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Tampa Florida RV SuperShow 2018

Date Range: Jan 15 – Jan 21, 2018
The Florida RV Super Show is probably on nearly every RVer’s bucket list. It’s almost a right of passage. Over 70,000 people attended the 2017 Super Show alone! When we first heard of it a few years ago when we were getting into RVing, there was no question of “if” we would go, it was just a matter of “when”. Well, the “when” came! It’s 2018 and we geared up to attend the Florida RV Super Show for the first time!


We contacted the Florida RV Trade Association (FRVTA) who puts on the show annually to see if we could do some coverage and get media passes for our stay. We wrote blog posts for the show and social media coverage all week. 
Thinking of heading to the SuperShow next year? Check out our tips of Making the Most of the SuperShow guest post on the FRVTA Blog.
We videoed every day we were there, so here’s our adventure to the 2018 Florida RV SuperShow!

​We arrived to the Tampa Fairgrounds on Jan 15 and attended Industry Day on the 16th, which isn’t open to the public. This gave us a great opportunity to talk to some of the manufacturers and vendors and get an Overview of the show before it got super busy. 
FRVTA 2018 Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa, Florida - Overview Day 1

Day 1

We hit the show early Wednesday morning and kicked off our day talking to Lance Campers about their truck campers (per request of a few subscribers, and because we might look into going to a truck camper for a trip up to Alaska in the future!).

​We followed that by chatting with the MORryde guys about their independent suspension system that Tom has been drooling over for a couple years now. After that, we talked to the President of Spacecraft Mfg who makes special custom fifthwheels. NuCampRV was next on our list to change things up – looking at more truck campers and a few cute teardrop trailers!

FRVTA Florida RV Supershow 2018 - Day 1 - Lance Truck Campers, MORryde, Spacecraft, and nuCamp RV

Day 2

Tom got pretty sick after our Day 1 adventures. 🙁 He was still sick the next day so I flew solo Thursday in Day 2 of the FRVTA Florida RV Supershow. I talked with Truma AquaGo the instant hot water heater. Newell Coach – the “most luxurious coach in the world” – tells us about their company and their custom-built coaches. I tour an Airstream Basecamp and one of the Supplier Buildings and speak to The Perfect Wine Opener, RV Armor,, Dexter Axle about electric brake conversion kits, Up River RV Resort in Fort Myers, FL, Sunny Brook RV Resort in South Haven Michigan, and RV Windshield Covers of Florida. Then I headed to The RV Factory area where I interview one of the reps about their Luxe Elite and Luxe Gold fifthwheels.
FRVTA Florida RV Supershow 2018 Day 2 - Truma, Newell Coach, Airstream Basecamp, & Luxe Fifthwheels

Day 3

Day 3 was chilly again and Tom was still sick. I explored Airstreams including the new 2018 Globetrotter with 2 twin beds (walk through coming soon). I also toured some Roadtrek camper vans, a ShowHauler and talk about Super C safety versus Class A safety, and the DRV fifthwheels – Elite Suites, Mobile Suites Aire, and Mobile Suites Cumberland.

I got to talk to Andrea Graves from DRV’s Interior Design and learn about what goes into the interior design of RVs. Who knew! She also tells us what’s new in 2018 for DRV, including a new wood option (big deal since so much of the interior is wood) and a new exterior paint option. 

FRVTA Florida RV Supershow 2018 - Day 3 - Airstream, Roadtrek, ShowHauler, & DRV Interior Design

Day 4 & 5 (Last Day)

On Saturday (Day 4) I met up with a whole bunch of full-time RVers. It was a crazy busy day at the show, and had I tried to tour any RVs I probably would have been unsuccessful at capturing anything but other people! I was a little burned out, so took the rest of the extremely busy day off.

On Sunday, the last day of the show, Tom was feeling well enough to join me to see a few more things before we departed. We tour a New Horizons RV that we really liked, headed over to the other supplier building and talked with Deer Creek Motocoach Resort and Slide Master. 

FRVTA Florida RV Supershow 2018 Day 4&5 - New Horizons, SoftCell, SlideMaster, Wrap Up

We wrapped up the show, packed up, and headed for home. 

Thoughts on the Show

We saw a lot of cool things at the show, and when we reflected on it there were a few trends we saw and are excited about. Watch the video below where we share our thoughts:
Thoughts on the 2018 FRVTA Tampa RV Supershow | Mondays with the Mortons S3E7

The Florida RV SuperShow 2018 was awesome and we’d recommend any RVer to attend at some point if you have the chance! Lots of cool things to see, lots of great people to talk to, and lots of fun to be had.

Thanks for joining us on our trip to the 2018 Tampa RV Show!



One final thought…

Did you know the Florida RV SuperShow was pet friendly? Check out some of the many happy dogs that also got to explore the new RVs!
The Tampa RV SuperShow is Dog Friendly! - Dog Compilation 2018

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I am very much looking forward to the DRV tours. We are hoping to be in one in a few years when we get to travel.