17 inches from the ground to the middle of the ball to tow the GO. There’s also a flat 4-pin connector to connect the wiring harness to your vehicle.

Towing SylvanSport
The SylvanSport GO can be towed by a wide variety of vehicles, from a Tesla to a Subaru or a Ford. Source: SylvanSport

Who Is the SylvanSport Go Camper Good for?

The SylvanSport GO camper isn’t for everyone. There is no one-size-fits-all pop-up camper, motorhome, or fifth wheel. But if you’re an adventurer who spends more time outdoors kayaking, fishing, biking, hiking, or ATV riding, the GO camper may be a good fit. If you enjoy tent camping instead of RVing, you might want to check out the GO camper.

The SylvanSport team doesn’t intend for you to leave gear at home. If you want to bring your bike, you can. If you want to bring your ATV, you can. So campers who enjoy tent camping but want to bring their gear might want the SylvanSport GO.

Can I See a SylvanSport Go Camper Before Ordering?

If you want to see a SylvanSport GO camper in person, visit the dealership website to find the closest location. Besides the headquarters in Brevard, NC, there are seven dealerships in the U.S. Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington, Maine, and New York all have locations where you can see a SylvanSport GO camper.

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The SylvanSport Go: Small Trailer, Big Adventure

The SylvanSport GO camper can be an upgrade from tent camping. But it’s just as convenient. Its lightweight design allows almost anyone to tow it safely and with confidence. Its features provide ample storage space in a small footprint, appealing to campers who don’t want to lug around an RV.

So the next time you’re looking for a small trailer to take you on big adventures, check out the SylvanSport GO.

Where will your SylvanSport GO take you? Tell is in the comments!

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